Looking for local dealer

Is there anyone near Pensacola fl to find outlets. 32526

Thanks for the help in advance

Hi Mcwaite576,

Post #365 here should be helpful :slight_smile:


We found a local outlet www.mattressoutletllc.com in Pensacola. The salesmen knew what he was talking about and I was nice to understand the difference in the bed construction. We tried the octospring but they were to stiff for us. We also tried the Cloudwing and admiral but the wife didn’t like the latex. We did like the Iseries jubilance and was wondering what other mattress we could try out that would be similar to the jubilance.

Hi McWaite57,

Other than trying a mattress that is advertised as being similar to the Jubilance (and I doubt there are any because manufacturers generally want to differentiate their mattresses) … the only way to find a mattress that was similar to the “feel” of another would be to look for a mattress that had a similar construction (a pocket coil with a few inches of memory foam above the coils) and compare them based on your own side by side testing and perceptions.

It would generally be more effective to use the testing guidelines in the tutorial post here and test each mattress against a common set of criteria based on PPP and your own personal value equation rather than against the “feel” of another mattress which is much more subjective comparison and a much less effective way of choosing a mattress. If you have only tested a mattress based on “showroom feel” … then the odds are less than random chance alone (see here) that it will be a suitable choice when you actually sleep on it and if your “target” is a poor choice then so will every other mattress you test that “matches” it.

As you will see in the tutorial post … outside of testing a mattress for PPP one of the most important parts of a mattress purchase is making sure that you are able to find out the quality of all the materials and components in a mattress (particularly the thickness of each foam layer along with the density of any polyfoam or memory foam in the mattress and the type and blend of any latex) so you can identify any weak links and make more meaningful comparisons between mattresses.