Looking to buy first Talalay latex mattress (King). Looking at Jamison’s Monarch and Emperor (appear to be the same, but different names in different stores.
Any thoughts/ good or bad experiences with these items and/or Jamison as a dealer?
Thanks for your advice to this ‘first timer’.

Hi Jaspersleeper,

As you mentioned … the descriptions on the Jamison site for the Monarch and for the Emperor appear to be the same. It would be unusual for a manufacturer to make two mattresses that are identical except for the name so there may be some difference between them or one of the descriptions may be incorrect. It may be worth emailing or calling Jamison to ask them if there is any difference between them.

You can see some of thoughts about Jamison in post #2 here. Their latex mattresses would be comparable in terms of quality and durability to any other mattress that used the same materials. There are no weak links in either of them but of course it would be important to make sure that they are a good match for you in terms of PPP and the parts of your personal value equation that are important to you.

Just in case you haven’t read it yet … I would also make sure you’ve had the chance to read the tutorial post here.