Mattresses that compare to Cloud Luxe

I tried out a lot of mattresses the other day and ended up liking the Tempur Pedic Cloud Luxe the most. But at $4500, I’m looking for a good alternative to it. I see that Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Foam at Amazon seems to be mentioned a lot here. It’s being described as a big firmer than Cloud Luxe. Would there be anything that would be considered “a bit softer” than Cloud Luxe? Other than Ultimate Dreams, what would be some other good mattresses similar to Cloud Luxe that I should consider?

Hi Musebell,

Post #3 here talks about trying to compare one mattress to another in terms of comfort and performance and some of the difficulties involved.

It’s much easier to compare mattresses in terms of quality, durability, and value because knowing the quality details of the materials in a mattress allows you to do this but small differences in the types of material, layering, and design can make a big change in the feel and performance of a mattress even if the quality of the material and the design is similar. In addition to this, different people have different body types, sleeping styles, and different perceptions which can all affect how a mattress feels so in many cases it’s not possible to predict how a specific person may feel on a mattress that has some differences from another one that one person may think makes a big difference and someone else may not feel at all. It’s usually much more effective to compare every mattress to a more defined set of personal “ratings” instead of trying to compare them to another mattress.

The only way to approximate how close two mattresses may be for you is either in personal side by side testing or with a more detailed conversation with an online retailer or manufacturer who knows all the details of their mattresses and may know how their various models compare in terms of feel and performance to some of the more popular mattresses in the general market.

While it’s usually a good idea to test and research locally first to get a good idea of how different combinations of materials can feel to you (which may uncover some very good local quality/value that you can test in person or can help an online manufacturer or retailer help you make better choices) … if you are looking in an online direction then some of the better memory foam choices I’m aware of are listed in post #12 here.

If you let me know your zip or city I’d be happy to let you know about any of the better local options or possibilities I’m aware of.

Hope this helps.


Sure. City would be Las Vegas, Nevada.

I did take a review of your post #12. It’s a helpful guide. There does appear to be some sites that has a mattress they state is comparable to Cloud Luxe. I’m not sure what makes these mattresses different from each other though or what specifications exactly I should be looking for.

Hi MuseBell,

Some of these design the “feel” of their mattresses to match the Tempurpedic line and one of them designs the actual materials and layering and the feel to match the Tempurpedic lineup as well (and test them side by side with their customers at their bricks and mortar store).

I would talk with each manufacturer you are interested in and ask your specific questions to them. Unless you are very knowledgeable about mattress materials and design … I would also avoid trying to choose a mattress based on specifications that won’t tell you how it feels and performs and will take you down a path of confusion and possible overwhelm. In other words … I would talk with the experts who make and sell the mattresses so you don’t have to become one yourself.

If you are interested in some of the theory behind different designs and layering then the mattresses section of the site has lots more information but I would only scan these rather than try to learn it all when there are already people who know what you would otherwise need to learn. Getting into too much technical information other than as a way to help you recognize who “knows their stuff” can be a recipe for “paralysis by analysis”.

If you talk with the online manufacturers on the list then some of these can tell you which commonly available mattresses (such as Tempurpedic) may feel and perform somewhat similarly to their own and then you can test the roughly comparable mattresses locally to get a sense of what they may feel like.

Some of the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in the Las Vegas area are listed in post #2 here.