My 9" Mattresses247 bed and Journey into Latex

Hopefully this thread will be helpful to anyone who might be looking at a Latex bed in General or thinking of doing something with latex for the first time like we did or considering Mattresses247 specifically.

So First let me begin with thanks for all the hard work that has gone into this forum. When I started my journey a few weeks ago I found this site and I got a real “Beducation” (and yes I watch those videos too).

The innerspring Sealy Mattress we purchased 7 years ago was pretty much dead. Actually it had started to die after the first year, but after trying to fix it up with a Memory Foam topper that worked for a few years, it was time to go. So we started thinking about new beds. One thing led to another and I found this web site. Great info here. Especially the parts about smaller local mattress manufactures and learning “what’s in a bed”.

Having no idea what we wanted, but certain we did not want another S-Brand bed (we had been thru 3 in 8 years - total junk), we started our search. Discovered there was a local mattress manufacturer near by - Fox Mattress in Ormond Beach FL Discussion - so we headed over there. Enjoyed the education.

Also read quite a bit about DreamFoam Beds and their Sister Company Brooklyn Bedding … Latex??? Hmmmm What a concept. We talked to the folks at Fox Mattress about Latex, asked lots of questions here, searched the web. Sounded like a good alternative to Springs. (I had had about all the “fun” I could stand with Springs). Really wanted to give Latex a try.

After a lot of searching, Price comparing, asking questions, learning about Latex, it’s properties, and who makes it I pretty much discovered (at least I believe this to be true) that most Latex Mattresses come from the same 2 or 3 sources. Latex International and Radium Latex seeming to be the more common. I figure Phoenix can correct my understanding here … But here is what I concluded … If Talalay is Talalay and it is all produced in the same few factories, it seemed reasonable to assume that the $3,500+ all latex bed in the store would have the same Latex in it as the $1,500 on the web. So why not buy on the web.

After a lot of searching and questions we found Mattress247 and we decided to purchase a mattress from them off of eBay.

A search on the web and here did not pull up a lot of Discussion about Mattresses247 so I wanted to Journal my experience with them and also our experience with the bed over the next several months.

A little about us:

His - 180 / 5’9" / Mostly Side and Semi-side Front sleeper
Hers - 140 / 5’7" / Mostly Side and Back sleeper

After some tests, videos, and trying a few latex beds, we decided to give a Latex Mattress a try. Here is a good clip about the differences in Bedding Foam Types.

We chose the “Sweet Dreams” California King Mattress option from Mattresses247 on eBay. After thinking about doing an all DIY configuration, I decided I could not “build” the mattress for less than Mattresses247 was selling theirs. While it would not be a fully custom DIY, it would still have ability to unzip and tweak as needed.

Here is the specs of the Mattress we purchased back on August 20, 2014

  • 9" Mattress all Talalay Blended Latex manufactured by Radium Latex (discussion about Radium here)
  • Quilted Bamboo zipper cover
  • 3" Soft 22-24 (Cal-King solid piece)
  • 3" Medium 30-32 (Split and glued to the Firm core. Reversible with the Firm)
  • 3" Firm 38-40 (Split same as Medium)

We had tried a few latex beds here in stores. Would this be the correct configuration ?? Kind of a gamble. But I felt it was worth the risk.

Two days after I ordered the mattress I thought, “Hey … what about a warranty? Dang-it! Forgot to ask … and There was nothing listed about that in the eBay ad.” But having had to try and deal with warranties from the S-Brands before, I knew warranties were pretty useless. A video clip about Warranties here.

I just today wrote them about the warranty. No answer yet. Will post when I get the answer, but we discussed Warranties here. I really do not find them to be a big selling point. And with this zipper cover I could replace any part that failed down the road. Most warranties I have experienced were pro-rated, so there would always be an up-charge cost involved.

In getting a latex bed, (even with no or very limited warranty) I got to “build” the bed from the floor up AND know exactly what was inside the cover. I liked the idea of being able to take it apart and move parts around or replace them. This concept outweighed a warranty IMHO.

Mattresses247 and Shipping:

It also seemed the seller - Mattresses247 - was in no hurry to ship the mattress out. The eBay estimated arrival date was Sept 5-15 … Yikes. That was a long time. And a full 6 days after we ordered there was no notice on eBay that it had shipped. What? So I wrote Valarie at Mattresses247 and she said it had shipped 2 days earlier. So it shipped on Monday (2 business days after the order) and arrived the following Friday - August 29, 2014. So no worries there. In the end, shipping and shipping time was EXCELLENT !!

So the Mattress arrived mid day on Friday (yesterday). Prior to its arrival I had received new Cal-King Sheets, a Mattress Protector and Foundation (more on that later). We are still waiting for our new comforter set to arrive. Should be here on Tuesday.

As expected, the mattress arrived in 3 large 55 + lbs boxes. Came packaged as others have indicated their latex mattresses from various venders arrived. So not much to see here.

I read somewhere that Mattresses247 beds were arriving in SleepEZ boxes, as if perhaps they were either factory seconds or purchased as a reseller from SleepEZ. I think Phoenix in another thread already cleared up the factory seconds idea and what I received seemed first quality. I also cannot speak to the idea of them being from SleepEZ. The configuration and design concepts are similar, but not exactly the same. I think SleepEZ sells there beds in independent layers either split or unsplit left and right depending on the customers order, My Mattresses247 bed came as a single top 3" Cal-King comfort layer and 2 individual Glued and Wrapped 6" core layers that you can flip Medium or Firm side up.

What was interesting was that the boxes all 3 had a label removed from each of them that was clearly in the same location. SleepEZ labels? No idea? Maybe someone else can speak to that.

Got them unboxed and began to put things together

Set up the foundation in the bed room and used an old mattress protector to stretched over the slats to add a little more protection. This actually worked out pretty well.

The Quilted Bamboo Cover was wrapped inside The upper Soft latex layer. As expected, everything “popped” as the wrappings were cut.

There was no noticeable off gassing.

The Bamboo Mattress cover was very nice and seemed to be well constructed.

Next I unwrapped the 2 (right and left) 6" cores and began construction. These cores - each piece had one side firm the other medium talalay - were individually wrapped in a nice stretch cotton (maybe) cover. This would make it nice if you wanted or needed to flip them for mattress tweaks.

I put everything together, Zipped it up, Made the bed forgetting to take any other pics. We dont have the comforter set yet so we are making do with the Queen size till Tuesday.

Everything went together nice and tight. One thing about the top comfort layer. This is a California King that measures 72w x 84L. It is 4" narrower and 4" longer/taller than a standard King. Looking at the topper layer , it was glue seamed down the Middle - split at about 34" and 37" - not exactly in the middle. The 2 cores were exactly the same size. But The seam in the top soft layer was nice and undetectable once the bed was made. Also, Being a Cal-King there was about 4 inches of foam glued on to the end of the Top (and I would assume this was true of the 2 cores but could not tell because they were wrapped) to give it the correct length.

Each layer was nice and square, and Once zipped up the mattress looked very uniform.

About the Foundation

After looking at several wire foundations, I decided on this one from Boyd Sleep Systems (it comes packaged under several names, but they are the same). After reading several of the reviews on the Walmart site it seemed like it might work OK. So I actually purchased it from OverStock on eBay … I really Do NOT like doing business with them.

After I purchased it I found the “Best Foundations for Latex” thread and discussed it with Phoenix. He thought it might not work well for latex due to the flexing slats and possible poor quality. I tried to cancel the order from OverStock on eBay just a few hours after purchase, but they said it was too late. Then a few minutes later I actually got a tracking number - it almost seemed as though the tracking number was generated in response to my wanting to cancel, It had not shipped and was not going to ship until the next day. Come on … they could have canceled it. Oh well. I would make due.

It seemed Phoenix concern was the slats and their flex. This actually ended up not being to bad. Not as stiff as I would have liked, but seems to be better than a wire foundation would have been.

My BIGGEST concern is not so much the slats … it’s the legs. I tried to lift the raw foundation to pick it up to move it, and when I did, one leg just bent. Ouch!! It bent right back, BUT will probably be an ongoing problem each time the bed is moved. I am hoping it does not shift. The only “saving grace” is that it will only bend in one direction. There are a total of 8 legs and each oppose each other 4 one way and 4 the other. So It cannot totally fold up.

So this foundation will due for a while, but might be less than ideal for someone of a larger size than we.

So After Day 1 … How did it Sleep?

The wife and I both felt it slept great. For the first time ever I do not feel like I am fighting to turn over. The “springiness” of Latex actually seems to assist in turning - :silly: . In the other bed which was a 14" Sealy inner spring, we had a 3" memory foam topper too. The topper was added a few years ago to add support as the Sealy had begun to form body impressions due to the comfort layer breaking down (cheap innards - not from the springs I don’t think). I remember thinking many nites in frustration while laying in bed, “if I wanted to sleep in twin hammocks I would have purchased hammocks.” The memory foam topper helped with this but really created a chore when trying to turn over. You sink into memory foam and sleep IN the bed.

Now on our first night with latex … our 3" comfort top layer is just as soft as the memory foam, but with totally different properties. Rather than sink and compress … it seems to more mold, shape, conform and push back. It is springy where memory foam is cushy. So while they are the same softness (or at least similar to the touch and feel by hand) they are 2 totally different beasts.

With Memory foam I felt like I was sleeping IN the bed. It encases you as you sink in … with latex I felt more like I was sleeping ON the bed and as it supports you.

The wife awoke and said her back did not hurt … which was odd, it usually does. I slept thru the night and do not recall tossing or fighting to turn over … again, odd - not my typical nites “sleep”. And it is not confirmed yet, but the wife either did not snore, or I slept thru it. Either way that is also something new, but I will have to experiment with that further.

I did feel the bed slept hotter than our Sealy with added Memory foam top. This made no sense. I thought it might be the mattress protector we had chosen, but tried it without and felt the same. But the “Hotter” might be me - I have been sick and I was just hot last night any way, So I will reserve that verdict.

Over all …we REALLY like sleeping on Latex so far. Hope this helps anyone who might be looking at a Latex bed in General or thinking of doing something with latex for the first time like we did or considering Mattresses247 specifically. I would not hesitate to buy from them again. Valeria at Mattresses247 was helpful and put up with all my questions. I plan to check in with updates for the next several months. Wanting to see how all the parts “break in”. So more to come.

Hi MrM1, glad to see you got your mattress and that all is working out well so far for the most part. As for the foundation, maybe something could be placed between the legs to prevent that one from bending inward? like a piece of 2x4 acting as a ‘spreader’ between that leg and the one opposite it on the other side laying crossways under the bed’s width. I can’t say for sure, but imagine you’ll want to be careful moving the bed. In my experience with metal, metal tubing etc is that once it bends it becomes more likely to bend again in the same place. Sort of creating a weak area (or weaker than other areas) and the bend acting as a crease even if it’s straightened back out. Looks good though. Congrats :slight_smile:

Good idea on the brace. That would probably create A long term solution.

Hi MeM1,

Wow … thanks for taking the time to share such detailed comments, pictures, and feedback … I appreciate it!

It seems like all your choices turned out very well with the possible exception of the base. Some of the comments I read when you first asked about it indicated issues with legs bending, the center support bending, slats breaking or not fitting properly, or other quality/durability issues and since you are the first one I know of on the forum to buy it I’ll be interested in any ongoing feedback you have the chance to share.

I also think brass’ suggestion about bracing the legs is a good one.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I am thinking thru now how I might do a leg support system. Should be pretty easy and still not restrict movement under the bed too much since we plan to use that area for storage.

With the Foundation, I found the best way to assemble it was to leave everything loose (the metal cross supports and corners) until the slats are locked in. I was having a tough time getting everything to lock in until I loosened it all up. The the slat supports locked in very nicely and I finished by tightening everything up to spec.

Official Warranty Update from Mattresses247

[quote]I don’t offer a warranty beyond my 30 day return policy. … I’ve seen buyer’s mistreat a product … seller’s with a lot of fine print in their warranties. I understand warranties are a major comfort to some people in spite of this but I chose not to have to visit it. That has to be built into the overall prices consumer pays for a product and I preferred instead to give a better price on my product to my buyers making latex more affordable.

I’m still on my one and only latex mattress that I purchased about 19 years ago and it still gives me the same comfort as it did on night one.

I tend to agree with this and really have no problem with the lack of warranty. My Warranty Experience came with a pro-rate and a “store credit to buy another crappy mattress.” In the end I was still out several hundred dollars … about the same price as it will cost me to purchase a new comfort top layer … IF I EVER NEED TO. And from what I could find, Mattresses247 has the lowest price on 9" mattresses of any one I could find. So it seems to be kind of a Pay Now (for a warranty) or MAYBE Pay Later (for replacement parts) … Maybe.

Hi MrM1,

As you probably know from your time here … I also consider knowing the quality of the materials to be more important than a warranty in spite of the fact that even the best materials may fail on rare occasions.

This probably also means though that what you purchased wasn’t actually a mattress per se but individual components that you put together yourself into a mattress. I’m curious if it has any law tags because if it was sold as an actual mattress then it would also be required to have law tags that listed the material content and that it passed the fire regulations.

If it has law tags then it would also identify the manufacturer and there would normally be a warranty of some kind from the manufacturer.


I did not think about law tags and warranty. But while this was purchased as a “mattress” and not a DIY build to suit, I kinda considered it to be more of a package bundle more than a finished mattress.

… But That said …

[quote]If it has law tags then it would also identify the manufacturer and there would normally be a warranty of some kind from the manufacturer.


… One Law Tag coming up …


This Was … ?? Ummmm … IS … IS (I did not remove it under penalty of Law) on the Zipper cover.

Hi MrM1,

Thanks for the picture … that’s very interesting.

According to the Law Tag it seems to be a SleepEZ organic 10000 which would normally mean that it has the SleepEZ warranty but the materials inside it don’t seem to match the organic 10000 so I’m not sure whether it’s just a SleepEZ cover or a SleepEZ mattress.

Now you have me curious :slight_smile:


[quote=“Phoenix” post=41923]… but the materials inside it don’t seem to match the organic 10000 so I’m not sure whether it’s just a SleepEZ cover or a SleepEZ mattress.

Now you have me curious :slight_smile:


Why do you say the materials don’t match? Isn’t SleepEZ selling Radium Latex? They are using the same firmness selections: Soft, Medium, Firm, X Firm etc, just in a different presentation package. The only difference I could see between this and a SleepEZ if that the core layers are glued together Medium on one side and Firm on the other and wrapped in an inner cover. No where on the SleepEZ site do I find a core like that, but wouldn’t it be fairly easy to do … Glue to pieces together to change the product line sightly?

Then there was the boxes. Some bodies label was clearly removed from all 3

So the Plot Thickens … :evil:

Hi MrM1,

SleepEZ has individual layers and this seems to be the organic model (thus the 100% natural latex on the tag) and my understanding was that yours has the blended Talalay from Radium.

None of this has anything to do with the quality of the materials in your mattress but it just has me curious why your mattress wouldn’t have a warranty if it was made by SleepEZ.



SleepEZ has individual layers and this seems to be the organic model (thus the 100% natural latex on the tag) and my understanding was that yours has the blended Talalay from Radium.

Hey … so I got a better deal than I thought? Hmmmmm … Perhaps it is just a cover that does not reflect the insides.