Mattress at Penny Mustard

I have been looking at latex mattress at several stores in Milwaukee, WI and I have have come down to the Chateau at Penny Mustard. I would like to know what you think of it compared to the Ken Michaels mattress. I have Fibromyalgia and Myofascia with a little arthritis/and need a good mattress. need help with this. I am looking for one that is on the firm side becasue I have found that even at 32idl it feels soft so 40 would be good.thank you

Hi ydelle,

The Chateau is a two sided all talalay latex mattress with wool quilting and an organic cover so all the materials inside it are high quality and there are no obvious weak links in the mattress. It’s also two sided which will add to its durability even with a material which is already very long lasting like latex.

If you have tested it for PPP and it works well for you then your own personal testing would be the most accurate way to know its suitability for your needs and preferences.

I don’t know which of the Ken Michaels mattresses you are looking at or the details of the layering inside it so I can’t really make any comments about it. If you could post the layer by layer specs of the mattress I’d be happy to share my thoughts about it.


since this is the most I will have ever spent on a mattress before I have read and read but there isn’t a review out there to go by this is what Milwaukee Mattress(ken Michael) saids on their web site When nothing but the finest will do, our Diamond Series Latex Mattresses feature only the highest quality latex and 100% Joma wool to bring you luxurious comfort for that perfect night’s sleep.
Diamond Series all latex mattresses feature a dual-sided pillow top with all natural latex and 100% Joma wool
Available in a wide range of comfort levels
Construction Features
Quality Talalay latex ranging in firmness level
Reversible mattress for even wear and longer life
Dual-sided pillow top featuring an additional layer of all natural latex and 100% Joma wool

as far as ppp unless I go in my PJs I can not tell. In Milwaukee it seems that they only have Talalay not a mixture of dunlap and Talalay
I f I didn’t get latex what would suggest -I learned that memory foam is warm --I am so confused.

Hi ydelle,

In order to make any meaningful evaluation of a mattress you need to find out (from talking to Ken Michaels) the specific details of every layer and component of a mattress. They should provide this for you. The description you provided is just a general website description and not nearly detailed enough to evaluate the mattress or compare it to other mattresses.

I would start with post #1 here which has the basic information, steps, and guidelines that will help you make the best possible choices … including how to test a mattress more objectively (and I would certainly wear loose clothing but not my pyjamas :)).

Reading reviews is not really mattress research and won’t give you any particularly meaningful information about mattresses you are considering although it may give you some information about the service of different retailers or manufacturers (see post $13 here for more about reviews).