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Hi Everyone,

I am now officially done with the topper search and moving onto a Mattress search. After peeking around a bit in the forums I’m going to test out the OriginalMattress Serenity (memory foam) and OriginalMattress (talalay latex).

Outside of those two for starters can I get any recommendations on specific mattresses (latex or memory foam)locally in the Minneapolis area or places just to check out?


Hi BowtothePhoenix,

I still have to laugh every time I type your username :slight_smile:

In any case … post #182 here includes the three factory direct manufacturers in the general Minneapolis/St Paul area and post #2 here includes these same three and a few of the local retail outlets that may provide some of the better “local value”.

As an aside … it still may be a useful idea to add a “lifting component” under the mattress soft spot (and check on some of the other possibilities in the post I linked to such as the foundation) just to see if it helps at all because the information you get from this may be helpful in your mattress search as well (it would indicate the importance of a suitable firmness in your support layers but more than anything highlight the effect of comfort layers that were too thick and soft for your body type and sleeping style).


Excellent! Thanks for the help Phoenix. Funny I used to live in AZ. Scottsdale for a year…

Anyway, I’ve found out that Pure Bliss Latex resells out of Becker Furniture World here in the Minneapolis Area so I’m going to check out those beds as well.

So, mission this weekend is to test mattresses at Becker and OMF. I’ll let you know my testing results and likely ask more questions.


Hi BowtothePhoenix,

I usually include a local outlet in my “lists” that offer the PLB if there is one close by because they are very high quality talalay latex mattresses which can be great for testing the feel of different layerings. While they can sometimes represent better than average “local value” compared to other high quality mattresses in some areas they may not be the best “value” available compared to some of the better factory direct outlets or online choices. You can find these by going to the PLB retail locator on their site and entering zip code.

For some reason I didn’t include PLB in the Minneapolis list so I’ve “corrected” the oversight. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. There are actually a couple of outlets that carry them (Gabberts Design Studio and Becks).

I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences.


A bit of an update for you Phoenix. Only Gabbert’s in the Minneapolis area stocks the Pure Bliss line. However, in the greater metro Becker furniture also has the Pure Bliss line. Long story short my gal and I tried all the lines I fell in love with the Beautiful, she fell in love with the World’s best with the pure bliss box springs the ones with topper on the box springs. That bed felt good but I was worried about the longevity of the world vs the beautiful which felt just perfect.

So, prices were crazy high for both models and we were to only buy a king. For whatever reason a closeout on the World’s Best lead us to the final decision. Makes the gal happy and I’m ok with it. We got the Worlds best in a king + the pure bliss box springs with topper in the box spring for $2300. Couldn’t pass on it our budget was $3000 so there you have it. I’ll report back in 6 months to a year.

Thanks again for all the help.

Bow! to the Phoenix… :wink:

Hi BowtothePhoenix,

Wow! That’s amazing. You did really well and that’s their top of the line model.

Congratulations on your new mattress … you certainly got a great price and I’m looking forward to your report down the line.

Happy sleeping :slight_smile: