Mattress Decision

My wife and I are looking for a new mattress to replace our Jamison latex that is about 7 years old. We have considered purchasing another latex mattress but are trying to keep the total around 1500 maybe 2000 if possible.

Trying to buy a latex mattress locally in Memphis, TN is not very easy without buying the Sealy Embody or Stearns, which we really do not want to do. A local furniture store has a memory foam mattress by Campbell called Isotonic. It comes with a full 20 year non pro-rated warranty. It can be seen here: - campbellmattressco Resources and Information.

The other mattres that we have been looking at is the same one mentioned in another thread on here is the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress on amazon for 699. This one has no return policy or trial period which makes it tough to buy. Here it is:

We are open to suggestions too. Is it possible to buy a high quality king latex bed with foundation and keep it around 2000? Thanks for any responses.

Hi BigCTM,

Normally a latex mattress will last longer than 7 years (depending on what is over or under the latex which may be the “weak link” of the mattress). I’m curious whether your needs have changed, the mattress has changed, or whether it’s a combination of both. Sometimes … depending on the reason why you are buying a new mattress … a topper rather than a new mattress may be a good solution.

There are unfortunately no local factory direct manufacturers near you that I know of (less than 100 miles) and there are also not a lot of sleep shops that carry alternative brands (which often have better value than the larger brands).

ADDED: The second part of post #2 here includes a local manufacturer in memphis and several local possibilities.

Campbelll Mattress Co is a smaller manufacturer in Cape Girardeau, MO. Their Isotonic uses foams that are made by Carpenter which is a large american foam manufacturer that makes CertiPur cerified foams. The memory foam in this mattress however is a combination of 2.5 lb (very low density/quality) and 4 lb memory foams (middle density/quality). their base foam is Omalon which is a good quality foam but I would want to confirm the density and it should be at least 1.8 lbs. This would or should be a lower budget mattress.

The Ultimate Dreams at Amazon is very qood quality and value mattress. I know the manufacturer and owner and think highly of them. Post #8 here has a few more thoughts on this mattress and a forum search on Ultimate Dreams will bring up other references as well.

In cases where there are not a lot of local options where you are able to find the materials, quality and value that you are looking for, then a purchase from a better online outlet or mattress manufacturer can make a lot of sense. Once you’ve done some local testing to get a sense of what works best for you … then post #21 here includes the manufacturing members of the site which specialize in shipping mattresses across the country. They will work with you to help you customize your choices in different ways and some allow for layer exchanges to further customize your choices after the sale if necessary at a nominal cost.

Some of the better online memory foam choices are in post #12 here.

Based on my research in Memphis and Nashville, it seems that Tennessee in general is a very difficult place to find good quality and value mattresses.

If you have any questions along the way … or if you make any discoveries that may benefit others in the area … feel free to post.


Thanks for the suggestions on the 2 local stores. I am also surprised that this bed has not lasted longer. I have just recently started experiencing back pain on this bed. It is the Comfort Choice latex model by Jamison. I have tried it on both the soft side and the firm side. It seems the sides are lower than the middle. If I lay right in the middle (on both sides), I have more support but that’s not realistic. Maybe it’s because I weigh 250 pounds.

I have been sleeping some nights on a 100.00 aerobed and my back does not hurt. I go back to the Jamison and my back hurts the next morning.

The Ultimate Dreams one sounds hard to beat for the buck. The Campbell one is actually 2000.00 - sounds like it is over priced! The Sealy Meditation Embody feels good but I question how long it will last.

Hi BigCTM,

I was looking at the specs of the Comfort Choice on the Jamison site which strangely enough are exactly the same as the Gemini. This leads me to think there may be some missing layers in the description and you’ve made me curious enough to want to call and talk to Jamison. I know some of the Jamisons have from 1-3" of hypersoft polyfoam in the quilting. All foams get softer faster with greater weight and compression and softer foams also get softer faster than firmer foams (there is more mechanical wear from compressing more deeply) but it still seems to me that this is on the short side. It’s also possible that it is all natural talalay which is a little less durable than blended in the lower ILD’s.

The Ultimate Dreams is a very good value. The risk is that it’s an unknown in terms of how it may feel to any particular individual but it is very similar to some of the Jamisons (latex over poly) that are a lot more and they do have the advantage of being able to choose the ILD of the comfort layer when you order. I would probably go firmer than the Jamison you currently have mainly because you are heavier and it’s likely that it would help with alignment a little more (which is usually the cause of back issues). I’m assuming the pain is lower back?

The Sealy Embody Meditation is actually one of their better efforts. It uses mostly synthetic Dunlop “smart latex” which means it has a form of zoning with softer and firmer areas. I’m not a fan of synthetic Dunlop and I think it’s inferior (and certainly cheaper) than natural Dunlop in terms of durability and comfort but the zoning can help and it’s still better than many other foams. It doesn’t have any polyfoam over the latex which is unusual for the “S” brands. The biggest issue is the price they charge for 4" (in the meditation) of lower priced latex over HD polyfoam. Having said that … if the price was right it may be a reasonable option if it tests as being suitable for you and you are hesitant about buying online.

