Innerspring or Full Latex


I have gone through this forum in verr detail and I see that most members here prefer Latex mattress over others.

I live in NYC and I am looking for a King size mattress for myself (5-10", 210 lbs) and my wife (125 lbs) and I am confused between Innerspring or Latex mattress. I have recently burnt my hands with a memory foam mattress that I bought on Amazon and I scared of buying another foam kind of mattress. It started feeling very soft within 6 months and now we sleep on respective corners just to ensure that we do not sag in.

However, I turn a lot over the night, so I am scared about waking up my wife over the night on a Innerspring mattress, though she is a tight sleeper. I am also concerned about sagging issue which is supposedly very common with innerspring mattress

I am going to try couple of stores recommended on this link for NYC. Especially my top picks are: Fanwood, NJ New York, NY Clark, NJ New York, NY

I am also going to visit Craig’s bed and Sleepys just for the sake of completion.

But, I am very confused between innerspring mattress or latex mattress even though the innerspring feels right when I lay down on it for 10 minutes. Is there anything I should look into innerspring mattress or a particular manufacturer, which helps me resolve both my concerns - motion transfer and sagging.

Thanks for your help.

Check out ABC Home in flatiron if you can as well. They have coil, latex over coil and a number of pure latex. I went to the store and found the variety of beds very useful in getting a sense of the different feels of each. I know that doesn’t answer your question but just in case you’re looking for more stores.

Also, the mattressfac in NJ, do you know if they have more models of latex mattresses than the 1 listed on their site?

Hi paisley,

A mattress is only as good as the quality of its construction and the materials inside it and when you are dealing with many of the “cheap” memory foam mattresses that are sold online that don’t disclose the quality of the materials … it’s not memory foam itself so much as the specific quality/density of the memory foam they use that is the real issue. Many of these are marketed as being “high quality” or “comparable to Tempurpedic” when if fact they aren’t anything close in terms of the quality/density of the materials and they will soften much more quickly because of the loss of comfort or support that is a result of foam softening…

This is a similar situations with innerspring mattresses and as you can read in the first part of post #2 here … it’s not the innerspring that is normally the issue with sagging but the quality of the foam that is used on top of it. Some of the links it also includes also have more information about the many types of innerspring designs and how they may compare to a latex mattress. Some are much more effective at isolating motion (such as pocket coils) than others (the types that use helicals to connect the springs together).

It’s always important to know the quality of the layers that are used in the upper half of a mattress regardless of the type of support components or foam used because in both of these you mentioned (the memory foam you bought and the reputation for innerspring mattresses to sag) the use of lower quality/density materials in the comfort layers are the “weak link” of most mattresses and the support components (such as polyfoam with your memory foam mattress or the innerspring with an innerspring mattress) are not usually the cause of “failure” or the loss of comfort and support.

Hopefully the previous links have helped but I would focus more on PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) and the results of your own personal testing and what your body is telling you and on your own “personal value equation” when you are comparing mattresses along with making sure you know the “quality specs” of each component (especially in the upper layers) so you can make meaningful quality and value comparisons with other similar mattresses. Better retailers and manufacturers will also be much more helpful in providing meaningful information about their mattresses and helping you to know the pros and cons of each of their designs and components so you don’t have to learn what they already know.

The choice between different types of support layers and components is really a matter of personal preference and of course budget (most innersprings are less than most latex for example) and none of them are usually the weak link of a mattress.


Hi Phoenix,

Thanks for your reply. I went through the links you mentioned and I definitely gather from the incredible information you have on your website about the material used in comfort layer being the “weak link” in your mattress.

I happen to visit few mattress stores in NY area keeping in mind your points and I have shortlisted few options. I would like to know your opinion on these just to be sure that I am not making a wrong choice here:

  1. Scott Jordan Furniture: They offer BE mattress and I liked Firm Level A for Nordic version and Firm Level B for Alpine version. Nordic is with 2" latex followed by two layers of coil and Alpine is with a thicker latex and a single layer of coil. They are being offerred at a price of $2300 - $2400 at Scott Jordan which is a bit above my range

  2. Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic: I tried this and was okay with it until I tried BE at Scott Jordan. One issue that I faced in Keetsa mattress was that it has 2" of memory foam followed by a support foam and then coils. The sales guy there wasn’t sure of the density of foams being used but he said that they are probably using 3lbs memory foam while earlier they were using 5lbs (Is there a reason they would downgrade?). As I understand from this forum that 3 lbs memory foam is not good quality and above 1" is not advisable. I tried this mattress for 15-20 minutes, lied on my back on it for a while, then sat at the same position where my hips were while I was lying and then lied on my back again and found that the memory foam in my hips area was getting a little softer. This was my concern with my earlier mattress as well and hence I am little skeptical about it. But this is more in my range of (~$1500) + Free delivery

