Mattress adjustable bed compatibility

My wife and I have been mattress shopping quite a bit lately. The only mattress we’ve found so far where we both agree on the comfort is this one:

We both however want an adjustable bed as well. Is there any way to know the implications of pairing this or any mattress with an adjustable bed?

This dealer doesn’t sell this mattress with an adjustable base option and the sales people are clueless beyond that point.

Is there any way to know that this mattress would work at all in an adjustable foundation?

Is it possible to know if using a thirdparty adjustable foundation instead of the stock foundation would impact the comfort of the mattress at all?


Hi youngm,

An innerspring mattress needs to be specially designed (hinged) to work with an adjustable base and in most cases you would harm the mattress and void the warranty if it is bent. The best mattress for an adjustable base is a mattress with a foam support core (either polyfoam or latex) which can bend with the adjustable base without damaging the mattress or the materials in it.

This is probably because it would not be suitable. The sales people should have been able to tell you why though (most innersprings are not suitable because they are not designed to bend with the base and bending can damage them).

You could phone Aireloom to get specific confirmation of whether it is hinged but unless an innerspring mattress specifically says otherwise … it is always safe to assume that it isn’t suitable.

This would depend on what type of foundation it was being compared to. If the “stock” foundation was a rigid non flex foundation (like the surface of most adjustable bases) then it would be similar. If the foundation that was being compared was a box spring or had some degree of flex … then it would change the feel of the mattress (a more flexible foundation will make the mattress softer).

Hope this helps


Helps tons. I was getting some conflicting reports between the mattress company and the adjustable bed people. You provided a good neutral voice. Thanks Tons!

You mentioned foam mattresses are usually the best in an adjustable bed. Would you go so far as to say that most any foam mattress would work in an adjustable bed? Like this one for example:


Hi youngm,

In most cases yes. While some types of foam are more flexible than others and some of the stiffer firmer foams or thicker mattresses wouldn’t do as well on an adjustable foundation … they are almost all more suitable than an innerspring.

I should also mention though (in case you were thinking of actually purchasing this mattress) that the mattress you linked to has rather poor value and is more than many “all latex” mattresses even though it has only a 3" latex comfort layer and uses polyfoam (a much lower cost material) for the support core.


Thanks Phoenix,

I think I’m much more equipped now to mattress shop today. Now if I can only find a good all latex mattress to try out somewhere. I saw a post you made earlier on places to go for latex mattress shopping in Salt Lake City. Hope I’m able to find something.

Thanks tons,

Hi youngm,

I assume that either post #2 here or post #149 here is the post you meant with Salt Lake City options.

I added one more option to both (Denver mattress which I have often mentioned in the forum but for some reason didn’t include in the either list). You are fortunate because to have some very good choices in the area including some all latex options.