Mattress question for Phoenix - Latex or Pocketed Coils

Hey Phoenix,

I had wrote you a while back about my $4,500 Allura Temper Pedic softening. Well after 2 years they gave me a replacement. A year later I am still not happy, so I am in the market again.

I recently visited my two local factory outlets you told me about (Yankee Mattress and Sigma Mattress). It seems both are trying to push the pocketed coil systems.

While I like the thought of them I seem to be lured by latex. So at this point I am in pickle about either an ALL LATEX mattress or pocketed coils with a latex layer on top.

I want the system that will provide the best longevity. The system that will soften or sag the least over time. i like the pressure relief of the temper pedic but I dont like the sinking in feeling. I want the mattress to push back and support me not sink in. i like the bouyont feeling.

I plan on selling my Allura to my sister for $1,000. I will keep the boxsprings to use with my next bed. Will these Temper pedic boxsprings work with my above two options?

Also, I believe I want to go with a medium to firm feel. I was looking at foamsweetfoam and habitat, are these good online retailers? Do you recommend someone better or should I also look at someone else? Like I said I want the best materials. I also like how you can unzip and change layers.

Also, I am 6 feet and 205lbs and more of a side sleeper. I like that luxury plush comfort layer but with good firm support.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

Hi Yianni54,

You can read more of my thoughts about the differences between an innerspring and latex used as a support system in post #2 here but in essence it boils down to personal preference. The weak link of a mattress is generally in the upper layers in most cases and the deeper support layers (such as an innerspring or latex) are generally not the layer that softens and both could be a good durablity choice. There are many versions of both though so making sure that the support core you use (in combination with the comfort layer) is suitable for your body type and sleeping positions and that the comfort layers are a very durable material is important. I wouldn’t frame the choice as “better or worse” either in performance or durability terms but just as a matter of “different”. Post #12 here may also be worth reading.

One other factor that will affect the longevity of a mattress that is unique to each person is that you choose a mattress that if anything is a little on the firm side then the softening of materials won’t take you out of the “range” of your pressure relief and alignment needs as quickly as a mattress that is already on the verge of being too soft (again either in support/alignment or comfort terms). The loss of comfort and support from the change in softness/firmness of the materials in it is not a warranty issue because warranties only cover permanent sags when there is no weight on the mattress … not the sags that come from softening in actual use.

I think highly of Foam Sweet Foam (along with the online merchants and manufacturers that are members here, are listed in post #21 here, and represent some of the the best quality, value and service in the country) but Habitat is not close to being among the best value IMO. There was a poster yesterday (kaybay) that asked about the same two companies and my response to them here and the links I included would be the same as I would reply to you.


Thanks Phoenix! I will look a little more into pocket coil with latex on top.

As for all latex, Sleepez or Foamsweetfoam? Which do you like and why?

I also am intrigued by Custom sleep design.

Hi yiannia54,

[quote]As for all latex, Sleepez or Foamsweetfoam? Which do you like and why?

I also am intrigued by Custom sleep design. [/quote]

The role of the site is to help you eliminate all the worst choices so you have final choices that are all between “good and good”. Once you have reached this point (which you have) then it’s time for me to step out of the way so that you can evaluate all the objective, subjective, and intangible differences between them that are most important to you and part of your own personal value equation.

The process I would follow is to talk with each of them on the phone and narrow down your choice to a single mattress with each. Once you have done this then the last step is to compare them based on all the things that are more or less important to you.

My goal in other words is to help people reach a point where their final choices are all so good in terms of quality, value, and service that making a final choice between them is difficult … but where any choice would be great.

It would be tough to make a “bad” choice between any of these but they have different options, prices, and features and at this stage nobody else (especially me) can make your final choice for you and “better” is all about which one is “better for you”.