I hesitate to go here because you never know where these mattresses really come from and I’m not a fan of liquidation outlets but there are several latex mattresses here including a king size meditation and a Pure Latex Bliss (looks like the Beautiful model) which are selling for good prices (if you are willing to take the risk of buying a mattress where you don’t know exactly where it’s been).

I also didn’t answer your question from before about a latex mattress in King size with foundation for under $2000. That may be a little tricky for a mattress that is suitable for your weight (which can benefit from a little extra thickness) but in an 8" or 9" configuration with all latex then it’s “just” possible from a couple of the online manufacturers listed in the last reply. With latex over polyfoam then of course it’s easily possible.

I’ll post here if I find anything further about the Jamisons.


The pain is in the lower back. I am not going to purchase from Crazy Mike’s for the same concerns you mentioned. Plus I heard that it’s an outlet for Mattress Firm, which is a total scam.

I can get the Meditation online for around 2000 delivered with box springs. Locally would probably be higher.

I will be making a decision soon. I have also looked at and saatva (I know they are innerspring but all the reviews seem positive). Thanks for your help.

I am seriously considering getting the 100% all natural Talalay Latex mattress from I read your comparison with plushbeds and this company sounds like thye make an excellent bang for the buck mattress. I can upgrade the topper to 3" in a 28 ILD that would be good for me. The quality seems good and the price is right. It comes out to a little over 2000 including shipping with the 100% talalay latex mattress in a king with bamboo cover and the foundation and 2 Talalay pillows.

I have looked into them quite extensively and have read the forum post that was written about the company and they seem to be a great company, I was emailed back very quickly by the CEO about a question that i asked about the mattress. I was told the ILD was between 30-50 depending on the comfort mattress chosen. I was wondering if you have ever looked into the poly foam provider, off-gassing or have found out how the comfort layers may hold up over time. I am looking for a mattress in their general price range and they look great for the price and for what the product features. Anything more would be helpful.
Thank you

Hi Themattressman,

I switched your post and my previous comments to a new Saatva thread (to keep them together and for easier reference) and also updated my previous comments in the first post of this thread which would still apply as far as my opinions of the relative quality and value of their mattresses.

Comfort specs of the polyfoam (such as ILD) or individual layers are not as helpful without a reference point based on your personal testing with similar combinations of materials because all the layers interact together. Their general firmness descriptions would probably be a better way to make a selection than the “specs” of individual parts of the mattress.

While they may be better value than some of the mattresses they are comparing themselves to (which are all significantly overpriced anyway) and their comparisons are also somewhat misleading, they don’t compare nearly as well to other better quality and value mattresses that are also available.


What would be the a better alternative in terms of value?

Hi Themattressman,

That’s a pretty broad question and it would depend on exactly what you were looking for because there would be hundreds or perhaps thousands of mattresses that have better value.

You can see here that Leggett & Platt, one of the major manufacturers of microcoils that are used in mattresses (and these are higher quality than is used in the Saatva) promotes them to their customers (the mattress manufacturers) as being less expensive than specialty layers (like latex and memory foam).

If you are committed to using microcoils in your mattress and are only looking at this component as an option … then all of these are examples of microcoil mattresses from a single factory direct manufacturer out of (many manufacturers across the country that make them) that uses much higher quality components in every layer of their microcoil mattresses (click on the mattresses and then click on details to see what is in them) and have much better value.

An example of even higher quality “microcoil” mattresses that use even better quality components and also have much better value is here.

An example of a larger manufacturer (Restonic) that makes one that uses lower quality materials (like the Saatva) and has better value is here.

Of course I could spend all day looking for many more specific examples but hopefully you have the idea of why I wrote what I did and why I didn’t think so highly of the Saatva or in particular some of the information on their site.

Comparing mattresses by materials instead of “marketing stories” and finding manufacturers and better outlets that make this easy is always the simplest and most effective way to find the best quality and value in a mattress.


Thank you for all the information, and time taken to respond. I am looking at both Parklane and Rocky Mountain as options, I am just having trouble deciding on a model and type of mattress. I am a recently separated Army veteran and so is my significant other so beds have been a number of surfaces in the past. We want a combo sleeping mattress, soft yet supportive. Also does Parklane offer any discount as being a forum member?

Hi Themattressman,

Parklane is a member of this site and would be a great choice if you were local to them. They don’t offer a discount to forum members but a “bonus” instead. I used them as an example of the types of mattress you were asking about because I knew that they made them. Rocky Mountain mattress is also a member of the site that specializes in online purchases and has the knowledge and experience to help their customers make good choices based on “averages” of people who have similar body types and sleeping styles. They offer a 5% discount to forum members. The list of manufacturing and retail members of the site, which ones focus on local purchases and which on national purchases and the bonus/discount they offer is here.

Generally though … the “best” first step is to do some local testing to get a sense of the types of mattresses and materials you prefer. In many cases there may be local value that is equivalent to what is available online (in which case you have the ability to test the actual mattress you end up buying which is less risky). In other cases … local testing can give you a set of guidelines about which type of mattress purchase online may work best for you and help the online outlet to help you more effectively.

If you let me know the city or zip you live … I’d be happy to let you know of any better manufacturers or outlets I’m aware of that are close to you.


06010, Central CT

I really like the parklane company and products, but can’t justify the shipping expense.

Hi Themattressman,

Posts #2 and #4 in here has a list of factory direct manufacturers that are close to you. A look at their sites shows that at least two of them make microcoil mattresses (Sigma and Flybynight which sells the Berkeley ergonomics I linked earlier) and some of the others may as well (a few quick calls will find out). They would also give you the chance to test this type of component against other options to see how it feels for you in “real life”.

You have some very good options available to you within reasonable driving distance :slight_smile:


I bought a Saatava “Luxury Firm” less than two weeks ago. I also bought all the “HYPE”. I am a side-sleeper, 6’ 265 lbs. Their website recommended the “Luxury Firm” for side sleepers. I am already “bottoming-out” where my hip contacts the mattress. I have pressure-point soreness on my hip every morning. There is a definite cavity in the middle of the mattress. They said it was made for overweight people. I wish I had read Consumer Report before my purchase. In the last two days I have read about what a nightmare it is to get some sort of satisfaction from these people. I should have spent more and went with the FIG mattress company. Well, now I too must try to get some satisfaction from this company. I will keep you informed.


Not-happy / but wiser

Hi Dr_Matheus1 … or should I say “Not-happy / but wiser”

Welcome to our Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

I am sorry to hear that you’ve been having issues with your new Saatva “Luxury Firm” mattress and are lacking pressure point relief around the hip area when on your side. Having a “cavity” in the mattress within the first two weeks of owning it makes me think that you either have a defective mattress or that you may have some issues with the frame and support system under your mattress … whenever someone comments about a mattress having a “cavity” or sag, I always suggest a “ground up” assessment to make sure that there is nothing under the mattress that may be contributing to a premature sag within the mattress and that your support system is perfectly flat and that there is no bending under the weight of the mattress and the people sleeping on it. It should provide similar support to having your mattress on the floor and you can test this by putting your mattress on the floor to see if it makes any difference. If it does then it’s possible that your support system could be part of the problem as well. If it turns out that the “cavity” is foundation related than I’d give the mattress a little more time to “break-in” and lose some of its “false firmness” and for you to lose some of the “learned alignment” from your old mattress. I’d keep in mind that the process of adjustment may take longer or shorter but a few up to 30 days is fairly normal … for you to adjust to the new mattress and for the mattress to adjust to you.

If after covering all your basis and allowing for the break-in you still find the mattress uncomfortable then at least you were “wise” enough to select something that you can return. If you decide to keep it for the entire 120 days trial period, I’d make sure to document everything and take a few pictures and measurements of the “cavity” and get familiar with their return/exchange/warranties policies. Keep in mind that warranties only cover manufacturing defects and don’t cover foam softening or “virtual impressions” and the gradual loss of comfort and support under the heavier parts of the body over time which is the most likely reason that you would need to replace a mattress.

Keep us posted on your progress and I’ll be interested in learning about the cause of the mattress “cavity” and if you decided to give the mattress a bit more time to allow for any break in and the adjustment period.


Hi all, this might be slightly off topic but I’m in the market for a new hybrid mattress and was wondering if anyone has compared the Saatva Classic luxury firm to the Logan & Cove Luxury firm… I had purchased a Silk n Snow hybrid mattress based on reviews but after two months, my girlfriend and I noticed certain noise coming from the pocket coils if we pushed in the mattress in certain areas, so we decided to return the mattress since we weren’t convinced by the QC and durability… Any advice would be very helpful.

FYI L&C’s material breakdown are as follows:
The Logan&Cove has the following foam layers with the corresponding densities to each layer:

Layer 1: 3/4" cooling gel foam- 1.8lbs

Layer 2: 1/2" Memory foam 1.5lbs

Layer 3: 1" Cooling gel foam 2.5lbs

Layer 4: 1" Memory foam 1.5lbs

Layer 5: 2" Memory foam 1.5lbs

Layer 6: 8" pocket Coils

I’m 5’10" and weigh about 180lbs and my girlfriend is 5’4" and about 120lbs

Hi Everyone!

I am a twice over Saatva mattress owner.

I bought my first Saatva approx. 10 years ago. It barely held up for five years until I was getting severe back pain. For some odd reason, I decided to stick to their brand, but go for the more expensive brand they were pushing whose name I forget at the moment, but I currently sleep on.

Now after another approx. 5 years, my mattress is giving me aches all over my body.

These Saatva mattresses just do not hold up over the long-term.

I am now looking to replace it and will probably go with Leesa or Casper’s top-of-the-line hybrid mattress.

Thanks for your feedback and review, will help me narrow down my choices down to Logan & Cove (Novosbed) and Haven 14" Lux soft… I’ve found that sleeopolis’ reviews are quite helpful except there’s no info availableon the durability of these hybrid mattresses