Kirland S&F vs MLILY Chirofoam/Fusion Hybrid vs Caspar Hybrid vs Kingsdown Cool Wave

Hey all, posting again. Narrowed down my search. I am 5’11 200lb male, back sleeper with back pain. Wife is 5’2 side sleeper no issues.

Looking for a medium firm mattress. Of the choices below, what would you recommend based on price in Canada

Kirland Stearns & Foster - $800 Floor model/return (never know the truth)
MLILY Chirofoam or Fusion Hybrid $1100 new in box
Caspar Hybrid $700 Floor Model /return (never know the truth)
Kingsdown Cool Wave $700 Floor Model /return (never know the truth)

If you are willing to spend 1100 on the mlily, why not get a new S&F at costco for the same price. First of all it is a decent mattress with a good coil system. Costco has the ultimate in return policy. You can bring it back after a year and you are golden. Not a big Casper fan, materials sourced from everywhere, some like it despite that, but S&F seem like a more solid choice and it is medium feel, which will be good for the mrs. Personally, I like the S&F and since these are all relatively budget mattresses, I would consider a latex topper for your back issues. The S&F does have some pressure relieving tempur memory foam, but as you heat up the mattress you may find yourself sinking and a bit hot. The latex topper may eliviate some of that. The Mrs. will probably not even notice the difference while you get the relief you need.

Hi xxmarcellusxx,

I would add that the Tencel fabric of the Stearns and Foster is a great breathable material. If possible I would avoid any floor models or any mattress you suspect might be a return simply because it could have been in the field or showroom for several months.


Thank you for your reply. Reached out to the store in person and they had several brand name mattresses sealed in bags. Asked them warranty/return policy and basically cash with no warranty. Also stated they weren’t returns but rather manufacturer cosmetic defects. Red flags everywhere lol.

Any thoughts or familiarity with the MLILY’s?

Appreciate your reply. Not overly concerned with the price but in Ontario the S&F is approx $1700. Truth be told the MLILY was the most comfortable in the 2 minutes I laid in it lol.

S&F has decent reviews across the board but cannot find much on the MLILY

I was looking at usa prices on the S&F and it was just under $1100 USD. I guess the conversation in Canada kicks it up in Canadian $. S&F is still a reliable brand. The Mlily is a Chinese brand and the ortho line is meant to be a bit firmer. Better for back and stomach sleepers. Depending on what you like, side sleepers could find it firm. They have partnered with the Manchester soccer team, which has offered them a bit of exposure since 2016. They started in 2003 in china and, by 2011, expanded quite a bit from the Chinese market.