Latex mattress Columbus, GA


First of all, let me begin by saying that I am very thankful for this site (although, it has made what I thought would be a simple decision process, much more complex!). My husband and I are currently living in Columbus, GA and are looking to replace our current coil mattress or “short bed” as he like to refer to it, with something more comfortable, spacious and durable. I am most interested in an all natural latex mattress. I haven’t been able to try one, but am so convinced that it’s what we “have” to have based on this site and my research. :slight_smile: The problem is deciding where to get one… I have read several posts with options in the Atlanta area (Original Mattress, Velro, etc), which is about 2 hours from where we currently live. While this is definitely a possibility, it isn’t ideal and I wasn’t sold on the options they had available.

I also read a post (several in fact) where you mentioned a local manufacturer in Pelham, AL called Royal Bedding. I really liked the idea of a double-sided mattress, but they are almost 3 hrs away and don’t offer shipping. I think I could convince my husband to make one trip there… but I don’t know about a second trip just to pick up the mattress (not to mention the difficulty of transporting a king size mattress plus foundation back home). Do you happen to know of any quality manufacturers that are closer to Columbus, GA?

I’m currently considering an online purchase as well. While not ideal, it could give us what we are looking for as far as quality and value. Some of the places I’ve searched and like are Cozypure (love the beds, have a flippable option and carry the zoned core, but not sure about the price tag even though I do love that they are eco-friendly), Foam Sweet Foam (still deciding on the layered foam… but like that it will give some flexibility to an online order - would the 9" be adequate or is it worth getting the 12" for adjustability?), and Arizona Mattress Co. Thoughts? I know two are members and one would be. I just don’t know where to go from here… I’ve spent hours doing research and still can’t pull the trigger on buying anything.

Thanks for your help/thoughts

P.S. Just FYI, our sleep stats are as follows: I’m 5’6" 130 lbs. mostly side sleeper, at least to start off the night, although I do end up on my back and stomach. My husband is 5’11" 185 lbs. and tends to sleep on his back/stomach mostly. Our current mattress is a Simmons Beautyrest with pillow-top that I got back in college 8 yrs ago. It’s still in pretty good shape, but too small and a tad too firm. What would be your suggestion for a layered latex? I’m planning on calling the company’s as well to get their input.

Hi leghw2,

Unfortunately there are no factory direct manufacturers in the immediate area of Columbus, GA. The closest are about 70 - 80 miles away and are in the Atlanta/Macon list in post #2 here (which I know you’ve seen but included for the benefit of others who may read this).

As you also know, I think very highly of Tom at Royal Bedding but it is a long drive away and the logistics may be difficult. I’ll leave that part up to you and Tom to see what may be possible :slight_smile:

I did take a look throughout the day to see what may be available in Columbus that you could test some latex mattresses. I’ve included the brands they carry that make latex or latex hybrid models (as well as other types of mattresses of course) or may have better than average value but they will require a few calls to make sure about what they have on their floor and find out how open and transparent they are about the materials in their mattresses (so you know what you are lying on). Columbus. Therapedic Columbus. Englander Columbus. Englander, Southerland Columbus. Jamison Phenix, AL. Englander. Opelika, GA. Jamison (listed on the Jamison site but not on their website) Lagrange, GA. Jamison, Posturecraft.

These may give you some local possibilities at least for testing purposes that may help provide a guideline if you do decide to go in an online direction.

There is also a list in post #21 here (which you may also have seen) of the members of this site that specialize in online (or on the phone) sales and many of these also make or sell latex mattresses. They are well worth talking to if you are comfortable with an online purchase. Many of these also offer different types of exchange options if you need to make changes to your mattress after a purchase.

Hope this helps


Try visiting the Golden Mattress factory in Norcross GA. (770-717-2899) Ask to check out the 6" Reflection latex mattress. If you like it you can have one delivered to Interstate Furniture in Newnan GA. That mattress will run you less than $1500 in a Kingsize set. It is in my opinion as good as a mattress can get and will worth the extra trouble.

Hi charlestonbedding,

Is this the Reflection mattress you mean?

The specs seem to be good (just 6" of Dunlop latex and 8" of 2.0 lb polyfoam) without any “junk” foam in the mix. The price is also good for a King set.

Do you happen to know the type of latex they are using (as in blended or 100% natural Dunlop) because the golden site doesn’t say which it is.


Yes that is the mattress. It is 6" of 100% dunlap latex and a total of 14". I have been sleeping on this mattress since October and I weigh 250. I am blown away by how good that I sleep since getting this mattress. I can tell that it is holding up and is durable. Before this mattress I had a top of line temperpedic and I promise you that this latex mattress is much better. I have sold this mattress to about 40 people since they came out and everyone loves it. You will too! I’m glad to hear that you are checking it out. It will be worth the trouble.

Hi charlestonbedding,

I 'm assuming you mean 100% natural (rather than 100% Dunlop)

As you probably know from your time on this site … I also think that good quality latex can make a great choice … in the right layering and with the right manufacturer they can also be very good value. Of course 40 people loving a mattress says nothing about the 41st because each of us has our own unique needs and preferences and there are also some people who just don’t like the feel of latex or (like myself) prefer Talalay over Dunlop in the comfort layers but there is no doubt that if the top 6" is 100% natural Dunlop and with the polyfoam at 2 lb density … that at least the value is reasonable (and “reasonable” in this forum where people have access to some of best quality and value in the country usually translates into “good” compared to mainstream outlets that are common in most areas).

I checked out Golden a long time ago and I have talked with many people (retailers and manufacturers) who think well of them and the value of their mattresses, especially compared to other larger brands. When they are sold by a retailer that knows the details of the layering in each mattress and at the right prices … they can certainly be among the better values in any particular area.