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I know that this is a mattress forum, but pillows are a closely related issue. Finding the right pillow has been an obsession of mine for the last few years (just ask my wife!) but I think that I have narrowed my preferences down somewhat. With a regular cheapo foam pillow that I used in the past, having it gusseted seems to help provide me with some needed neck support. Those cheap pillows don’t seem to last very long and quickly become uncomfortable… By a previous post of yours, I see that you liked the zoned malouf high loft plush latex pillow. Am I correct that these pillows are solid latex, but zoned in such a way that your head can sink in a bit in the middle with the outer edge a bit more firm to provide more support for your neck? If this is so, it would seem that it would act somewhat as a gusseted pillow would. I think it would be interesting to try out one of these pillows, but I would be a bit concerned that I may order the wrong firmness and not be able to return it. I am primarily a side sleeper and like a pillow that is soft and “cushie” but provides good support. Firmness being adjustable is also another big plus. Solid or shredded memory foam in a pillow makes me sweat. Which brings me to the LaNoodles pillow.
I read in a past post that although you liked the zoned malouf high loft plush latex pillow, you switched to the LaNoodles pillow. I don’t know if you still use the LaNoodles pillow, but I do have a few questions. When you lay your head down in the center of the pillow, do the noodles flow somewhat into the curve of your neck to provide support? I ask this because I am trying to decide whether or not to try their Pure Performance LaNoodle Latex Pillow or their contour pillow. I like that both can have the firmness adjusted. Does the pillow need to constantly be fluffed, or does it stay in the shape you adjust it to for the night? Am I correct in thinking that with the adjustable contour pillow, you could adjust the firmness on either side of the tuft as well as over all? I would appreciate yours and others comments on these questions.

Hi pdunc,

Yes this is correct.

This would certainly be “some” risk if you are purchasing the pillow online from a merchant that doesn’t have a return policy.

A suitable pillow is an essential part of good alignment for the head and neck and upper body because the gap between the head and the mattress and the curve of the cervical spine needs to be supported just like all other parts of the spine. Like mattresses … there are certain “needs” that depend on body type and sleeping positions but with pillows, personal preferences play a more important role because the face is much more sensitive to textures, temperature, smells, and other more subjective “feel” based properties of a pillow. There is more about choosing pillows in the pillow thread here.

Yes … I still sleep on the regular Lanoodles pillow although I don’t have the pure performance version with an adjustable fill (mine has the regular fill).

I am a back and side sleeper but I am closer to the “I can sleep on anything” than the “princess and the pea” end of the range so I don’t have any issue with either sleeping position on my Lanoodles pillow (or many other pillows as well) and outside of possible a little bit of “scrunching” or repositioning when I turn to my side I don’t need to readjust it over the course of the night and the lanoodles “flow” enough to provide me with both the comfort and support that I need. I would keep in mind though that your own specific needs and preferences may be different than mine.

If you are considering one of their pillows Cozy Pure would be a more reliable source of guidance than I would and I would probably have a more detailed conversation with Cozy Pure so that they can provide you with more information and suggestions about which of their pillows would have the best chance of success based on their experiences with other customers that are similar to you.

I would think you could adjust each side yes but I don’t have any personal experience with their contour pillow so I would ask Cozy Pure when you talk with them.


I have the LaNoodle pillow as well, and can chime in. Though, if you have a chance, you might try searching the forum, I seem to remember a lot of discussions about the pillow in the past. It might be helpful for you to see others’ perspectives.

I’ve heard people talk about this, and in theory they do… but it doesn’t feel like “flow” to me. Not like something filled with water, where when you push on one part, another swells up.

The lanoodles DO compress (they’re very soft and springy). So, some might flow, but really, they’re not all moving out of the area with pressure, they’re compressing. It’s a very soft compression though.

When I first got my pillow, I wasn’t sure that I liked it… after about a week, I tried going back to my old pillow (which I had always loved, but was quite old) and couldn’t. It felt really hard to me, in comparison to the lanoodles.

I have the pure performance (I believe that’s what it’s called, the one with the zipper). It’s great. They’re not kidding when they say it’s “overstuffed”. I picked up another zippered pillowcase locally and now have 2 pillows, but I actually think I could get THREE comfortable pillows out of the lanoodles. It’s that large.

I have one smaller pillow that I use for sleeping, and one that’s still huge, that I use for reading or watching TV, usually on my back. I can’t sleep on that one b/c it’s so large it would cause neck pain over the course of the night. That’s the one that I could easily split into a third pillow.

I’m confused by the question? Do you mean do you have to fluff it in the middle of the night? I don’t… I sleep through the night just fine. When I’m falling asleep, however, I often fiddle with it, depending on how I’m feeling and what I need. It’s easy to fiddle with though… just plump it up where you want it plumper, or spread it out if you want the whole thing thinner.

I’m not sure if that’s helpful, and pillows are so subjective that it might my experience might not help you anyway. But, I like the pillow a lot. I like the fact that you can adjust it (by adding/removing latex) to get the right plumpness, I like the softness, and I like the ability to shape it.

It’s a great pillow. Sometimes I feel fussy with it and spending several minutes re-arranging it before I get it right… but overall, I don’t regret purchasing it and am still using it (I’ve had it for a little over a year).

And, if you’re going to buy - now’s the time. Cozy Pure is having a sale until the end of April!

Hi NB,

Your description of the Lanoodles was great … thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

A forum search on Lanoodles (you can just click the link) will bring up all the forum posts that mention it (or the Lanoodles topper)

[quote]I’ve heard people talk about this, and in theory they do… but it doesn’t feel like “flow” to me. Not like something filled with water, where when you push on one part, another swells up.

The lanoodles DO compress (they’re very soft and springy). So, some might flow, but really, they’re not all moving out of the area with pressure, they’re compressing. It’s a very soft compression though.[/quote]

I would agree with your comments and description here as well. The individual Lanoodle pieces don’t really “flow” (like water as you mentioned) as much as move or rearrange themselves when you scrunch them. They will also “move” and rearrange themselves to a smaller degree when as move over the course of the night so it’s not really a “flow” as much as a smaller slow motion migration of some of the pieces into areas that have less compression. The scrunching and ability of the Lanoodles pieces to be rearranged that allows for “shaping” along with the softer but still resilient “feel” of the Lanoodles is what makes it different from a solid latex pillow.


PS: I’ve also changed the spelling of the title from LaNoddles to LaNoodles to make sure it’s also included in any search results.

Even with the sale, the pillow is a little expensive for me. I was still going to go for it, but that nearly $16 shipping charge puts the cost out of my comfort zone for what I’m willing to pay for a pillow. Especially since I haven’t tried one out and don’t even know if I’d like it. Oh well!

Although my wife is going to kill me for paying so much, I decided to bite the bullet and ordered the Pure Performance Queen. Really hope I like it. Thanks for all the comments on the pillow.

Hi pdunc,

Congratulations on your new pillow :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to finding out how you like it once you’ve received it and have had the chance to try it out.


I have been sleeping on my new LaNoodles pillow for about a week or so and really like it. It took a few nights of tweeking it to get the right amount of filling in it to be comfortable for me, but so far, so good. I have enough noodles left over to make another pillow if I want, so I guess with the high price that I was concerned with, this pillow is still a good value. It’s nice being able to easily add or remove filling. I the past I would open a pillow to add or remove filling, but then have to re-sew by hand it to close it up.

Hi pdunc,

Thanks for the update … and it’s great to hear you are enjoying your lanoodles pillow :slight_smile:


I have been looking at the lanoodle pillow. Cozy pure suggests I get a lite fill but I am concerned it will be too flat when I roll to my side.
the regular fill may be too high which is the most common one they sell.

I have a short neck and a small head. most pillows collapse under my neck and bunch up around it lol leaving my head jacked up. I just tried a solid low loft Dunlop. Same thing happened
Those that have the lanoodle? Does the lite fill have enough fill that it would be good for back and side sleeping?
I’m not opposed to the regular fill but I don’t know if the noodles contour or not?

FWIW - I just received a regular filled LaNoodles Pillow by mistake. I had ordered a regular fill cotton pillow. My first impression was - wow this pillow is almost empty. How it was a “regular” fill of anything was a bit surprising to me.

But aside from that, it was a very nice, soft but supportive pillow if you bunched all the “noodles” up. In short, for sleeping pillows, I now always get adjustable ones. In my opinion, it is worth the extra $ since you generally cannot return a pillow.

The cotton one I was ordering was going to be more of a body pillow but what I ended up doing with the accidental LaNoodles pillow (queen size BTW) was stuff it into a 24 x 24 euro floor pillow… and even with that, my euro pillow is still much too flat. I could easily put 2 of those in that sham.

Awhile back, I also got 2 “extra density” queen sized kapok pillows from CozyPure for my queen sized shams on my bed. Super soft, excellent quality but their definition of “extra” and mine would be noticeably different. I would have considered them “regular” fill.

i was thinking adjustable might be the way to go. I have an adjustable memory foam contour pillow that i do love but i wanted to give latex a try because I’m thinking about getting a latex bed

Ari - I would recommend a pillow that can be adjusted especially if you are thinking about getting a new bed. A new bed will likely provide different enough support that may mean your pillow either needs more or less filling. When I got my new bed, I had to add filling back to my pillow (which is actually from Nest Bedding - Easy Breather Natural) to get it back to the sweet spot.

As far as getting a latex pillow because you are thinking about a latex mattress, I think that is really an apple/orange comparison, especially if you are getting shredded / pieces of latex. I previously had a solid latex pillow that was comfortable but I finally gave up on it because it was too hot for me. Which was subsequently a reason that led me to not consider a latex mattress (my new mattress is all latex, coolest bed I’ve ever slept on, and great for me).

Hi photocat,

Did you mean that your old pillow was memory foam? I’m a little confused about your comments, as you said your old pillow was latex and too hot for you, which lead you to not consider latex for your new mattress, yet you then state that your new mattress is all latex and sleeps cool. Just curious. :unsure:



Hi Phoenix - nope it was a solid latex pillow! :slight_smile: And yes, I now have a solid latex mattress. That was my point to Ari about it being an apples / oranges comparison. My latex pillow experience did NOT translate at all into my latex mattress experience, so I would caution folks from making that leap or assumption.

Actually my latex pillow experience almost kept me from even trying a latex mattress…glad my curiosity ultimately won out.

Hi photocat
I wasn’t comparing a pillow to a mattress , just wanted to get a general feel (and smell) of latex

Hi photocat,

Thank you for the clarification! I now understand what you meant by your comments.


Hello! I have an Easy Breather pillow that’s just become so matted and stiff- the fibers inside have all tangled up and nothing can move and it feels very firm and uncomfortable now. I’m interested in dumping the filling and using the comfy case filled with LaNoodles. I found where you can buy them in bulk, but I’m unsure how many pounds to buy. I sleep on my side mostly so I’d like it fullish but I don’t want to buy way way too many. I understand it’s a preference thing so a range would make sense. How many pounds usually go into them?
Thank you!!

Hi simonemarie.

I think you’ll find the LaNoodles to be a great option for replacing your currently stiff, matted pillow fibers.

CozyPure/LaNoodle pillows are not measured by weight…rather by volume.

They recommend light fill for stomach sleepers and the regular fill for side and back sleepers. They sell 3 lb bags of “extra fill” if that helps give you a starting point.

CozyPure the LaNoodle manufacturers are also experts on our site and you can reach directly to them with any questions as they know their materials and products better than I or any other experts or moderators. They are extremely transparent and customer-oriented and will give you great advice.

DIY Natural Bedding also sells shredded latex and has a “loose-fill calculator” here based on the dimensions of your pillow.

Good luck with it and let us know how it all works out for you.