Mattresses 24/7 on eBay vs SleepEZ 10000

Found another supplier on eBay that deals in factory seconds and has pretty good feedback ratings. I think “Phoenix” once indicated that they were a decent supplier when compared against Foam by Mail. Mattresses 24/7 is located in Phoenix and I came across this listing for a Cal King 9" Talalay latex (3 2.8" customizable layers of blended talalay) bed with a 4-way adjustable cotton cover (Which I assume is similar to the cover offered by SleepEZ):

Cal King Talalay Latex bed

At $1,171 it appears to be a great value. Is the value great enough given that the vendor is using factory seconds? A similar setup at SleepEZ would be at least $500 more expensive.

Any one here have direct experience with Mattresses 24/7?

Hi Kopavi,

Mattresses 24/7 is actually located in San Diego. It’s probably not too difficult to figure out that at least one of the sources for their seconds (defects, returns etc) is a member here in Arizona :slight_smile:

Of course whether this is an “acceptable” part of your “value equation” would be a personal preference since there is no way to objectively measure the more subjective part of value except by each person’s preferences.


After Mattresses 24/7, answered all of my many inquiries I pulled the trigger on this purchase. It appears there are some strong ties between Mattresses 24/7 and a site favorite that is located in Arizona. Mattresses 24/7 uses high quality blended talalay latex that was originally sourced from Latex International or Radium that may have been a customer return or have slight blemishes. The fact I can return the mattress in Arizona was what made the decision easier in my situation.

Time will tell if this purchase satisfies our needs. For the price, along with the ability to return the mattress if not satisfied or if the blemishes are too extensive, it is worth a shot. I will report back once the mattress arrives and I have had time to evaluate it.

The forum has been in invaluable tool in my purchase decision. Insights from “Phoenix” made me rethink where I was going on many occasions. He helped steer me away from Costco, Air based cores and less reputable eBay sellers while providing a thorough education along the way. Having spent an inordinate amount of time on this forum I feel like I made a well educated purchase that satisfied my value equation.

Thanks to all the members who are navigating the same turbulent mattress waters attempting to find that “right mattress”. We all have similar questions, different preferences yet share a common goal. Thanks to this website we have an excellent resource and a great coach to keep us afloat and help tame the waters.

Happy for your purchase. I purchase a twin mattress from 24/7 on eBay in February for under 400. I am looking to buy a new Eastern King now that my needs have change and will likely use 24/7 again. The twin was a good deal and it is very difficult to see where the defects are in the mattress I received.

Hi kopavi,

Thanks for the kind words … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: Now comes the hardest part which is waiting to be able to sleep on it once all the shopping is done!

I hope you have the chance to give us a report when you’ve received it and maybe had a chance to sleep on it for a few days.


Thanks for your feedback as well … I appreciate it and it will certainly help others who are considering going in this direction.


The Mattresses 24/7 Latex Cal King has arrived!

The mattress arrived 4 business days after the order was placed on eBay. UPS delivered three large boxes weighing 45 to 55 pounds each. 19 staples had to be removed from each box; this took about 20 minutes since I attempted to protect the integrity of the box in the event a return was necessary.

Upon unpacking and removing the plastic protective coating the latex sprung to life and my efforts to keep the boxes in good shape proved unnecessary since the mattress layers would be difficult to maneuver back into their original container.

I noticed several air pockets and a few small tears on the layers; and being a Cal King, a 4" glue seam is visible which was necessary to extend the standard 80" length to 84" one of the firm layers also had a 6" extension glued on - but overall in excellent condition. The condition of the latex layers were actually better than what I saw when I visited the Arizona Premium Mattress ( showroom (the showroom items probably take more of a beating). The layers were comparable to common blemishes found on most latex mattresses here:


Of the six layers we received, five were from Latex International and one of the soft layers was from Radium. Each layer was clearly marked as Firm, Medium or Soft. The weight and cushioning of each layer confirmed the purported firmness level.

The four way zippered/cotton cover is not the most aesthetically pleasing but appears to be functional. We were looking for a less quilted and cooler cover so we would be able to feel the latex and not the cover. We may add a thin wool mattress pad if our testing indicates it is necessary; so this cover will serve its purpose to provide protection to the layers. My opinion is nearly all manufacturers/retailers push the premium covers because they have an elegant look, they are what consumers have come to expect and they are profit margin friendly. It seems counterintuitive to add a heavily quilted top to a latex mattress but everyone is different and has different needs.

There was a pronounced latex odor which will hopefully dissipate quickly. Luckily we will be on vacation for a several days (spending the money we saved on this purchase) which will give the latex time to get a little fresh air and get acclimated before it starts its job.

The 30 day return period offered by Mattresses 24/7 is only 1/3rd of that offered by most manufactures. Therefore, we will be under a little more time pressure to determine if we are completely satisfied. I will report back after our testing is complete.

My initial impression is that I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. I was nervous going into a purchase of this size through an eBay vendor; thus far, the experience has exceeded my expectations. Valerie at Mattresses 24/7 provides a high level of customer service. Hopefully I won’t need to seek additional service from the company; but it is reassuring to know that they will be there if I need them!

This link will take you to several photographs of what I received. I attempted to pick out areas with the greatest amount of defects to give you a better idea of the latex quality.

Mattresses 24/7 Photos

Hi Kopavi,

What a great review and report. Thanks for taking the time to share so much detail and information and the pictures as well! It seems that the layers were in reasonably good shape and that you did well :slight_smile:

I’m curious about your description of the cover though. I’ve had comments from several people who have used this instead of a wool quilted cover that it was one of the nicest unquilted stretch knit covers that they had seen and they compared it favorably to the Pure Latex Bliss covers which are also unquilted. It is designed to be very stretcheable to let the feel of the latex come through without having wool in the quilting. Did you get a sense that it affected the compression of the latex or was it just not a design you liked?

Thanks again for taking the time to write a great review.


I would defer to others as to the cover being one of the nicest. This is my first purchase of latex bed, or for that matter, a bed that you put together yourself. Nice is fairly subjective. Similar to a blind date who shows up in wrinkled clothes and looking a little scattered yet turns out to be a wonderful person with all of the qualities you are looking for.

My “initial” impression was based on the cover being stuffed into one of the latex soft layers and not being separately packaged. Perhaps this was because it was a “factory second” or that Mattresses 24/7 makes bulk purchases and reduces their costs (and prices to the consumer) by not repackaging the covers.

Although the design and packaging came up short, the reason we opted for this cover was to maximize the feel of the latex. As long as it provides comfort with minimal quilting I will consider it to be a success. The input on this forum greatly influenced the decision to go with the stretch cover.

I have not yet zipped up the cover because I am letting the latex breathe and hopefully reduce the rubber odor. With other members indicating that the cover matches up well with the PLB cover I am more reassured with the decision.

The stretch non-quilted cover was also selected after reading this from the Pure Latex Bliss website ( I especially like the last line on the site “That would be like putting ketchup on a steak”:

PLB Non-quilted

hi kopavi,

Thanks for the extra information. I haven’t seen the cover myself and have been dependent on other’s descriptions of it (including SleepEz) so I was hoping you could provide some clarification about it to add to the overall picture … which you did … and thank you :slight_smile:

I also completely agree with you that “nice” is very subjective and it is also interesting to see any differences between what you received and the same product from the original “source” who for whatever reason chose not to use it in their own mattress and instead sell it to another outlet for re-sale.

It seems to me that what you received was in good condition which of course means that for those who have no objection to “seconds” it can be very good value with no obvious defects that may affect the performance or even appearance of the mattress.

I’m looking forward to any ongoing reports you are able to share as you have a chance to sleep on the mattress for a while.

Thanks again for the extra information and feedback!


hello kapovi. how do you like your new mattress? any issues with this seller ?
thank you if you could provide more feedback from ebay seller

Hi Rayla:

Sorry for the delay in responding. I have been on the road for a 10 days and just now checking back in with the forum.

We let the latex air out while we were gone and also applied Fabreeze to the layers to reduce the rubber odor. We have slept on the bed for only five nights. So far so good; but we are trying to get 10-13 days of sleep on the new setup before we give a final verdict. I like the mattress quite a bit compared to our old Sterns & Foster. My spouse has indicated that the corners of the bed are not stiff like a traditional bed and that she feels she could just slide off. She also misses the plush feel from the traditional bed. Other than that she also gives the mattress a thumbs up.

If at the end of our testing we need more plushness, we would likely add a 1" or 2" 19ILD topper to soften it up a little more. I really don’t think this will be necessary but it is an option. We may also add a St. Dormier mattress protector $199 @ Flobeds to the mix.

The seller Mattresses 24/7 on eBay was great. The seller is actually SleepEZ or a very closely related affiliate. The boxes were shipped from the same Tempe, AZ address. The primary difference is the return policy which is capped at 30 days for Mattresses 24/7 so we will have to have our decision made in less than a week if we decide to go a different route. It looks like their price has gone up a little to $1,262 or a 5% increase from when we made our purchase.

Cal King @ Mattresses 24/7 on eBay

Our decision boiled down to the fact that only 3 suppliers manufacture the talalay latex that we sought. We also wanted a cover that maximized the latex feel similar to the offerings of Pure Latex Bliss. Once you eliminate or minimize the marketing and the product bells and whistles; you end up with what Mattresses 24/7 provided. If only purchasing a vehicle was so easy!

So far it has been money well spent to get into a bed of this quality for $1,171. We were also able to avoid paying sales tax through eBay which resulted in additional savings of $108.

Hi Kopavi,

Thanks for a great review :slight_smile:

I should also mention just for clarity that the two companies are not connected even though the original source of the materials was SleepEz. They are “seconds” that SleepEz didn’t want to use in their own mattresses and sold to mattresses 24/7.


After testing the bed for 10 days: with S (23 ILD), M (32 ILD), F (39 ILD) our shoulders were not provided enough cushion when side sleeping and the mattress felt too hard so we decided to soften up the top slightly to provide greater comfort.

We contacted Chuck at Ultimate Mattress and he was able to provide a 2" 19 ILD Talalay Topper at an exceptional price with quality to match. They also shipped the same day that I paid and it arrived in one day.

Our sleep system is something we look forward to experiencing each evening and we are very happy with our final setup which comes somewhat close, if not a tad softer than the PLB Beautiful in terms of layering:

The   PLB   has     3" of 19 ILD, 2" of 24 ILD, 6" of 36 ILD, 1" of Xfirm
The 24/7 has 2" of 19 ILD, 3" of 23 ILD, 3" of 31 ILD, 3" of 39 ILD.

PLB $4,000  - 24/7 w/addons $1,550  = $2,450 to vacation fund!

It works great for us. We also found a Natura washable wool mattress protector priced at $112 for labor day at Overstock Natura using the coupon code 215459 (7% off)

All of our tweaks will drive the final price above $1,500 (and $300 over budget) but you can’t put a price on having a quality sleep system.

Our takeaway is spend the time learning about all of the options and test drive the mattresses (it took us more than two months). Shop local if the price is really good – if not leverage your purchasing power through a low cost internet vendor and don’t disregard the factory seconds offered by other vendors like Mattresses 24/7 if their return policy is fair and you are given adequate time to test the system.

Hi Kopavi,

Once again … thanks for a great “final review” all the way through to your final sleep system.

I hope you enjoy the holiday you end up taking with your “vacation fund” as much as you enjoy your new mattress :slight_smile:


Hello Kopavi;

Thanks for the updated review!

Did you consider getting a 14ILD topper instead of the 19ILD? What made you choose 19?

Hello Lude:

In our testing, the 14 ILD seemed too soft. For us, the 2" of 19 ILD proved to be very soft yet still allows the lower layers to provide good support. Everyone is different though and you might find you prefer a 14. I am sure Chuck will work with you to get your topper just right.

Good Luck

Hello Kopavi;

Yes my current theory is 14ILD is better designed for a 100lb person rather than 150lb.

I picked up my 31ILD from Mattresses247 and 19ILD from Brooklyn Bedding tonight! Both layers seem to be in fine condition and I’ll be recommending purchasing from both vendors to my friends.

My initial testing seems to indicate that I need another 3" layer to soften it up; I’m not sure if I’m bottoming out or what but I tried a 9" at a local store and it felt softer.

Based on your purchase I’ll buy the 23ILD from Mattresses247 if I still think I need another layer after a week or two of testing. Is this what you would do if you were in my shoes?

How many sides are zippered on the mattress cover you purchased from Mattresses247?

Hello Phoenix;

What do you think of a home made mattress cover made of Linen bed sheets and a zipper? I’ve read that Latex can dry out if it doesn’t have a proper cover; do you think a Linen might be too thin?

Please let me know if this should be discussed in another thread.

Thanks to both of you!

Hi Lude,

Yes … I think it would be too thin. Latex degrades and becomes brittle (oxidizes rather than dries out) with exposure to ultraviolet and ozone and needs a good quality cover to prevent premature breakdown. You wouldn’t notice it quickly but the lifespan of the latex would be shortened with a thin cover.

Layer thickness and mattress thickness affects softness in conjunction with ILD. Thinner layers and thinner mattresses compress to a greater percentage of their thickness more quickly and will act firmer so even if the 9" mattress used slightly firmer foams … it would still tend to feel softer overall than a 6" mattress using softer foams. It’s not so much that you are bottoming out (that would be difficult to do with your weight on 6" of latex) but it would be firmer than a thicker mattress and the pressure relieving cradle wouldn’t be as deep.

Just thought I would mention this because 6" of a combination of 19 ILD and 23 ILD over a 31 ILD base would be fairly soft … although having said that … the PLB Beautiful uses similar layering (3" of 19 over 3" of 24 over 6" of 36) and there are many people who like its softness so it’s not out of the range of what people who like soft mattresses would prefer … especially if they are lighter.


Hello Phoenix;

Do you think not having a proper cover (I’m just using sheets for now) for 2 weeks will do a lot of damage?

I’m planning on getting the stretch cotton cover from Mattresses247 as I already have a wool mattress pad; has anything better caught your eye lately?


Hi Lude,

No … you’ll be fine for a few weeks. It’s having a good cover over the long term that will make a big difference.

That SleepEz cover you are looking at is one of the nicest and best quality unquilted covers I’ve seen :slight_smile: