latex mattress: 6" core with no comfort layers?

Thank you for such a useful site. I found this page when searching for where to buy a mattress and have since learned a lot. From the linked page I have tried out a lot of mattresses in the past month. At the moment I’m considering two different options from Flexopedic (local to me and seems to be good value); a lower cost ($550) innserspring double sided, or a 6" latex mattress for $1500

My questions is:

Are there any concerns I should know about using only a 6" latex core vs several layers in either differential or progressive?


I’ve slept on many different mattresses the past five years having moved almost every 4 months while in a university co-op program and I’m looking to buy the first one of my own. I had always thought I preferred a firmer mattress though after having tried many out in showrooms over the past month I find a softer mattress a closer match to the comfier ones I’ve slept on before. I’m mostly a back sleeper though wake up on my side frequently. The gripes I’ve had with past mattresses is mostly poor back support (hammocking) even when newish.

I like the idea of latex for it’s quality and durability and I have found them to be quite comfortable. I prefer to go for the higher quality/longer lasting option even if it’s initially more expensive. This is where I have a problem as most latex mattresses are outside of my immediate budget. The 6" latex from Flexopedic for $1500 stretches my budget but is possible. I will be trying it in the store later next week as he is currently building one (he doesn’t normally stock the latex).

What I’ve tried (more for reference):

Ideal mattress Ltd, all latex model ~$1900
-fiber (wool or cotton) on top of 3" med latex on 6" med/firm core (going on foggy long term memory here)
-was very comfortable
-the 7-zoned core seemed rather overkill/gimmicky to me

Dormio organic beds:
-really market the green/organic aspect (with the corresponding greenwash price premium)
-the two models I preferred summarized below (found the differential accord more comfortable)

Pacific model ($3000):
-4 layers 2" each of firm, med, soft, and “LGU?” latex
-wool fiber quilting

Accord ($3500):
-3.5" soft latex topper on top of 6" firm latex core
-wool fiber quilting

-Tried the only two at the location I went to
-too firm/odd feeling (due to the memory foam in them?)

-tried only the ekos 725 (~$1350) as only model at retailer I found
-latex core and memory foam comfort layer
-wasn’t a good match for me, again with an odd feeling from the memory foam (I’ve never slept on it before)

Soma Organic Mattresses:

Obasan ($1748)
-single 6" latex core
-was comfortable, though maybe getting towards too soft.

Greensleep ($2699)
-3" soft latex on 4" firm latex (again foggy long term memory)
-found the differential transition to sharp on this one

*All prices for a mattress/foundation set

(Hope this isn’t all too long)

Hi dom,

You may have seen this already but post #1 here has a list of many of the manufacturers in the GTA area which may give you some other options to include in your research. There are a wide range of choices there in a wide budget range but some of them are better value than others.

A search on Toronto (you can just click this) will also bring up more GTA feedback in other threads.

No, as long as it provided you with good pressure relief and alignment then it would be fine. Typically a thinner mattress would be more suitable for lighter weights and would be firmer than some would prefer but this depends on the person’s body type and sleeping style. If testing showed it was suitable for your needs and preferences then there would be no issue with the thickness itself. A basic 6" core mattress is often available in a two sided version as well which would allow the mattress to be flipped and would extend the life of an already very durable mattress.

There is quite a range of prices in the Toronto list and I would suggest making a few calls looking for a “6 - 8” latex mattress in (fill in the blank) size and could you tell me the approximate budget range I would be looking at?" While many outlets may not give you exact prices on the phone because they may vary with many options they have available and this could lead to an overly complex and long phone call … they are mostly willing to give you a range … especially if they know you are seriously interested and are asking to see if a longer drive may be worth it. You may be quite surprised at the range of prices for similar mattresses. This one seems on the high side for 6" of latex (depensing on the type of latex). The “value” of the lower cost model would depend on the type and quality of materials that were in it.

[quote]Ideal mattress Ltd, all latex model ~$1900
-fiber (wool or cotton) on top of 3" med latex on 6" med/firm core (going on foggy long term memory here)
-was very comfortable
-the 7-zoned core seemed rather overkill/gimmicky to me[/quote]

This is a fairly reasonable value. The 7 zone may not be particularly helpful and more about marketing … dependingon the zoning it probably wouldn’t be a negative either. In some cases the zoning may require you to “fit the zones” but this would not be a real issue if the zoning was firmer in the middle and then went softer towards the ends.


These use Latex Gold Dunlop latex and are good quality but some also have a more premium price. LGU means “Latex gold Ultra” and is just an ILD rating for very soft (12 - 15 ILD).

I would personally make some careful value comparisons here to make sure that they compare well in terms of value to other options you may have available because they tend to be in a more premium range but it’s also important to make sure you take all the components into consideration (not just the latex) including the amount of more costly materials such as wool in the mattress which can be a significant part of the cost.


They also carry a few different styles but no all latex. while they do use good quality materials … as you mentioned memory foam may not be your preference (if that’s all they had" and they are also on the pricey side.

-tried only the ekos 725 (~$1350) as only model at retailer I found
-latex core and memory foam comfort layer
-wasn’t a good match for me, again with an odd feeling from the memory foam (I’ve never slept on it before)[/quote]

They are connected to Foamco and I have talked with Arun here and he impressed me with his knowledge and openness and their commitment to using quality materials. While they are a wholesale manufacturer … it may be worthwhile calling them to find out if there are any other outlets that carry their mattresses near you because prices and “value” can vary among different outlets. This model is also a latex/memory foam hybrid (2" of 5 lb memory foam over 3" of natural latex over 2" of support polyfoam) and is reasonable value.

Soma Organic Mattresses:

These (SleepTek) are widely sold in various “natural” mattress stores throughout the US and Canada. While they certainly make some high quality mattresses … they also carry a “premium” price IMO.

Greensleep ($2699)

Similar comments to Soma. High quality but focused on the “natural” market who is often willing to pay high prices for mattresses that are priced higher than other similar options. They do have interesting adjustable bases which are usually sold with the mattresses which can make them very comfortable … but very very expensive and IMO not very good value.

You have certainly managed to test some of the more expensive latex options in the city (with the exception of Natura which are also good quality for the most part but generally overpriced) but I would suggest spending a few hours on the phone talking to some of the other options available to you and then visiting the few that are the most promising based on your phone calls.


My company ships to CA all the time but have you given any thought to perhaps buying a less expensive but “firm” spring bed and adding a plush 3" latex topper over it? Given the fact that you move around a lot this might be a more mobile solution and also give you the main benefits of latex without spending a ton of money.