Mountaintop Foam firmness or density equivalents

I’ve been looking into zoned toppers and one of the products I’m considering uses Mountaintop Foam’s continuous pour dunlop.
I know they designate their firmnesses with C1 C2 C3 C4 etc and I was trying to figure out what the equivalent densities those correspond to. The retailer I spoke with guestimates that C2 is equivalent to 75kg/m3, C3 to 85kg/m3, and C4 to 95kg/m3 but I was wondering if anyone has more accurate figures.

The other thing is that I understand continuous pour dunlop might feel softer than regular molded dunlop, so does that mean I should aim for firmer Mountaintop dunlop?
I guess I’m wondering if continuous pour 85kg/m3 will feel softer than molded 85kg/m3.

Hi amnj,

Mountaintop uses two different methods to test their ILD ranges. One of them is the amount of force it takes to compress the material by 25% and the other is the amount of force it takes to compress the same material by 40% (which of course would produce higher numbers).

Their 25% ILD ranges are …
C0 9.5 - 12.5 ILD
C1 11.5 - 14.5 ILD
C2 17.5 - 20.5 ILD
C3 21.5 - 24.5 ILD
C4 29.5 - 32.5 ILD

Their 40% ILD ranges are
C0 14 - 20 ILD
C1 18 - 22 ILD
C2 27 - 33 ILD
C3 34 - 42 ILD
C4 44 - 54 ILD

The closest ILD approximations to Talalay for each of their different firmness levels for individual layers would be somewhere in the lower end of their 40% ILD range.

Spindle uses natural continuous pour latex from Mountaintop and they list some approximate density numbers here. These numbers would vary based whether the latex is blended or natural continuous pour.

For the most complete information regarding exactly what you are trying to compare, I would phone Mountain Top at 570-715-7200 or message them from their facebook page. They would be best able to provide approximations of their products for you.


Thank you Phoenix! That was exactly what I was looking for.

Hi amnj,

Good - I’m glad!