Mattress protectors?

Hi guys

So I’m now the proud owner of an organic latex hybrid bed from the Natural Mattress Store here in SF. Absolutely adore it…I haven’t slept so well…well, ever!

So my wife insists we put something on the mattress to protect it and had some kind of mattress protector from our old bed, I’m sure it is some standard wal-mart/target kind of thing. I was resistent becuase I feared it would take that ‘cooling’ and nice latex bounce a little out of the picture and honestly it kind of does. It dampens it which really sucks.

Is this normal that protectors do this or is this a sign of bad quality or materials? Is there recommended protectors out there? We have a couple cats and we wont to protect the mattress against anything but at the same time, dont’ want to lose the luxury of it.


Hi kainen 1,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

The choice of mattress protector really involves a series of tradeoffs between breathability/temperature, level of water resistance, and how much it will affect the layers below it. The most common choices are a thinner wool protector like the Dormeir which is water resistant, very breathable, and fairly thin and stretchy or one of the thinner “membrane” types which is more water resistant (waterproof), less breathable, and thinner so can affect the mattress less.

A “title” search (searching title names only in the forum search) on “protect” or on “cover” will bring up lots of information about your many different options and choices.