Looking for a Mattress in Ann Arbor

My husband and I are in the initial stages of looking for a new mattress, and had started going down the Sealy route, until I ran across your website. Our current mattress is about 10 years old and has distinct impressions on both of our sides. I am a side sleeper, on the heavy side, and have developed bursitis in my hip, due, perhaps, to this mattress. Are there any of these smaller shops that you talk about in our neck of the woods (Ann Arbor, MI)? It would be so nice to find someone who could “fit” a mattress to our needs!

Thanks for your advice!

Hi dunbarb,

Post #2 here has a list of outlets that are within 100 miles of Detroit which includes the better choices that are closer to you that I’m aware of.

Unfortunately none of them are in your “back yard” but there are a few that would certainly be close enough for a phone call and/or a visit.

I’ll take a more specific look in Ann Arbor tomorrow and add any to the list that I come up with.