Mattress Recommendation - 39M, Active and Fit, but with Spine Issues

Hello TMU!
Looking for mattress recommendations to make purchase as soon as possible.

Current Mattress is a 2018 Helix Nightfall Hybrid. It has lost its support and dips way too much in the middle when lying on it and waking up with pain in mid back through lumbar to hips. The first 3 years of sleeping on it I was 275 lbs and am now 200 lbs.

I have read the mattress buying guide and done some in store testing and am leaning toward a soft/medium over firm pocket coil core. Spinal alignment is critical for me.

I’m looking for a Queen. While I want a quality mattress that provides me the support and comfort I need, it only needs to be solid for a few years as I hope to be in a larger place in 2 years that can accommodate a King. My budget top end is $2k, but would prefer to stay closer to $1k, again durability not a critical factor.

I am not opposed to DIY, if that is a better solution for me.

I sleep solo (but still want a bed that works well for partner activities :wink:

My profile: 39 y.o., Male. 200lbs, 5’9”, BMI an even 20. I work out (HIIT) and lift weights regularly and live a very active lifestyle.

I am a combination sleeper – Back 50%, Side 25%, Stomach 25%.

I do have spinal alignment issues, chronic lumbar and thoracic pain, and radiculopathy in my hands and feet. I have a spine fusion from T10-L2, degeneration/herniation and spinal canal narrowing T6-T10 and L4-S1. I also have sciatica.

I like firm support but a softer/medium top layer for comfort. I like the feel of sinking in that alleviates pressure points in hips but don’t like when it is difficult to rollover or move as supine body rotation can be a challenge at times. Must have excellent edge support.

Should I consider zone support or should soft/medium over firm suffice?

I do not sleep hot, so cooler materials are not really a factor for me.

I recently spent a week in a Marriott Courtyard and slept great (much better than my bed at home) on a Simmons Beautyrest Hyde Park Plush. Woke up with no back pain or stiffness.

Also need suggestions on a solid bed base/foundation to go with the new mattress (under $500) and pillows.

Let me know if more specifics or details are needed to help guide me.

Thank you and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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Hi Winchy03 and welcome to the forums! You might want to consider the Luxerion Hybrid by Latex Mattress Factory - Luxerion Hybrid Latex Mattress – Latex Mattress Factory

It’s an outstanding value at $979 and it comes with 2 free queen sized shredded latex pillows, which are adjustable. So if you get the pillows and they’re too thick or too firm for you, you can unzip the cover and pull out latex shreds to make it as soft and thin as you’d like. You can pair this with our wood foundation at $299 for a total of $1278 with no charge for shipping or sales tax. If you use the coupon code MUG at checkout, it will reduce the price down to $1214.10. Ironwood Mattress Foundation – Latex Mattress Factory

You can use the foundation with a standard metal bed frame like this one - Adjustable Metal Bed Frame With Center Support & Glides - Brookside : Target and still be well under your $2K budget.

The Hybrid is made with 3" of soft Talalay over 6" coils that are similar in firmness to 6" of firm Dunlop latex, which fits well with your desire for a softer top but very supportive core. The top 3” of Talalay latex should ensure you get all the contour and pressure relief needed to avoid any hip pain or shoulder pain. This layer will also provide the secondary support needed to help avoid back pain. Secondary support is needed to fill in the gaps between your body and the mattress – back sleepers normally need secondary support to fill in the gaps between the small of their back and the mattress; side sleepers normally need secondary support to fill in the gaps between their mid-section and the mattress. If these parts of a person’s body aren’t supported by the mattress, their muscles will work throughout the night to hold these parts of the body up, and by the time they wake up they’ve got back pain. So the top 3” of soft latex will provide contour, pressure relief, and secondary support. The core of the mattress will provide all the primary support needed to maintain proper spinal alignment and avoid back pain. The Hybrid also has enhanced edge support, so no worries there! You should’ve have ANY issues moving around on the mattress, you’ll definitely be more on top of the mattress than in the mattress.

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Thank you for the response and recommendation.
I had assumed that my current Helix Nightfall had a sealed mattress cover, but surprisingly, it is zippered and I took it off last night to look at the component layers. So now I think I would like to try some DIY mattress surgery by peeling off the foam comfort layers and replacing with a talalay latex layer on top of the pocket coils. Then if the mattress is still not meeting my needs, I can continue a full DIY with 1 layer already purchased.
I will need a 3" latex layer to replace the 3" of foam I will peel off. Which ILD do you think I should go with my 8" pocket coils and would blended or natural be the better option?
Should I consider doing 2 x 2" latex layers of different ILD? (This would require buying a 13" mattress cover instead of using the existing 12", or I could take off the 1" support foam underneath the current pocket coil layer)
I did test out some more latex beds at the Natural Sleep Store in Denver this week and really liked the support and comfort of the Suite Sleep Portfolio 3" soft over 2" medium over 6" firm Suite Portfolio Organic Luxury Mattress | Suite Sleep (exact ILD not known).