  3. RoomandBoard: I have shortlisted two options here – Encased Coil (Regular) and Encased Coil Natural Mattress. Their Encased Coil (Regular) Mattress consists of 5/8" of Certi-PUR super soft quilting foam, 2.5" of Certi-PUR super soft foam and 14.5 gauge innerspring. The sales person there was unaware of the density of foam they use. He also checked on his computer but didn’t come up with a better answer. Their Encased Coil (Natural) consists of 3" latex and 14.5 gauge spring. There again they didn’t mention anything about the quality of Latex.
    Their Encased Coil Mattress is for $999 (well within by budget) while their Encased coil Natural goes above it ($2100). But I am not sure of buying either one of these here specially when I don’t know the quality of material I am getting

  4. Shovlin Mattress Factory, Fanwood, NJ: Again, I shortlisted two options here – Nirvana and Royale.

  • Nirvana : Latex mattress with specs of the great quality just like you mentioned in your website (30+ ILD on Latex and HR foam). This costs $2999. I don’t want to spend this much unless I don’t have any other option left.
  • Royale: Spring mattress with a thin layer of foam. They use high quality 12 gauge springs. But they don’t use pocketed coil and were clear that there would be motion transfer. I toss and turn a lot over the night so I am concerned about this. This was well within by budget though ($1200)
  1. ABC Home – OrganicPedic Slumber. Thanks paisley for suggesting this place. I really liked this mattress. It has stretch cotton fabric, a cotton batting layer, 3" latex and innerspring for $2599. I liked this in the same way as I liked BE, so I have kind of discarded this option as BE is cheaper than them and is highly respected in your mattress forum.

Just to summarize my options again in order of my liking:

  1. BE Nordic, firm Level A - $2300
  2. BE Alpine, Firm level B - $2400
  3. OrganicPedic Slumber - $2599
  4. Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic - $1500
  5. Roam and Board Encased Coil (Natural) – $2100
  6. Roam and Board Encased Coil (Regular) – $999
  7. Mattress Factory Royale - $1200. I have cut down Nirvana here because its way beyond my budget.

You might say that there is huge difference in the price range of mattresses I have shortlisted and I need to narrow down on my budget first before I can make a choice. The fact here is that I started with a $1000 - $1500 budget here as a max. But I really liked the comfort of Top 3 mattress here which has kind of made me stretch my budget if that’s a better choice.

What do you think of these options here? Is there any other retailer which I have missed and would provide me a better value and a better mattress? I am not looking at option of buying a full latex mattress for now because I like the option of Spring + Latex/foam more. So I have discarded Brooklyn Beds and Sleep EZ as my options. What do you think?

Thanks again for all the help you are providing here. I hope that you start manufacturing mattress by the time I need my next mattress and we don’t have to look elsewhere ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi agupte,

I can only speak to the quality of the materials and help you identify any weak links in the mattress but only you can decide on which ones provide you with good PPP. which of course would also be a significant part of your personal value equation.

1. Berkeley Ergonomics:

They use all high quality materials and they also use better quality European innersprings than the norm (rather than the more standard Leggett & Platt that are much more common). No weak links and relatively good value as well.

2. Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic:

I would need to know the specifics of the layers to make any meaningful assessment. If they contain more than an inch of 3 lb memory foam I would avoid them. They are a Chinese brand made by Zinus and while I don’t know if they changed their materials as far as I know none of the Zinus brands ever used 5 lb memory foam.

3. RoomandBoard:

I believe that the polyfoam they use is low density (1.2 lbs) and I would want to make sure. If this is the case then I would avoid this mattress.

Their latex / innerspring hybrid uses good quality latex (natural Dunlop) but their coils are probably not in the same quality/performance range as the BE (theydon’t provide the details) so overall these would be “better than average” value but not in the best value range but they also don’t have any weak links based on their website specs.

4. Mattress Factory, Fanwood, NJ:

Again I would need to know the specific layers and components to make any meaningful comments. They make some very good quality mattresses with fair value and they are also very knowledgeable but may also be in a little more premium price range than some other local manufacturers (but the specifics are important to make comparisons).

5. ABC Home – OrganicPedic Slumber:

This mattress isn’t listed on the OMI site or on the internet so I would also need to know more details to make a meaningful comment. OMI as a whole makes some very high quality mattresses and they use inner tufting for their cotton layers which keeps them from shifting which is a more costly “hand built” construction method but they also tend to be higher priced than other mattresses that use similar materials and components (sometimes significantly). Again they don’t have any weak links.

If you can fill in some of the gaps I’d be happy to add to my comments.

Have you considered or talked to Dan at Bay Bed and Mattress who are a member here and make component innerspring/latex mattresses that can be shipped anywhere in the country and offer layer exchanges as well?

I don’t think that’s too likely because I enjoy what I’m doing too much … and there are many great manufacturers that already do a great job (that have decades of experience with manufacturing). About as close as I get to manufacturing mattresses is talking to some manufacturers about various designs and ideas that they are thinking about producing and acting as a sounding board or providing feedback … and that’s close enough for me :slight_smile:


Hi agupte,

It looks like we are in a very similar boat! :D. If you see something else in your category lmk! and I will you. I’m begging a friend to take me to CT cuz Pheonix has rec’d many stores there. If that doesn’t work out we should rent a car! Either way, keep me posted if you see a hybrid, i will you as well.

