Just got a Bliss Latex Nature (Exchanged for a Bliss Latex Beautiful)


I just got my Bliss Latex Nature last week, I have slept for 5 nights on it so far I’m a bit disappointed. I think the mattress is too firm for me. I sleep most of the time on my side or on my stomach. It feel there is too much pressure on my waist and shoulder, I wake up a bit sore each morning.

I weight only 135lbs (5’7) so maybe I’m not heavy enough or maybe it’s me that’s not used to it, because I was sleeping on a really soft mattress before.

I’m up to 2 choices, either I exchange it for the Bliss Beautiful (which is way smoother) or I add a latex topper. I have read that with a latex topper the benefit is you can change it later instead of changing the mattress, but I’m not sure I want to add a topper on a mattress of that price. Any advice?

Hi hmorneau,

I would start with some of the suggestions in post #2 here to eliminate some of the other variables that could be contributing to the firmness of the mattress and make sure you have given the mattress enough time.

If you do decide to exchange the mattress for the Beautiful then I would make sure that you test it very carefully and objectively using the testing guidelines linked in post #1 here because it will probably be your only exchange and you will have no other options available if it doesn’t work out for you or is too soft.

A topper has the advantage of giving you a few more options because even though it can be difficult to choose the best topper/mattress combination without testing them together in person … you can also make further changes to your mattress if you get it wrong just by changing the topper instead of having to take the loss of replacing your entire mattress. As you mentioned you can also replace just the topper if it softens faster than the other layers of your sleeping system (a mattress tends to soften from the top down). If you do decide to go in that direction then post #8 here has some topper guidelines that may be helpful.

You’re right that lighter weights generally need softer layers and there is also an adjustment period with any new mattress or sleeping surface.

Pure Latex Bliss has a very soft 2" and 3" topper (14 or 15 ILD) that may be worth testing in the store on top of the Nature to see how that compares to your mattress and the Beautiful.

Stomach side sleepers are also somewhat of a challenge because stomach sleeping needs thinner and firmer comfort layers to prevent the spine from hyperextending and sleeping in a swayback position while side sleepers need thicker softer comfort layers because of the more “curvy” body profile and the need for more pressure relief on your side. The key is “just barely enough” in terms of thickness and softness for reasonable pressure relief on your side and no more so that the risk of alignment issues and back pain from sleeping on your stomach is less.


I have try the topper at the store, but I feel the topper is too soft, you simply feel like you “hit” the hard mattress under it. I think their topper have an ILD of 14 or so, I would be better with a 21.

I think most of us forget about our pillow as also being part of the comfort equation. I also recently purchased a PLB Nature mattress. I too am a side/stomach sleeper. I have 2 latex pillows, one is extra firm, the other is a medium. I am a bit heavier than you, 5’10", 185 lbs, but I found that when I slept on the extra firm pillow on the PLB Nature that I was not comfortable. It works fine with our old softer Sealy hybrid latex mattress. When I switched to the medium latex pillow the PLB mattress felt much better. Try using a firmer and/or softer pillow. Not saying that this will work, but if it does it’s a cheap fix.

I should have also read post #2. You have already covered pillows in suggestion 3.


Hi BobP,

I have already done that, usally I sleep better on soft latex pillow, I have a larger (firmer) one and it’s even worst.

Most of my pain on this mattress is in my shoulder and the hips when I sleep on the side. I still have to wait to exchange it, I’m really looking forward getting the beautiful.

P.S. At the store, they have a latex base (with 2 inch of latex) and it make the bed even more bouncy, I like it, but not sure if it could fix my problem without exchanging the mattress and it’s expensive (around $700)

Hi hmorneau,

I agree with you that their toppers are very soft (either 14 ILD for the blended Talalay latex or 15 ILD for the Talalay GL fact response) and a firmer topper may be more suitable. The advantage of trying a specific topper that the store has available is that you can test it in person in combination with your mattress to know whether it works or not and it may take some trial and error to find the best combination without testing it first but there are many other sources of toppers which can give you a much wider range of options and have better value than the PLB toppers even though a purchase that you haven’t tested in person carries a higher risk unless there is a good return or exchange policy.

If you are confident that the Beautiful is a good choice in terms of PPP and that your testing will reflect your actual long term sleeping experience then it could certainly be a good option.

Again you could test this in person (if the store puts a Nature mattress on top of the base) but in general when you are dealing with pressure relief issues then the softness and thickness of the layers closer to the top of your sleeping system will have a much bigger effect than the layers and components underneath your mattress.


I went back to the store yesterday to check my alignment, and it is better on the Beautiful then on the Nature. My hips and shoulder have maybe 2 inch difference (in heigh when I’m on the side) with the Nature, and 1 inch with the Beautiful (My shoulder sink in more and it make my body more in line).

