Looking for a local mattress manufacturer/shop in LA area

Hey Phoenix,
I posted before about the Evo Sleep I wasn’t happy about and luckily I’m moving and new owners want everything including bed an mattress, which is great!

I now have a chance to do mattress-buying again with hopefully a more informed approach. My instinct was to look around local stores and thought I might like one of the Simmons World Class or Black models. But then going through the forum here again I’m sure you would dissuade anyone of doing that.

So I picked up an older thread about where you were posting some local shops which I went through, but the closest to LA is BayBeds in Santa Cruz. I talked briefly on the phone with a guy there, he didn’t seem to ecstatic about getting a call (maybe it was because Superbowl had just started) but gave me some ok initial information. Cost seems reasonable 1400-2400 for a set and I really like that it is completely serviceable and they are willing to swap parts to get it dialed in. There is not much information on their site though, and I wanted to get your input on what you know of their mattress lines, materials, build quality, etc. before I make a trip up there to go through their products.

Also, if you have any good local shops in LA I could look at first that would be great too if I’m able to find something here which would eliminate the need of dealing with a road trip and shipping costs.

I’m looking for innerspring firm with good side support, serviceable is a plus, using natural latex on top as I think I may have slight allergies- I get weird persistent itching on my body usually while sleeping sometimes with a little single bump which goes away usually later during the day. I thought it was my dog, but it seems to happen sometimes even when he’s not here.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi avs,

Welcome back :slight_smile:

That’s great news … and it certainly solves the problem and lets you start all over again with a clean slate.

You’ve probably read it already but it would probably be a good idea to re-read the tutorial post here as a starting point. It includes all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices … and know how to avoid the worst ones (including any of the major brands such as Simmons or any mattress where you can’t find out the quality of all the materials inside it).

I think very highly of Dan and Baybeds and they are one of the members of this site which means I believe they compete well with the best in the country in terms of quality value and service. They are completely transparent and use all high quality materials in their mattresses and can change out any of the latex or innerspring components so you can fine tune it to your specific needs and preferences either before or after a purchase.

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Greater Los Angeles area are listed in post #2 here.

I’m looking forward to your feedback and finding out what you end up choosing.


It doesn’t cease to amaze me how quickly you reply! Thanks, that is a lot of local place I can check out. and BayBed does look super promising too in case I don’t come up on anything else.

I’ll definitely update back later on, thanks again!

Hey Phoenix, I’m a happy guy now. Left a Yelp and Google+ review for Flexus so figure I’ll just post that here since it pretty much tells the story. Thanks for your continued help for me and everyone else out there!

[quote]Hi Henry, was thinking of calling, but figured it would help you more to post here.

I’ve gone through 3 mattresses in the last 2 years. Wasted a lot of money, gone through back pain so long I got used to it. Waking up several times a night. Cheap mattresses with name brands breaking down after mere months or weeks. Lost even more money trying to get rid of those mattresses.

Tried to do my research and the more I learned, the harder it was to sift through the misinformation in this industry now. Big name manufacturers play with numbers of coil counts, materials used, etc and are usually made to break so you will have to buy another quickly. Things have changed and this racket makes it impossible to come out on top as a consumer these days.

Flexus was last on my list to check out simply because it was far from me and not near any of the other independent places I looked at in Orange County. But based on the reviews and the website I was really hopeful. I knew what it was I wanted out of a mattress, was pretty sure I wanted an innerspring as well.

When I got there, Henry introduced himself. I already liked this because he is the owner and his own manufacturer and a person I can actually talk to and cannot hide deep inside some larger corporation. He knows he is on the hook for any customer service issues and that immediately made me feel more confident about his products.

I asked for an innerspring, but he put me on his all latex mattresses and it was right away one of the best mattresses for me that I had tried. It was very supportive down in the core, but the comfort layer was still soft and comfortable for side sleeping. The fabric is all organic materials with a dunlop latex core and talalay topper. All these are easily transparent and the mattress completely unzips and all the internals can be serviced. You do not get this with any major manufacturer. It also has a 30 year warranty on top of it, also very rare with any manufacturer.

I had pretty much made up my mind, but decided to try the innerspring just in case, but right after I knew that the latex bed was what I wanted. No other mattress I’ve tried in the last 3 years came close. He informed me of his special for the month as well, we quickly went through the exact hardnesses of the layers I wanted and we were out the door.

I hadn’t wanted another foam mattress because my previous biogel mattress lost support after a few months and also insulated heat (not as bad as Tempurpedic, but I’m a hot sleeper) This high quality latex is worlds better. More supportive, I can already tell it is more resilient, and I’ve slept very cool and comfortable so far. I’m not looking back anymore on those mattresses and I’m looking forward to this mattress for years to come. Thanks, Henry… you’ve got a believer and I’m sending anyone who asks about mattresses your way first.

Also thanks to Phoenix at themattressunderground.com That guy is amazing and helped me and many others with his free forum packed with info. No way would I have heard about Flexus or any other independent manufacturers without his site. I mostly likely would have ended up making a 4th mistake and dealing with it again later.

So thanks again!


Hi avs,

I’m thrilled that your “mattress hunt” turned out so well and thanks for sharing such detailed feedback about your purchase from Flexus.

Most importantly of all … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I also appreciate the kind words at the end but I should also point out that the URL has a “the” in front of it and the link you mentioned goes to a “server not found” error :unsure:


woops! Sorry, corrected the mistake both here and on Yelp.

After a few weeks, I’m very happy with the mattress. I can tell it is not going to break down or break in like any of the mattresses I had before. Hope to be posting after a year or two and report that it still feels the same as day 1!

Hi avs,

Thanks :slight_smile:

That would be great. It’s not so common that people come back after a year or two to share an update and it’s always nice to see when they do.


After all of this, I doubt I will forget to come back and update :lol:

Either way, the fact that the mattress zips up and everything is flippable and serviceable just adds to the 30 year warranty it comes with- not much to really worry about.

As promised, I’m back to update after a little over a year. My mattress distress has all but disappeared. Gone are the days worrying about when my mattress would give out and having to find another. Also gone is waking up in the middle of the night and in the morning with back pain.
The mattress is everything I wanted: It feels virtually EXACTLY the way it did when I bought it with no noticeable break-in or body impressions, It is both comfortable and supportive, it transfers very little motion, it stays pretty cool with the vertical holes throughout.
This thing is going to last, and better believe any time I hear anyone talking about mattress buying I’m sending them to your site and to Flexus if I can.


Hi avs,

Thanks for taking the time to return and share your comments and feedback about your Flexus mattress after a year … it’s not as common that the members here return to share their longer term feedback and I appreciate it :slight_smile:

It’s also great to see that you are sleeping just as well now as you were when you first purchased the mattress and with the durability of latex it would be reasonable to expect that you will be sleeping well for many years to come.

Thanks again!