Made it to a Latex Mattress store!


So I made the trip about 50 miles out of Brooklyn to a SleepWorks store and was able to try first hand the different Latex Mattresses they carry. The salesman was very helpful and was more knowledgeable than any person I’ve ever met at Sleepys.

The Mattress that I absolutely love is the Nature Latex Bliss… its a 6" core with a 4" comfort layer for a total of 10"

It also has a mattress cover that is very thin so that you are very close to the latex… very very comfortable.

Here’s the question: the price for a full was quoted at 2,199 for the mattress only which will go on an adjustable bed plus NY state tax its $2,394 a sleep ez 13000 is a total of 1,757.50 with the 5% discount… that a big difference in price!

Could I get a sleep ez mattress to mimic the feel of the one Latex Bliss? Latex Bliss also offers 20 year non prorated warantee vs sleep ez…

Thank you.


I found myself facing the same dilema. I liked the PLB Nutrition. If I follow the specs correctly, the Nutrion and the Nature use the same recipe with the exception of the order. The nutrition simply puts the medium on top for a more firm support.

So PLB or Sleepez was the question that I was faced with. The PLB queen set was $1500 which is an outstanding price. The clincher was my fear of failure down the road. The SleepEZ allows easy open and layer replacement and that is what did it for me. Did I need the 13000? Probably not. Would the 10000 have sufficed? Probably. I wanted the additional height so that we were back up to where we were several sets ago.

See my SleepEZ 13000 Review for my further thoughts on the process.

Hi TD-Max

I actually read your thread earlier today and found it very helpful!

So if may ask did you end up going with the sleep ez regular mattress cover or did you request the non quilted one that they have?

I saw you wrote that you are enjoying you mattress but I’m looking for the WOW factor… the Latex Bliss gave me the WOW factor it was just really amazing… my mattress is horrible (it was the mattress thrown in with the bedroom set my wife bought when we got married) So how would you describe the sleep ez 1-10 (1 bad 10 great) in all the different ways it could be described? do the layers move around…

I bombarding you with questions so allow me to thank you in advance for you help :slight_smile:

Also did you say you were able to buy the 12" Latex Blll in a Queen for $1500? how is that possible? and why didnt you do it with their warantee and all?

Looking forward to you many answers…

Thank you.


Hi aron82e,

I’m not TD-Max of course so I’ll let him answer the question you asked of him but I can add a few thoughts to some of your more generic questions.

[quote]Here’s the question: the price for a full was quoted at 2,199 for the mattress only which will go on an adjustable bed plus NY state tax its $2,394 a sleep ez 13000 is a total of 1,757.50 with the 5% discount… that a big difference in price!

Could I get a sleep ez mattress to mimic the feel of the one Latex Bliss? Latex Bliss also offers 20 year non prorated warantee vs sleep ez…[/quote]

The simple answer is “it depends on the perceptions, body type, and sleeping positions of the person” and for some the answer will be yes and for others the answer will be no.

A mattress design and layering is always the sum of all its parts and components which includes both the type and ILD of the layers and using different layers in terms of thickness and ILD means that any attempt to match another mattress can have variable results that depend as much on the person on the mattress as it does on the similarities between the mattresses themselves. In other words one person may say “this feels and performs exactly the same” while another may say “this is completely different”. There’s more about the different ways of “mattress matching” in the beginning of post #2 here.

In terms of specifics … you can see the specific layering of the PLB nature (new version) and the other models in post #2 here. There are a couple of differences between the Nature and the Nutrition including the order of the layers and the thickness of the layers (the Nutrition has an extra inch of latex in the top two layers).

As you can see … it has a top layer of 2" of Talalay (Talalay GL fast response) in 21 ILD, a second layer of 2" of Talalay of 28 ILD and a bottom layer of 6" of Talalay 36 ILD.

Some of these specific materials and layer thicknesses aren’t offered by SleepEz so you would have to follow an intuitive process to “translate” and “match” the two different designs. SleepEz for example doesn’t offer 28 ILD Talalay or any 2" layers in their 13000 (although you could put the top 2" layer in the 9000 model in the middle) and their top layer is also slightly different in terms of ILD. If you had a thicker 3" middle layer for example you could some what compensate for this by using a firmer material (such as 32) to make up for the extra thickness and this would feel similar to some people but not to others depending on how they sink into each mattress.

So if you are dealing with different layer thickness or different ILD’s then you would need enough experience to be able to intuitively predict to some degree what would be roughly equivalent for each person and no manufacturer would represent that it would feel or perform the same because there would be no way to know for certain unless the layers were duplicated. in terms of the cover … they would be fairly close and there have been some comparisons on the forum that suggested that the SleepEz cover was actually nicer than the PLB.

I should also mention that the quality of the materials in a mattress is much more meaningful than the length of any warranty because warranties don’t cover the reasons that most people need to replace a mattress (the loss of comfort and support that comes from foam softening). A warranty has little to do with how long someone can reasonably expect their mattress to last and is more of a marketing tool than an indication of longevity.

The bottom line is that SleepEz is better value by most people’s standards and they also have more flexibility in terms of making fine tuning adjustments after the purchase but there is no way to know for certain how close a particular layering of the 13000 would feel compared to the Nature except by actually lying on it … although I think it would be reasonable to say that it could be layered in a way that was “similar”.



Thank you for the response.

When you refer to the mattress cover supplied by sleepez are you refering to the quilted cover compared to the non quilted cover provided by PLB?

Also does sleep ez offer a 6" core as an option?

Of all the beds that I tested the top of the line Stearns had the wow factor that likes to seduce me. I know better now and know that they will not last and that the ultra soft beds will not support me for a proper night sleep. I was VERY tempted to do the Bliss as the queen set was $1498, but I’m gunshy about what condition a mattress will be in 5-7 years based on past experience. With the PLB I would be locked into a go/no-go warranty. With the Sleepez I am in control and can take matters into my own hands without the need to go shopping again.

We went with the std cotton/wool cover. The first new mattress I bought was a wool top. Warmer in winter and cooler in summer as claimed.

The SleepEZ doesn’t really have a 6" core, but you could do 2 layers of their Firm and if you are really worried about matching then glue them together. The split layers are undetectable but to be safe I used a full layer of medium to make it absolutely seamless on top.

I should add, the last time I experienced the WOW factor was my first new mattress set which was in 1997-ish and called wool splendor by Restonic. I was literally in tears trying to get comfortable and the first night on the new mattress I giggled. Since then I have been on a 3-5 year cycle. The Restonic has been refurbished and does not work for me any more. Nothing since then has been a wow, but the Sleepez is close. I’m really liking it, but thinking that I could make it just a shade better by swapping out the Ex form middle layer for firm or maybe even just flipping the Ex firm layer over as it seems to have a “harder” surface on the one side.

So if you gave the PLB a 10 in the comfort area… what would you give Sleepez/

And again did you get the thinner cover or the regular quilted cover?

Is the sleep ez quality up to par?

And finnaly where were you able to get the PLB for so cheap? which location?

I think that the Sleepez that I set up is every bit as comfortable as the PLB. The PLB is at Furniture Plus in WI Rapids or Wausau. It is the white top older model, but I seriously doubt that there is much difference.

I went with the cotton/wool quilted cover.

In a manner of speaking, latex is latex when dealing with Latex Int’l

I went with Radium brand latex. My layers are 3" versus 2" for PLB and mine are not glued. The ILD’s are a bit more firm than the PLB, but I don’t think precise ILD numbers are that critical.

I tell ya if she’d let me I’d buy the PLB for a guest bedroom and use my warranty stearns in another. Problem is then I have a perfectly good Twin and Full sets to get rid of. With Grandsons at 3 and 6 months old, having a twin available is handy.

I hear you… sounds like sleep easy was the better choice and being able to swap a layer down the road vs an entire mattress is a huge plus.

I’m seriously thinking of sending Ma down to test the Bliss as the price is outstanding and she could probably use a new bed.

By the way… you mentioned that its the old line of pure latex bliss and I read that they changed up their configurations so just make sure the quality is there…

Hi aron82e,

Both the old line and the new one use the same quality of materials.

Just for reference … the old specs are here and the new specs are here.

There is at least one manufacturer I know of that is still making the old version( see post #12 here.


Word is the East and West Coasts got the new ones but central still has the old ones. I’m not so sure that the new ones are any better anyhow. Mostly marketing hype to keep up with the Jones’s…