Looking for Mattress in Southern Oklahoma

I’m looking into getting a latex mattress. My husband and I have a soft Serta Donald Trump bed. I’m a stomach/side sleeper and my husband is a back sleeper. I would like to get customized firmness mattress but worry that one of us would fall through the crack of the layers.The savy rest mattress looks promising but the closest store is over a 2 hour drive to Dallas.

Hi blondiee712,

I’m not sure where you are exactly in Oklahoma but the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the area around Oklahoma City are in post #2 here.

Montgomery Mattress in Ardmore, OK may also be worth considering if you are further south.

Post #2 here has more about side by side split layers and “falling through the crack” or feeling it at all wouldn’t be an issue with a suitable cover.


I live in Ardmore and I was thinking about going to Montgomery Mattress.Do you know what brands they carry?

Hi blondiee712,

They make their own mattresses and sell them factory direct which is one of the reasons I would consider them (I would tend to avoid most of the “brands” you would recognize or that are heavily advertised). I don’t know the specifics of the mattresses they make outside of the very general information on their website.

Just in case you haven’t read it yet … I would also make sure you’ve read the tutorial post here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices … and know how and why to avoid the worst ones.

There may not be any component type latex mattresses available to you closer than Oklahoma City or Dallas (at least I don’t know of any) but there are certainly a number of online manufacturers that are linked in the tutorial post that make and sell some very high quality/value component latex mattresses with good exchange and/or return policies.


Hi blondiee712,

I took a look around the Ardmore,OK area (within about 50 miles or so) and made some calls and these so far are what I would consider to be the better options or possibilities in the area out of the 15 or so businesses that I looked at. I’ve also listed which brands they carry where you have a better chance of being able to find out the quality of the materials inside their mattresses.

http://www.montgomerymattress.net/ Ardmore, OK. They are a local manufacturer that makes a range of mattresses from latex to two sided innerspring hybrids (using memory foam, polyfoam, and latex) and also carry some Golden mattresses to fill in any gaps in their lineup. They use all high quality materials and none of their mattresses have any weak links or lower quality materials in their design. They have been making mattresses for over 25 years and are doing things right. They are definitely “mattress people” and would be well worth a visit.

http://www.shopallaboutbacks.com/ Ardmore, OK. They carry Pure Latex Bliss Talalay latex mattresses which are good quality and in a “better than average” price range compared to other similar quality mainstream mattresses.

http://www.ardmorefurniture.net/ (Stepp Home Furnishings) Ardmore, OK. Carries a range of Noah mattresses which are made in Houston TX and are higher quality/value mattresses than most of the larger mainstream choices. They will provide any information they can about the materials inside their Noah mattresses.

http://www.bedsdirect-ardmore.com/Home.php Ardmore, OK. They carry mLily (memory foam) and Golden (mostly innersprings) which may both be better quality/value in their budget range. I talked with them and they will also call to find out any information their customers need about the quality of the materials in their mattresses.

http://www.mattressplusmore.com/brands.htm Durant, OK., Denison, TX. Retailer that carries Sleeptronic, Royal Mattress, mLily, and Comfort Solutions. Their website is out of date but they are good people and are focused on “educating” their customers more than “selling” them. They also told me that they would provide any information about the quality of materials inside these brands that are available from the manufacturer.

There are still a couple more that I hope to talk with when I have the chance but these are probably the better choices in the area.