Looking for a more natural mattress option

I’m looking for something other than a chemical laden memory foam mattress, which we almost purchased at sleep country before doing our research. The smaller retailers in London, On who offered. Latex and organic mattresses seem to have all gone out of business.I suppose a trip to TO is in order so we can try out a latex mattress, any retailer suggestions close to London? Thanks so much and I’m learning a lot from this site!!

Hi JacqCud,

Welcome … and I’m glad you found us :).

Just in case you haven’t found it yet … the first place to start is the mattress shopping tutorial here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices … and know how and why to avoid the worst ones.

Post #2 here also has more information about organic, natural, “safe”, and green mattress materials that can help you decide on the types of materials you are most comfortable having in your mattress.

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the London area (subject to the guidelines here) are listed in post #8 here.


I’ve read the tutorial and made notes lol. I was eager to check out inbetween dreams but unfortunately it no longer exists. I think we’ll check out dormio and soma sleep, do you recommend the latter?

Hi JacqCud,

That’s odd. Their website still exists and I just called them and their voicemail answered (and included In Between Dreams in the message). I’ll have to call them tomorrow to see if anyone answers.

Dormio is a member of this site which means that I think highly of them and I believe they compete well with the best in the industry so I would certainly include them in your research but there are many retailers and manufacturers that carry good quality/value mattresses that aren’t a member here so I suggest following a process that can help with “how” to choose (following the steps in the tutorial post) but I don’t make specific recommendations about “what” to choose because there are too many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences involved for anyone to suggest which mattress may be best for someone else (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here). Soma Sleep is one of the “better options or possibilities” that are included in the Toronto list.


Hi JacqCud,

Just stumbled up on your convo here - I am also looking at both Dormio and SOMA Organic - they are actually a couple city blocks away from each other in the Dufferin/Eglinton area.

When I called SOMA organic, they were really informative and offered lots of information about the best mattresses for me, a chemically sensitive and allergy-prone person. I called Dormio and they were a little more mysterious, not as forthcoming as Tony at Soma was, but they do have a really good sale currently on the Layton mattress available in 9 firmesses, as stated by the man I spoke to over the phone today.

Now that I have narrowed it down to two reputed makers of natural beds with organic materials, I would have to look at comfort, and then price. I personally would not be swayed by the sale at Dormio, but I will probably want to check it out for myself. If I found something I like that is regular price, I would not be swayed by a sale on something I like less. I don’t think it’s right to decide on the right bed based on just price.

I plan to go this weekend, hopefully, with my boyfriend, to try out Soma and Dormio.

Please let me know if you visit the stores as well! I would be very interested in your experience.

Hi JacqCud,

I talked to InBetweenDreams today and they are now designing their own mattresses (including some with organic latex) which are being made by a local manufacturer and have a showroom in their home and you just need to call and make an appointment. I’ve updated their description in the London, ON list.


Hi 1whitehourse1

My husband and I were supposed to go on Thurs but both got the stomach flu. Let me know if you end up going and thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Phoenix, I’ll definitely contact them! I tried out a Natura Blossom firm tight top today in a local mattress store but found it too firm for my liking and the top layer is foam.

Hi JacqCud,

The Blossom is listed as a firm mattress so your experience would make sense and it does have an inch of quilting foam which is polyfoam but it this wouldn’t be a “weak link” in the mattress (see post #4 here).


Hi Phoenix,

I just wanted your opinion on a mattress my husband and I are considering. The mattress is latex made from milk from the rubber tree (no processing)
The cover is Bamboo. There is a small amount of cotton quilted to the bamboo for
extra comfort. There is no chemical on the latex so no fire retardant
spray. It does not have any 3rd party certification and the mattress can be flipped. The price is around $3700.
Any concerns or anything that sticks out to you? Does that seem like a fair price?
Thanks so much!

Hi JacqCud,

Latex is certainly a high quality and durable material so if the only material in a mattress is latex (outside of the cover and quilting) then it would certainly be a durable choice but I would need to know all the information listed here about the specifics of your mattress to make any more meaningful comments. If you can provide the information in the article about your mattress and post it on the forum and/or provide a link to your mattress that includes it I’d be happy to make some additional comments.

I don’t know the specifics of the mattress (type and thickness of the latex layers etc), the mattress size you are looking at, any other components that come with the mattress (such as a foundation or box spring) or any of the other criteria that may be an important part of your personal value equation that would affect the “value” of a purchase but on the surface it seems to be in a higher budget range than many other latex mattresses that may be similar so I would make some very careful “value” comparisons with other similar mattresses.

Since the value of a mattress purchase is always relative to the other mattresses you are considering or that are available in your area (or online for those that are also including online options in their research) … if you only have one “finalist” or don’t have other mattresses that you are using as a reference to compare with then there really isn’t any way to make any meaningful quality/value comparisons in terms of suitability, durability, or “value” regardless of the price you would be paying for the mattress but there is more about the most important parts of the value of a mattress purchase in post #13 here that can help you make more meaningful quality/value comparisons between other similar mattresses or “finalists” that you are comparing it to.


Hi Phoenix!

Thanks for the fast reply.
It is a king sized mattress. The latex is unprocessed so I guess it is neither Dunlop not Talalay. The first layer is 3 inches of medium to soft latex, then there is 6 inches of medium to firm latex. For just the mattress it is 3699 or 3899 for the set (mattress and box spring).
We are hoping to get to TO tomorrow to check out Dormio.

Hope this gives you a better picture!


Hi JacqCud,

All latex is “processed” to some degree (you couldn’t sleep on the liquid field latex that comes from a tree or liquid synthetic latex) and is manufactured with either the Dunlop process (or a variant such as continuous pour Dunlop) or the Talalay process using either natural rubber, synthetic rubber, or a blend of both.

There is more about the different types and blends of latex in post #6 here.

The latex in the mattress you are considering could be made from 100 % natural rubber 9which means that there is no synthetic rubber in the compounding formula) but even if it’s 100% natural there will still be other substances in the formula that are used to manufacturer the latex (see post #7 here).

[quote]For just the mattress it is 3699 or 3899 for the set (mattress and box spring).
We are hoping to get to TO tomorrow to check out Dormio.[/quote]

I would want to know the type and blend of the latex so you can make more “apples to apples” comparisons with other mattresses but any type of latex will be a durable material. The latex that is used in mattresses also won’t have fire retardant chemicals in the formula or sprayed on the latex.

As I mentioned I would make some careful “value” comparisons because the mattress you are looking at is in a fairly high budget range compared to other mattresses that would also be using 9" of the same type and blend of latex with a similar design.