latex mattress stores in SE Indiana or Cincinnati OH area

My husband and I are in need of a new mattress. I have been considering a latex mattress but have been unable to find a local dealer and would prefer to actually try one out before purchasing… Our current mattress set came from The Original Mattress Factory and to be honest it has held up great and if I decide to go with the typical innerspring mattress/box-spring configuration I will probably just go with them again. However, both my husband and I now have issues with hip and shoulder pain and I’m just not all that convinced in the merits of adding a bunch of extra “fluff” on top of a coil spring mattress. .been shopping at a couple of furniture/mattress stores (not OMF) and while the various “soft” (pillowtops, etc…extra fluff) innerspring mattresses all felt great @ first, I could feel the pressure from the springs on my hip after 10 minutes or so. I thought a memory foam mattress would be the answer and while I really liked them after trying some out , I don’t think they would work for my husband who has MS and is disabled and already has difficulty turning in bed. And then there is the “heat” issue as well. I’d prefer to go with a natural latex mattress if we go that route although the price is much more than I want or anticipated having to spend. However, if it is the difference in getting a good, pain-free, nights sleep I am willing to do so. while Habitat furnishings has a 365 day guarantee that would appear to make buying a latex mattress risk-free but I would still like to try one out first. If you know of any stores you could point me to in my area I would appreciate it! We live in SE Indiana near the Ohio border. Cincinnati OH is only 40 miles away and Indianapolis about 70 so either of those would be easily accessible for me.

Hi sotired,

The Cincinnati list is in post #212 here and the Indianapolis list is in post #2 here. Original Mattress Factory is one of the latex options available and carry a two sided latex hybrid mattress. There is also a list for the Louisville area in post #3 here.

The tutorial post here also has a link to a list of the members of the site that sell latex mattresses online that include many different latex options, designs, and budget ranges if you decide to go in an online direction although you do have some options available locally as well.