But this morning it was the first time I did not wake up sore on my Nature mattress. Let’s wait and see.

The Beautiful is still 450$ more + shipping and taxes, so it’s quite expensive to exchange it. Already the Nature was really expensive.

Which one would be a good value? (I’m in Canada)

I think a 2 inch topper of an ILD of 21 could be good.

Hi hmorneau,

It can be surprising to some people how much the feel and response of a mattress can change over the first month or so with the initial breaking in of the mattress and as you go through the adjustment period that is common with any new sleeping surface … especially if it’s quite different from what you have been used to.

As one of the “expert” members of the forum mentioned in another reply a few days ago … sometimes the best approach at first is to do nothing for a while and see what changes happen on their own.

Post #4 here has a list of some of the better value options I’m aware of for latex but I’m not sure which of them ship to Canada so it may take some searching on their sites or a few calls to find out.

There is also a list in post #21 here of a few of the better sources I’m aware of that I do know ship to Canada including some of the members here that were included in the first link.


So far it’s going well, I no longer wake up sore (or at least less then before), but I still feel it’s a bit firm to my taste.

I think I will get a 2 inch topper instead of exchanging the mattress.

What is the difference between a dunloop topper and a talalay? Dunloop seems to be cheaper.

So far to get a talalay 2 inch topper in 21 ILD would cost around 500$ shipped in canada from sleepEZ in Queen size.

My previous mattress was a Stern & Foster ultra plush pillow top, so that’s maybe why I took a week to get used to that mattress.

Hi hmorneau,

Dunlop and talalay are two different methods of making foamed latex and either of them can use ether natural or synthetic latex or a blend of the two. Dunlop is a simpler production process than Talalay so it tends to be less costly and natural latex is more costly than synthetic so the raw materials would also affect the price of the latex.

You can read a little more about the different types of latex post #6 here and there is also a little more about how Dunlop and Talalay compare in post #7 here.

The choice between then would be a matter of personal preference rather than a “better / worse” choice.

When a new mattress is significantly different from what your body is used to and your “sleeping memory” then it can certainly take a little longer to adjust to it and this wouldn’t be unusual at all.


What would be the difference between a 21 and 25 ILD 2 inch topper (talalux)?

Would the 25 ILD make my bed feel softer or firmer?


I just bought the Pure Latex Bliss Nature split king mattress and decided to get 2 twin xl 3" toppers to put on it in case it might be too firm for me. This might be a better way for you to go. Received the toppers today, waiting for mattresses to arrive sometime this week. Currently have the toppers on old mattress(feels very comfy may be too early to tell just yet) . . Got a great deal on them @ Matt -To - Go.com. Might be worth checking out for you.

Is it the bliss topper? If so, I have tried them and they feel too soft for me.

But so far my nature mattress is getting softer and greater as the days goes by. I will see if a topper is still needed in a week or so…

How much did you pay for your topper?

Hi hmorneau,

A 2" 25 ILD topper would be firmer than the top layer of your PLB Nature so in terms of ILD and the firmness of the actual sleeping surface it would be firmer but you are also increasing the thickness of the comfort layers which would make the mattress feel softer (thickness and firmness work together to create the “feel” of softness) and it would also be softer than the second layer in your mattress which is 28 ILD and is also part of the pressure relieving layers of your mattress that you would feel … especially on your side.

Overall … I think both of them would make your mattress softer (depending on the type of softness you are most sensitive to) but the 21 would of course feel softer than the 25 ILD. this would also depend on the sleeping position you were using to evaluate it and on your specific body type and how far different parts of your body sink into the mattress and the depth of the pressure relieving cradle in each area of your mattress.

When you have a firmer layer over a softer layer it’s called a “dominating layer” which is similar to the type of layering that’s used in the PLB Nutrition (see the specs here) which has 3" of 27 ILD over 2" of 19 ILD and is only a small increment firmer than the Nature which has 2" of 21 ILD on top of 2" of 28 ILD even though the ILD of the top layers would tend to suggest it would be firmer than it is.

Some people would “feel” like the Nutrition was softer than the Nature because of the extra thickness of the comfort layers in spite of the higher ILD of the top layer in the Nutrition.


I paid a total price $679.00 for 2 Pure latex Bliss,Twin Xl, 3’’ Fast recovery Active Fussion toppers.

The weather here has turned chilly and I put our heated mattress pad on the bed. We have a PLB nature. I noticed that it made the latex seem a tad softer. Not much but enough to notice. Maybe that would help as well. We just preheat the bed and don’t actually sleep with the heated part turned on. We do leave it on all day for our feline companions.

I purchased the Beautiful model and I feel its too soft Im thinking of going with the Nutrition or a Royal-Pedic with a topper

I wanted to add that Latex from PLB does sleep a little warmer which is why I think some use a wool covering