(So funny, i know the beds at Jordan you’re talking about, i went there as well. Actually, went to ALL the NY stores you went to. :D. Keetsa, Jordan, R&B, ABC. Saw all the beds you mentioned too [and alas, they were too firm for me who needs a softy but i see European sleep works makes them in all softnesses so i’ll check my options, you mention firm levels A & B, what is the difference?

Also, check out the website of The Clean Bedroom, see if they have anything that might interest you. They have a number of coil + wool/cotton/etc mattress. Might stretch your budget a tad but worth a look. They’re on 28th and 5th, something like that.

All to firm for me, but might work for you.

Hi Phoenix,

Thanks for your reply.

I am inching towards Berkeley Ergonomics primarily because I liked the feel of their mattress but I think it is something of good quality.
But it is somewhat above my range. Would you know of a local manufacture in NY/NJ area who makes similar mattress (Innersrping + Latex)?

I talked to Dan at Bay Bed. He offers good value, but the whole concept of ordering it online and then seeking replacement of layers if I dont like it scares me. I just want to buy a mattress that I like and get over with it knowing that I will love what I have bought. Plus the comparable mattress at Bay Bed + shipping would lie in the same range as BE from Scott Jordan.

So, if you can help me with a local manufacturer in NY/NJ area making similar mattress, I would love to visit him.

Thanks again for all your help.

Thanks Paisley!

I will surely let you know if I come across anything new. I have for now stopped searching for new options though because I have some 4-5 options to choose from for now which I kind of liked. I am planning to visit them again this week to narrow them down.

I will also visit clean bedroom this week to see if I like something better there. Will let you know if I find something on the softer side.

You can in the meantime try and visit Craig’s Beds. Most of the beds he keep are on the plush side. Though I am not sure about the quality of the mattress he has. For me it was a waste of time though because the guy to me seemed less interested in selling mattress and more in doing small random talks about stuff in the world which I couldnt care less when I am tired of visiting stores to stores looking for that perfect mattress. See if you have the appetite for it.


Hi agupte,

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the NY city area are listed in post #2 here and there is a more categorized list with more detailed descriptions of many of them in post #7 here.

Scott Jordon and the Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses are included in the last section of the second list that for most people would have the better quality/value in the area but of course each person can have different ideas about what is most important in a mattress purchase and their own personal value equation so some of the other options may be better choices for some people. I don’t keep a list of the specific mattresses that each retailer or manufacturer has on their floor (which would be an impossible job) but some time on each website and a few phone call will identify others that make or sell mattresses that meet your criteria as well (latex/innerspring hybrids).


Hi Phoenix

First time posting,

Thank you for your time and energy that has gone into this site.

I appreciated Agupte’s post. I’m in NYC and have visited Scott Jordan Furniture to try the BE mattress, found the Stockholm to be most comfortable.

My question is the foundation. Scott’s has a Harrison Platform with a slat system ($1,300). I also contacted Fly By Night in MA and learned of the Euro Slat System ($700) from BE.

Thoughts on a slat system verses a box spring/foundation.

I’m guessing that if BE is providing the Euro Slat System it is the way to go.


Hi Stevo,

The flexible slat system at Scott Jordan is for 650 compared to 700 at Fly By Night. I guess the rate you are quoting is for a platform bed with flexible slat system.


Hi Stevo,

I think the benefits of the Berkeley Ergonomics flexible slat system would depend on the person and and which mattress you are considering and on how the mattress interacted with you both with and without it.

It would have more benefit with an innerspring or a thinner latex mattress and with a thicker latex mattress (which I know is not what you are looking at) some of the benefits of the adjustable slats could be lost (there could be too much foam on top of it for some people to notice the slat adjustments). It can also have a bigger effect on heavier body types that compress the mattress more than lighter body types.

So for me choosing the adjustable slat system would depend on which version (with or without) provided the best PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment , and Personal preferences). I wouldn’t treat it as a necessity and if the mattress already worked well with a firm non flexing surface I don’t see a reason to add it unless there is a clear improvement in how it performs for you. If you tested it with the flexible slat system and this worked better for you then I would include it. I would treat it as a form of “fine tuning” that will help some people more than others.

There have been some on the forum that preferred their mattress without the slat system and others that preferred it with. I know of at least one (Sleeplessindallas) that started with the adjustable slats and then exchanged it for a firm non flexing slatted foundation that worked better for her and there are others that have purchased the adjustable slats because it provided a noticeable improvement for them.

So I would go with what you tested it on that worked best (either firm non flexing foundation or the flexible slat system) and make your choice based on preference and performance and on whether you benefit from the extra “give” under your mattress based on your testing rather than thinking of it as a necessity.

For me … everything boils down to what actually works better in real life for each person.