Mattress Firm returns?

Hi. I wonder if you have any advice. I purchased a mattress from Mattress Firm about 3 months ago and within a few weeks it was obvious there was a dip in the middle of the bed. I was able to exchange, really upgrade it, same mattress brand, and have the old one taken away. Following their policy. This second one is also developing a dip in the middle and when I sent pictures in they said it didn’t meet warranty criteria. Am I just stuck with this mattress now? Ug, I don’t know what to do and I can’t sleep on it without getting stuck in the middle of it. And I’m not a heavy person, I weigh under 115 lbs. Any advice you might have would be great. Thank you. Ida

Hi Idael,

Sorry to hear neither of your new mattresses from
Mattress Firm met your satisfaction. They have a 120 night sleep trial, but it appears their returns and warranty claims are handled differently for each brand, as they are a retail outlet carrying many different manufacturers’ mattresses. In recent years there is also the question of disposal, as most companies do not accept returned mattresses and usually request you donate them instead.

Many companies have very stringent return policies in that they require a certain measurement of ‘sag’ - some of them up to several inches which would be quite uncomfortable to the sleeper.

Can you provide which model you purchased, as well as your Stats (Height, weight, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions)? We can try to assess the mattress you upgraded to to see if we can identify where the mattress is ‘failing’

~ Basilio

Hi. Thank you for accepting my post and responding.
I upgraded to a Sealy Posturepedic Plus Opportune 2.
I am 5’ tall and weigh about 110. I sleep in all positions, start on my back and migrate to side and stomach.
No underlying health conditions.
I can’t figure out why this would happen twice, and I totally understand that companies have to have good policies for returns.
And you are also right that a few inches of sag would be quite uncomfortable for a sleeper.
Thanks again for any thoughts.

Hi Idael,

That’s terrible that you’ve had a poor experience with 2 Sealy mattresses in a row from Mattress Firm! At your low BMI, there’s no reason the foam should be developing a noticeable sag in a few months. I took a look at the Sealy Opportune II:

ComfortLoft Knit Cover
SealySupport Gel Foam
Response Pro HD encased coils

The lack of info on density of any of the foams causes concern; just to compare, we suggest any foam in a potential mattress has no more than an inch or so of lower grade foams (for memory foam no lower than 4 lbs/cuft for normal range weights, and 5lbs/cuft for higher range weights) and if polyfoam is used, with at least 1.8 lbs/cuft density, just to ensure you have support. Again, with your low BMI you should not have noticeable sag in the mattress in such a short period of time.

Keep in mind any mattress you choose will be based on your Stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions), and your PPP (Posture & alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). You may want to take a look at the Mattress Specifications You Need To Know and see how they compare to the Mattress Durability Guidelines. With your lower BMI, any sufficiently dense quality memory or gel memory foam should be durable enough to retain its comfort level for quite some time.

You also might want to read our Mattress Shopping Tutorial to avoid the same pitfalls with mattress retailers in the future.

As for solutions…you may want to see if you can sell or donate the mattress locally if you aren’t able to comfortably sleep on it; we also have Sell/Buy and Donate/Recycle threads here on the forum. It’s possible you could use a mattress topper to provide a more supportive top comfort level - although depending on the severity of the sag, this may not be effective, or at best provide a ‘band aid’ solution.

Finally, if you are considering online ordering, you may want to review the offerings of the Trusted Members of the site, who all offer quality sleep solutions with transparency in their materials and components, excellent customer support and generous exchange and return policies.

Sorry you’ve had 2 ‘dud’ mattresses in a row, but at least going forward you can have more awareness of what to look for and avoid. Remember, the best consumer is an informed consumer!

~ Basilio

Thank you. I spent close to two years researching buying a mattress online then gave up and went to Mattress Firm. I couldn’t really decide which company I wanted to buy from online because they all seemed so similar and you can’t try them.
I just gave up and bought something from the store that I could try. Now I know that wasn’t the right solution for me.
The thought of donating it is something I’d consider, except then I’m out about $1600. I’d consider selling except I’d feel bad selling the sagging mattress to someone else (same with donating). And throwing it out? Don’t want to do that either.

It’s just all so confusing and disheartening. Buying a mattress is hard and I get that returns aren’t the easiest for reasons spoken to above.
Thank you.

Amazingly Mattress Firm is allowing me to change the mattress one more time. Does anyone have a suggestion which mattress I should look at in the $1500 or less range? Innerspring. Not Sealy. I prefer to sleep on top of the mattress, not sink into it. I’m petite. 5’ and about 115 lbs. I am a mixed sleeper. Thank you!