Mattress size

Hi, I want to upgrade my current mattress, and I want to get a king size one. I am afraid that it will be too big if I want to buy a house and move out within 3 years. Should I get a queen size one instead? Thank you!

Hi raincoat,

The size of your mattress is really a preference issue and you are really the only one that can decide on which size suits you and your partner best (assuming you are part of a couple). It will depend on how close you and your partner like to sleep and your sleeping styles (whether one or both of you tend to sprawl or sleep in a more compact position), the space in your bedroom with any other furniture that you have, motion separation issues (sleeping further apart can reduce motion separation), temperature issues (a partner that sleeps “hot” may need more space), on your individual needs for “space” when you are sleeping, any other “inhabitants” that sleep on the mattress either regularly or occasionally (pets or children etc), and on budget concerns (king size mattresses are generally about 15% - 25% more than queen size mattresses). For example some couples like to sleep snuggled up in a spooning position or very close together and don’t really need as much space as a couple that prefers to sleep with more space around them. Just for reference … an Eastern king size mattress has the same amount of room for each half of a couple as a twin XL mattress.

I’m not clear why moving to a new house would affect your choice since a master bedroom in a house would generally be big enough for a king size.


A couple of points to consider.

Many mattresses, especially foam ones are sold with a zippered cover. This means that they can be taken apart and the layers rolled up separately for moving. Yes, they can be bulky that way, but certainly less heavy than carrying a whole mattress up stairs and through narrow doors.

Also, when considering the size of mattress you want, consider not just your sleeping style, but also the walking paths around and to the bed. Every room has natural paths and spots to put a mattress based on where the door and vents are. You will want at least 18" of room between the bed and the wall or you will be walking in a cramped, squeezed spaces that tips you over onto the bed.