Looking for an ultra firm mattress like the "Plank" by Brooklyn Bedding

I currently have the Plank mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, and it started off great and was exactly what was looking for in terms of firmness/support. I sleep on the ultra firm side and it felt great. After sleeping on it for a few weeks now however it has softened in the middle where I sleep and I can tell that i’m beginning to sink in a bit, which is causing some back discomfort. I’m 6’0" 220lb (29 BMI) and am a combo back and side sleeper.

After reaching out to brooklyn bedding, this is what they said the layers are (if anyone else knows for certain i’d appreciate correct info):

  • .75-inch High-density 1.5lb Quilting foam 50ILD

  • 7-inch Ultra high-density 1.8lb support foam 36ILD

  • 2-inch Titanflex 3.5lb Cooling Foam 30ILD

  • 1.5-inch high-density 1.5lb quilting foam 36ILD

I sleep on the “ultra firm” side with 0.75" of foam directly on top of the base support foam, and the support foam underneath has started to already soften in the middle where I sleep and isn’t as firm as it was initially. This isn’t entirely surprising based on the foam density ratings of 1.5lb and 1.8lb. The thing I think that works about this setup for me is the comfort layer is just under 1" thick, and this sits right on top of ultra dense base foam. The thicker and softer the comfort layer, I sink in too far causing my spine to get out of alignment and be uncomfortable, and most mattresses have comfort layers over 3" thick, which in combination with them being not firm enough for me, is why i haven’t had much luck.

As it has softened a bit, I added a 0.5" 50ILD 2.8lb Lux HQ foam from Foam by mail on top and this has definitely helped but not enough. Considering the low cost I also just ordered a 1" thick and 2" thick of this same foam 50ILD 2.8lb Lux HQ foam to try out on top of the mattress as well to see how that works.

Ideally I could find another ultra firm mattress like this with thin, firm comfort layers but just higher density/more durable materials that will last longer. Any suggestions? I purchased a 2" 44 ILD Firm Dunlop topper from SOL and it isn’t quite firm/supportive enough so I believe I need a material other than latex as that is about the firmest latex i’ve seen and isn’t quite right for my needs.

I see that they make a Titan Firm mattress, but the comfort layers appear to be thicker (1" soft memory foam, 2" of medium titanflex foam, also too soft). I also see Original Mattress Factory makes an Orthopedic Extra Firm and an Orthopedic Ultra Firm mattress that might be a good option I’ll need to go look at. Only hesitance with OMF is they don’t offer a return policy. However if it is extremely firm (even if too firm), as long as it’s durable and won’t meaningfully soften then i can always add a topper on top to provide some extra pressure relief (even high density firm foam that’s 1" or so) and if this cheap foam wears out after a few years no big deal it’s only $50 to replace.

Another option is always full DIY, but if I went that route are people able to buy their own zip mattress cover/sleeve to encase all the various layers in?

Hi bobby2478.

So sorry to hear your mattress is already softening. The specifications they gave you are the bare minimum we would recommend in terms of durability for a medium framed person, so it’s no surprise that under your larger build the foam are already breaking down. How disappointing that they choose to use less durable material.

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to firm-up a too-soft mattress :frowning: You can try putting it directly on the floor to see if that helps at all. Since the material is only just breaking down, it’s possibly that the firm topper you’ve purchased will help in some regard but ultimately you may just sink the topper into the materials that are already too soft and it may not be the experience you want in terms of comfort and alignment.

Absolutely. A number of our Trusted Members sell DIY materials including encasements.


The Plank was great for a few weeks but softened up a tad recently, and while it’s still good it just needs to be a tad more firm/supportive. I added a 1" piece of 2.8lb 50ILD polyfoam on top and now it feels great.

I used the following, I am aware some people on the forum don’t recommend FBM but considering the price I paid (only $26 for 1" twin xl) even if it falls apart after a couple of years that’s fine with me.

It says 2.8lb/cu ft density, 50ILD, and only 1.9 support factor, but at the very least I’d assume this has to be superior to the cheap 1.8lb 36ILD support core currently in my Plank mattress?

Considering I’m on the extra firm side of the Plank currently, the setup is pretty basic (it’s a 2 sided mattress, the softer side that I’m not sleeping on now on the bottom and consists of everything below the support core):

1-inch 2.8lb Lux HQ foam from FBM - 50ILD *** Topper I added
.75-inch High-density 1.5lb Quilting foam 50ILD
7-inch Ultra high-density 1.8lb support foam 36ILD
2-inch Titanflex 3.5lb Cooling Foam 30ILD
1.5-inch high-density 1.5lb quilting foam 36ILD

Biggest concern right now is long term durability of the Plank given the lower density 1.8lb support core (also softer at 36ILD) and 1.5lb quilting foam on top. Given this setup, it wouldn’t be hard for me to basically just DIY with the vast majority of it 2.8lb 36ILD support core, followed by 1 inch 2.8lb 50ILD comfort layer on top. Only thing I’d question is knowing I like/need a really firm mattress, if it might not be better to just make the support core 2.8lb 50ILD and I could always add additional softer layers on top if i need more give since it’s always easier to soften up a mattress that’s too firm, rather than make a too soft mattress more firm.

Hi bobby2478.

Thanks for thiscxza`Z update. I’m glad you had a good experience with FBM and that you have a plan B in the event that you need to replace that layer in a few years.

I agree!

Your DIY ideas are sound as well. Do you have any specific questions about that approach?


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Can you let the forum know whether the 1" piece of 2.8lb 50ILD polyfoam from Lux Foam you added to the top of your Plank mattress is still working for you?

Following on from a old post of mine, I’ve now had my warranty-replacement Plank mattress for about six weeks, and it is already softening at the location below my waist.

I appear to have two options:
(a) Order the same foam topper you refer to in your post which I identified above; or

(b) Attempt another warranty replacement of the Plank, this time replacing my all-foam Plank with the Luxe (combination coild and foam) model. [I believe that you once owned this model as well. So any input from you regarding the durability of the firmness of the Luxe mattress over time would be appreciated as well].

Any input from you regarding the above would be much appreciated.

The foam topper won’t address your problem for long. It helps for awhile, but eventually the loss of support by your hips will return and only get worse.

The hybrid plank is much better. It also softens over time but still works. You can also add the foam topper on top of the hybrid after it softens up down the road. The key is to rotate the mattress every few months so it wears more evenly. But over time it will also soften, but does not lose as much support as the all foam plank.

Honestly I think getting the hybrid plank is your best option.

Thanks for your reply. I’d like one clarification, even if it seems obvious. You mention rotating the mattress. Do you mean rotating end-to-end (i.e. continuing to use the same mattress surface, and reversing the head-end and the foot-end of the mattress), or flipping the mattress to use the opposite sleeping surface?
I ask because the Luxe mattress, like the all-foam unit, is softer on one side than the other.

Rotate end to end (foot end moves by head with same side facing up).

A couple of additional questions if you have a minute.

Q1: Roughly how long did it take for your new Plank mattress to become noticeably too soft? I ask because I am disappointed and surprised that after only six weeks of use, my Plank Firm has become uncomfortably soft in the waist region. I don’t think that rotating the mattress would help much because my waist would be in much the same place regardless of which end of the mattress is against the head board.

Q2: If you did ultimately solve your issue, how did you do so? Did the firm side of the Plank Luxe work for you? Or, did you go the DIY route? If you did go the DIY route, it would be great to hear what, if anything, worked for you.

(A DIY solution that is as firm as a new Plank and retains its firmness for a year would suffice for me. I just don’t know how to even start selecting materials to achieve the above).

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

  1. Not sure, but the original Plank Firm (all foam) started losing support under my hips within the first 2 months or so. I exchanged the Plank Firm (all foam) for the Plank Luxe Firm (Hybrid). I’ve been sleeping on the hybrid since October now (7 months) and it’s much better. It has softened some in the hip region but nothing like the Plank Firm has. And I’ve found placing a folded over towel under my hips helps somewhat. Regardless, even with the hybrid softening up a little bit it’s still the best mattress i’ve found yet (even though it isn’t perfect). This is the mattress i’ve recently rotated (not flipped).

  2. I’ve been using the Plank Firm Luxe (hybrid) and it has been working well. Like I said it’s not perfect, but by far the best option i’ve found and i’ve tried several mattresses and returned all of them except for the Plank Firm Luxe hybrid.

I haven’t done DIY yet, but may consider it after its time for a new mattress or if the Plank Luxe becomes unbearable in the future.

