Missing tags - hoping to identify mattress

This is a long shot- but does anyone recognize the pattern on this mattress? I am trying to buy another but the tags have been removed. I am mostly looking for the brand.

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You may have a difficult task ahead of you. Are there any other signs of manufacture or identification on the mattress or on the underside of the mattress?

Do you know where or when it was purchased? Sometimes there are app’s that you can snap a picture and it will search the internet for the specific pattern. Of course that pattern has to be cached somewhere on the internet for that to happen.

If you have not yet, the reddit r/mattress may be helpful in this specific case too. Even when the tags are gone, manufacturers often leave signs of their brand somewhere on the mattress. Generally, if it was a private or local manufacturer, particularly one that is no longer in business, the task will be even more challenging.

If the mattress is completely shot, you may want to take it out doors and look inside for any other signs of the manufacturer. Do NOT do this indoors. Some mattresses have fiberglass flame retardant socks or barriers inside the mattress, and will create havoc in your home if you open it indoors.

Good luck with it.


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Also, take a more Arial picture of this mattress to view the entire upside of the mattress, it may be easier to for AI software to recognize the pattern.

Additionally, feel the perimeter of the mattress, can you feel the springs, that means it is an edge to edge spring mattress vs a perimeter foam edge encased mattress. That will help you eliminate brands, so it will narrow it down to thousands of choices verses tens of thousands, from mattresses over the years.

You have your work cut out for you.

This is an example of what an AI search reveals. Not too much help :frowning_face:

Based on the image you provided, it’s a close-up view of a quilted mattress top with an intricate, symmetrical stitching pattern. However, without a visible logo or brand name, it’s challenging to identify the exact manufacturer just from the pattern.

I did a search and found some mattresses with similar quilted designs. Here are a few possibilities:

Please note that these are just possibilities and may not be the exact match. It would be best to check with a mattress expert or retailer for a more accurate identification. If you have more information or another question, feel free to ask!

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