Mattress for Heavier Sleepers

Just trying to find some options here. We are both on the 200+ side (I’m approaching 300) and would like to find a nice mattress to sleep on. We are in Ontario, and it looks like I can really only shop online for mattresses for us. Any ideas out there?

Hi Nyx,
Thank you for reaching out to us for your comfort needs. Based on your weight and sleeping style here’s what we suggest for side sleepers. A customizable 12" Organic dunlop Presto made made with a solid 6" core in firm 40 ILD for orthopedic support and 3 x 2" transition and comfort layers. Here’s a few examples of what we suggest.

Why choose a customizable mattress:
Each latex layer has a distinct firmness and density. You can easily customize your firmness and support needs, by simply unzipping the top cover and rearranging the top 3 layers as you like (the whole process takes less than 5 minutes). This allows you to tweak your comfort, to a high degree of satisfaction. If ever you need further customization, our 120 Day Comfort Guarantee allows you to exchange up to 2 layers for greater fine tuning. We believe that these customization options are the only way to find the balance of comfort and support that work for your unique sleep style.

This 12" mattress is not yet available on our website, but we are working to add it soon. Please contact us if you have any other questions about this custom mattress.

N.B. It’s important to note, that the suggestions above are based on our experience working with customers with similar weights and sleeping styles, but in the end it depends on your preferences. It sounds like you have already started doing some research; if you have not done so you may want to look at the - Mattress Shopping Tutorial as well as The Mattress Specifications You Need To Know and the Mattress Durability Guidelines to get an idea of what to look for in a new mattress and what different components and materials to review and how these hold up over time.

Mario :wink: