Mattress protector from Sleep zzz

I’ve read the multiple comments dating back several years for mattress protectors and feel I have enough information for a purchase. The information on TMU helped me put together my personal wishlist.
My wishlist for a mattress protector is as follows:
-minimal to zero affect on the feel of my Flexus Comfort QUADRA-Flex latex hybrid mattress
-no crinkling sound or
-no “drum effect” by being too small
-safe fabric
-easy care when washing/drying
-value priced without compromising quality and performance

I found the Sleep Zzz Tencel comfort cooling mattress protector that seems to check all of my boxes. However I didn’t see any comments on this specific protector when searching the TMU site.
Can anyone comment on their personal experience with this mattress protector?
Here’s the link:

Hi @phb ,

The check list is super helpful - great job in determining that!
I just wanted to point out that generally speaking, protectors that are waterproof will contain a plastic-type liner which is what prevents liquids from coming through. Although this is the most effective way at keeping out spills or accidents, it will likely effect the way your body interacts with the mattress.

If your number one goal is to maintain it’s feel, while providing a protective layer on your mattress, you may want to consider an organic cotton fabric (some are made thick enough to absorb bodily fluids and oils), or a washable wool filled protector.

If you have small children or animals in the bed, or are frequent to accidents, than of course a waterproof option may still be the best choice. If you are mostly protecting your mattress from natural body sweat or occasional accidents, you can probably consider something that is a bit more breathable and soft.

There are lots of resources and knowledgeable people here - the best of luck in your search!

Laura ~ Founder & CEO. Sunshine Mattress Co

Thank you for your suggestions Laura!

I ended up choosing a more expensive protector. I purchased the Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector mainly for the stretch knit fabric, waterproof protection, safe organic materials and they claim it’s very thin and doesn’t affect the feel of your mattress. It has a 3-layer system that consists of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton top and bottom with an ultra-thin waterproof layer in the center. They also commit to it be very quiet and non crinkling.