Latex DIY stack, any way to fix?

I purchased a King all latex 4 layer bed from Foam Sweet Foam received in June; all natural Dunlop, no Talaylay option. I initially ordered the custom layers as circled below in Blue in a queen, and the next day changed order to king, and was told by the sales rep that instead of my selected stack I should order as shown in Red, which instead of one 3 inch comfort layer has two soft layers, even though I said I need a firm mattress. I’m 5 foot 3-1/2, 155 pounds, mostly side sleeper, sometimes back.

TLDR: I’m currently on a 4-layer stack shown in blue after 1 exchange. The one in red was too soft with those 2 comfort layers (got severe back pain). The blue is better but I feel some hip discomfort and keep waking up so it seems a little bit too firm. I have all layers now except XX Firm. - Q: Is there any 4-layer rearrangement w/the 5 layers that could give slightly more comfort without sacrificing firmness? Should I buy a 1" topper?

I don’t have time to sleep on new configurations before deciding whether to return… I’d need to initiate that ASAP since it has to be back in their hands all the way across the country by the 90th day (~2 wks to receive boxes and ship back.) I’d rather make it work if possible but don’t know what I can do and don’t want to be stuck with a $2500 bed I can’t sleep through the night on.

Details: when I called to change my online order from Q to K, I was told most people who say they want a firm mattress need more comfort than they realize and it’s easier to move a soft layer down and a firm layer up if you find it’s too soft vs. trying to go softer if your DIY stack is too firm, and returns have decreased w/this approach.

I went along with that strongly suggested change from Blue to Red but it didn’t work: I got new severe back pain in the first 2 weeks. After giving 2-1/2 weeks to resolve, I called them to exchange one of the 2 soft layers but was told to just move the top layer down 1 step since a Med Firm isn’t much different from a Med Soft. I gave that a try, but it didn’t work. Then I tried removing Med Soft completely and putting Soft directly on top of Firm and the back pain went away— but I developed hip pain, and felt like the mattress was pushing up on me. By the time I tried these 2 changes it was 1 day before the 60 days exchange option so I contacted them to do that. At first they weren’t going to honor it because he started counting 60 from the order date, not my receipt date 8 days later. But this is not the published policy so they “gave me an extension” and sent a Medium Firm (took a week to come) to swap. After 5 days now on the Blue stack it’s definitely better but still slightly too firm since I’ve got a little hip discomfort and keep waking up. I’ve unzipped their wool cover to reduce tautness as it breaks in; there’s also their quilted mattress protector above that. I’m also finding it’s too warm, surprisingly similar to memory foam, maybe that’s why I’m waking up… I have to move to over to another spot.

Their Return policy was also changed so the 90 days started on order placement day, not receiving day over a week later; and requires they have it by the 90th day including ship time to get packaging out to me and then compress, package and ship the mattresses back to them, about 2 weeks. I’m right at that deadline now with no chance to try moving the layers around anymore.

FSF has a great reputation but I’m disappointed I had such a hard time utilizing their exchange policy and that they include ship times on both their 60 day exchange and 90 day Return policies. They assured me I had no worries about ordering online with these policies but neither is actually that long since they subtract shipping times. It’s really only a 2-month sleep trial if you’re not living close to the factory and that hasn’t been enough to iron out the kinks. I lost a week after it arrived waiting for my husband to return from a business trip and help me set up these large layers as the instructions say it takes two people. Just FYI - be aware of these timeframes.