Latex recommendation for combo sleepers

Hello, I’m looking for a recommendation for a latex mattress. I am 5’6, 150lbs and my partner is 5’3 150lbs. I’m a stomach sleeper and she’s a side/back sleeper. She prefers a slightly softer bed than I do generally. She also sleeps hot and prefers a cool bed. I’m leaning towards an all latex mattress that is either FMS or FMM. Probably 9in? Wondering if a10in FMM would be better solution for her to have a slightly softer option? Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated.

Hi Lee1,

I can only speak for our Talalay latex mattresses. We have the ability to build your side of the mattress for you as a stomach sleeper, and her side as a side/back sleeper based on your height, weight, and sleeping position. Latex does help with sleeping hot as the open-cell latex allows body heat to dissipate into the mattress. It’s also important to use a breathable external cover on the mattress. There are several companies that can offer a latex mattress but if you’d like to see what our custom design would look like, simply go to and check out our offerings.

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Hi @Lee1

An all latex mattress is a great option for those who are looking to customize each side of the mattress, plus they have the unique ability to feel both firm and soft depending on the configuration. Stomach sleepers are generally most comfortable on a flatter, or firmer surface. If the mattress is too soft, the body can sink in and the natural curve in the back is accentuated - this not ideal.
For side/back sleepers, FMS or FMM are both great configurations. If she enjoys the feeling of sinking into her mattress, and having the latex come up to meet the natural curves in the body, then I would suggest going FMS. This is also going to be better if she is mostly on her side, and it will help to relieve pressure points on the shoulders and hips.
If she wants a firm support, and soft top, she could also go with FFS.
The thicker the profile of mattress, the more ‘soft’ it will feel.
It may be helpful to start with a 9" mattress, since that would also be firm enough for a stomach sleeper, and if necessary, add a wool or latex topper to increase the softness on top.

Please feel free to reply with added notes :slight_smile: Lots of knowledgeable people on here!

I would recommend 6" Medium Talalay base core with a dual firmness 3" topper in Medium/Soft. That is special order and you would need to call it in. 888-773-7326. A solid 6" core is more supportive than 2 3" layers.

what do FMS, FMM, FFS stand for?

Abbreviations commonly used: F for Firm layer, M for Medium layer, S for Soft layer.
Layers are generally used with firmest on bottom for support, getting softer as you go up.

Thank you for this info! One more question… We were able to test out some combos at a local store today. My partner really liked the FMS. I think it will be too soft for me. I’m now considering ordering a split queen that is FMS for her and FMM for me. Both support layers will be dunlop and our comfort layers will be a talalay. I was almost ready to order when someone at the store suggested I get FMS for myself too and move the layers to MFS if I find it’s too soft for stomach sleeping. This recommendation was made because they said most people around my weight will enjoy a soft comfort layer more… Any thoughts on MFS vs FMM for stomach sleeping?

Hi Lee,
I concur with getting an all latex mattress. I find them comfortable and responsive yet supportive. I am a stomach and side sleeper and I do need firmness somewhere in the support layer. My system is all Dunlop (including top layer) which is definitely not as cushion-y as Talalay. I also sleep hot and the right layers plus the right sheets can help with that. (Legends Hotel Supima Cotton percale from The Company Store…)
Good luck

Hi Lee,

Glad to hear you were able to get out and test some mattresses in person - this is the most valuable part of mattress shopping! I think you mentioned you were 5’6 and 150 lbs. MFS is a great configuration for someone who sleeps on both stomach and side, because the soft will ensure that the sleeper is comfortable in both sleeping positions.

Many of us carry most of our weight in the middle of our bodies, whether that’s the bum, stomach, or hips, and a soft top can mean that these areas naturally sink down further then say the legs or upper body. The idea is to try to keep the body flat when laying on your stomach, without over accentuating the natural curve in the lower back.

I am inclined to say start with FMM, and if you feel it’s too firm, you can jump on your partners side and see if it feels better. I would also see if the store offers a comfort exchange program (most of us do), which will be super helpful if you decide to change it to something softer.

It sounds like you are almost at the finish line of mattress shopping - congrats to you!! Please do share once you have slept on it for some time, you can possibly help someone else in their search! :slight_smile:

Laura ~ Founder & CEO. Sunshine Mattress Co