Looking for new latex based bed

Hi All:

The current bed is going on 14 years old, so we decided it was time to replace. This current bed is one of the best beds we have ever slept on, but it’s now starting to be a tad uncomfortable. Fourteen years for an innerspring is definitely a good haul for a mattress, but it was a good brand and we rotated and flipped it regularly.

We started out looking at the typical memory foam beds by the usual candidates, but wasn’t overly excited about them. We started doing research and latex began coming up as an alternative to conventional memory foam.

No different than anyone else on this forum, we started doing our homework to determine what would be a good fit for us. We have been spending a lot of time looking at Flobeds and Plushbeds. We also widened our search to include some recommendations from this forum.

As people that try to read all of the fine print in the broad wording, we noticed that Flobeds no longer has a 10 year warranty but rather a 5 year non-prorated and 15 year prorated warranty; whereas the majority of the competition seems to have a stronger non-prorated warranty. It seems in reading the older posts that at one time Flobed did have a 10 year non-prorated warranty. Does anyone know why they changed their warranty?

We really liked their approach to picking a bed but wanted to understand more about the warranty coverage.



Hi Tealcomp,

You certainly did well and that’s significantly longer (probably double) than the typical life of a mattress that most people would buy from a major manufacturer in today’s market.

They would probably tell you if you asked them but I never have. Most warranties aren’t nearly as important as the quality and durability of the materials in a mattress anyway because they only cover defects in the material and if a mattress has a defect it will usually show up in the first year or two after a purchase (see post #174 here about mattress warranties).

Having said that … their warranty is very unusual because it’s also combined or integrated with a comfort guarantee (which they call their goldilocks guarantee) where you can exchange layers at a subsidized and reduced cost for 20 years (also prorated) so it serves a dual purpose.

You can see their old warranty here and their old 90 day exchange policy is here.

Of course they will be able to tell you more about the reasoning behind the change when you talk with them since they are very open and transparent.