Interesting response

I asked Nectar chat why they would not commit in their FAQ section to where the mattress was manufactured and I also asked them where they source their foam from. The answer to both was that it is always changing that is why they don’t tell. :ohmy:

I can tell you my personal experience with Nectar - I got it about 4 months ago, it smelled awful but was a medium firm and my lower back felt the best it had in years. 2-3 months later -the side I don’t sleep on got very soft so they sent me a new one this past week (warranty exchange) No support at all in the new one. They are picking it up Thursday. I also need to find a new bed since I am not paying for half a soft bed and likely the other side will go soon too. The chat people on the website are nice but have no knowledge of anything. I’m sure it’s still a Chinese made bed. I noticed they changed their logo on the mattress too. They said they are re -branding

Hi Napper and Ari,

While mattress companies do often change foam sources and often consider that information proprietary, or the consumer it’s nice to at a minimum know if the foam is domestic or not. And if sourcing might change from one country to another, it’s quite simple to update that on a web site :wink: . From what I can find, the foam still seems to be sourced from China, which can bring up these concerns.

I’m sorry your Nectar didn’t work out for you :frowning: . Rebranding is indeed a common occurrence in the online mattress community.