Thanks very much for the above. I may well pursue getting the Plank Luxe. I don’t know if BB will replace my current mattress based on the warranty. Time will tell.

I received a Plank Luxe and have been sleeping on it for about a month. I’m sorry to say the very same issue I had with the Plank firm (all-foam) has arisen again. The region of the mattress below my mid and lower back began sagging after a few weeks. I’ve done one end-to-end rotation. That improved only things for about a week, after which the issue returned.

I may go back to my air mattress in the short run, but would like to get another coil spring mattress for the longer term. Can anyone comment on the firmness and durability of Saatva products? Their name came up when I searched online for firm mattresses.

Of course, any other recommendations are also welcome.

Hi voyager39.

Big “s” brands like Saatva tend to have a bad reputation around here for their overall lack of durability. I will say, if you’re buying a basic innerspring bed with no frills, no pillow top, etc. that you ultimately layer a topper over, that may end up having better durability for you.

I wonder why the all foam isn’t working for you. Could it be the mattress base? Have you done any troubleshooting there?


NikkiTMU: I first tried the all-foam Plank Firm (hereafter “Firm”). My first Firm lasted about two years after which the sag in the mattress became unbearable. I later tried a second Firm and this time the sag occurred within a couple of months. (Note that Bobby2478 had the same experience).

My third attempt involved the more recently added model the Plank Luxe which includes a combination of foam and coil springs. In this case, again, after about a month the middle of the mattress sagged after about a month.

The foundation is solid, literally. I have slats of wood, and a one-inch sheet of plywood on top of the slats.

Your suggestion seems sound. As much as possible, I’d like a mattress that has as little built-in foam as possible so that I can adjust the comfort level on my own. What I need most is a mattress firm enough to meet my need for support.

The next step therefore is to get recommendations for the best (i.e. likely the firmest) coil spring mattress available, hopefully with minimal padding on the top. That way, I can adjust the comfort level using eggshell foam layers. (Any recommendations for alternative comfort layers would be appreciated. Eggshell foam is all I’m aware of so far).

Thanks for sharing, voyager39.

Sounds more like a manufacturer issue for sure. It’s a bit of an “out there” recommendation, but if you need ultra firm, you may try using a coir base as your “springs” instead of innersprings. Some people in the forum have found this to be a successful “hack” if you will.

As for comfort layers, you could use natural fibers like wool if you’re looking to avoid latex. Wool is also going to provide a firmer sleeping experience than latex or any kind of poly/memory foam.


I have had my Plank Luxe for almost a year now. We sleep on the firmer side. I was 6’ 245-50 (now 220) and my wife is 5’4 130-35. At first the mattress seemed to firm for my wife. We got a malouf (Yawnder - Authentic, Data-Driven Mattress Reviews) send to us for free by the authorized BB dealer we bought the mattress from. Used the topper for a couple of weeks and removed it as my wife said she was fine now and comfortable on the mattress. So I removed it. Then I added it back a week or so later and we really could not notice the difference other than the fact that I wanted a topper on the mattress as a safety net to add longevity to the mattress. I literally sit in the bed, legs crossed with my laptop on a pillow on front of me while I work in the evening on the pc. I have rotated the mattress every 6 months and have not experienced one depression, divot, sink spot, nothing. Having had two different ‘S’ firm mattresses over the past 36 years, I took a leap with this BinB BB Plank Luxe. I wanted a hybrid as I trust springs more than I do hi density foam. I am perplexed as to why some have had issues with their plank luxe. Perhaps it is the normal body impressions that every single mattress on the planet experiences when you first get it and it is not an actual sink spot. I literally check the mattress with a yard stick every single time I wash the sheets, remove the topper, remove the mattress protector and the mattress shows no signs of softening, sinking or wear at all. Even though I lost some weight, I am still 220. I am sorry for those who have not found this mattress live up to their expectations like we have. But I continue to recommend this thing to those who want a firm, durable mattress. It has been the best mattress I have slept on anywhere. We have been on vacation and stayed in the Ritz, Opal Grand, luxury hotels in LA and San Fran and so far, nothing has compared to this mattress. We literally cant wait to get home and get a good night’s sleep after being on vacation. Sorry for you folks who this mattress has not lived up to your expectations, but it has exceeded ours and we are quite picky and annoying when it comes to mattresses. I wish those who have had a bad experience better luck on your next choice.