mattress not able to stand on side?

Hello all! New to the forum and wish I had found the site before I purchased my mattress!
My beautyrest glover park firm king mattress is delivered today and I was surprised to see that when the deliver guy tried to pull it out from the truck, it cannot stand still vertically at all. When he tried to move the mattress away from something blocking the way in the truck, the mattress was easily bending, or even folding (bending almost 90 degrees). So I asked to stand the mattress in the truck vertically against the wall, I did not feel it can hold its shape well. I bought a firm mattress!
Never had a King mattress before but my old full and queen can both stand on their side without changing much shape. So I am wondering is this normal with a bigger King mattress? Those who have a king mattress, especially innerspring or beauty rest, does your mattress stand still vertically? Appreciate the help!
BTW I bought the mattress because of consumer report. But not sure if I got a defective one.

Hi sunbird,

Different types of mattresses will have different levels of “rigidity” depending a lot on the materials that are inside them … especially the support system. The glover park has a pocket coil that is surrounded with a foam border and has polyfoam on top and it’s completely normal that this type of design is “floppy” … especially in a king size. Other types of innersprings where the individual coils are attached to each other with helical wire or that have a border rod that doesn’t bend as easily are much more “rigid” and can stand on their sides. This has nothing to do with the firmness of the mattress when you lie on it but is just a normal part of any mattress that has these types of components.

A latex mattress for example would be even more floppy even in it’s firmest versions and is like carrying a very heavy bag of firm jello (it would be even heavier and floppier than the mattress you have).

This is completely normal for this type of mattress and has nothing to do with its ability to hold its shape.

Consumer reports is one of the “worst” mattress reports that I’ve ever seen and they do an incredibly poor job helping consumers make an informed mattress choice (see this video and this thread for more about CR).


Hi Phoenix,
Thanks a lot for the quick response! Unfortunately I am one of the customers got mislead by consumer report! But at least it is good to know “floppy” is normal.
So do you or anybody else here happen to know this glover park firm pillowtop mattress a little more? Is it a good product? I don’t seem to be able to find any foam information. There are quite some negative reviews claiming quick body impression. I was comforting myself by thinking more angry customers tend to write reviews online than happy customers. I refused the delivery thought it was defective and they are going to deliver another one. Should I just return it and go find something else? I was happy that I was able to get the price down to a little less than $600 but now it seem to be a bad choice no matter how much I paid for it.

Oh I am 5’1 115lbs, normal shape, side and back sleeper. Husband 6’1 and 190lbs. Normal shape mostly side sleeper. I read your mattress buying guide and looks like the firmness and thickness is about right. (We like firm)

Again appreciate your help!

Hi sunbird,

The only way to assess any mattress in terms of quality and value is to know the details of all the layers and components inside it. Unfortunately the major manufacturers (including Simmons) don’t disclose this information so when you purchase one of their mattresses you are making a completely blind purchase. if you do happen to be able to find out the specifics of the quality of their materials … in most cases you will find they use lower quality materials and sell for higher prices than similar mattresses made by smaller independent manufacturers across the country. As you can see in post #1 here (which includes all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choices) I would always avoid a blind purchase where there is no way for you to know the quality or value of what you are buying. You can’t feel the quality of the materials inside a mattress in a showroom and lower density/quality foams will soften and impress more and more quickly than higher quality foams.

Only you can decide this but I’m happy to provide you with all the information and guidelines you need to make the most informed decisions. I can tell you that I personally wouldn’t purchase a mattress where there was no way to make meaningful quality or value comparisons with other mattresses because for me the risk would be too high but each person may use different criteria for their personal value equation.

The only way to know if it was a good choice would be to have the information you need to assess its quality and value and be able to make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses and unfortunately the information you need isn’t available. I can also tell you that price is not a good indicator of quality and that negotiating a “good price” (see post #6 here) may not always be what you believe it is.

There are too many variables and unknowns to use height and weight and the specs of a mattress to make the most suitable choice based on “theory” (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here). The guidelines are more generic and not specific to any individual and meant to give you some insights into different types and designs of mattresses and some of the concepts that can help you make a good choice. Your own careful and objective personal testing (using the mattress testing guidelines) and ultimately your own long term experience on the mattress is the most reliable way to know which mattress is most suitable for you. In addition to this … Simmons also doesn’t provide any of the “comfort specs” of their mattress so personal testing is the only possible way to evaluate the mattress in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) and of course this still doesn’t deal with the quality of the materials and how long the mattress will maintain its comfort and support which is the reason you are buying it in the first place. i would also keep in mind that the biggest reason a mattress needs to be replaced is the loss of comfort and/or support and that neither of these are covered by warranty (see post #174 here).

I would treat any blind purchase as “buyer beware”.