My experience buying a mattress in Santa Monica, CA (Los Angeles area)

I knew nothing about mattresses starting out. The only mattress I have ever bought in my life was a Stearns & Foster, Four Seasons Hotel, Queen bed I bought for $400 from a friend who worked at a Four Seasons hotel, 9 years ago. I did not need a mattress immediately so had time to shop around.

-My very first stop, I went to LOS ANGELES MATTRESS store on Wilshire and met Larry Legend who had a lot of great reviews on Yelp. I felt like he was a used car salesman. Very slick. But didn’t feel like he was a very honest guy. He convinced me to put a $100 deposit on a $2500 King, Thera-pedic, Coral Sea P/T. I didn’t feel good about it since it was our very first mattress store. The bed was comfortable but I couldn’t help feel like it was too expensive. Plus I had never heard of Thera-pedic and couldn’t find much about them online. I also didn’t like Larry’s hustle of pressuring people to put down a $100 deposit.

-A couple weeks later, I went to SIT & SLEEP. I really liked a Stearns & Foster King bed for $2500. I figured every king bed was about $2500. I told the salesman (who was very nice) I had to think about it, the guy tried to get me to put a 20% deposit. I didn’t. I began to really hate places that tried to pressure you to put a deposit down. Don’t do it. I liked the Stearns & Foster better than the Thera-pedic, so I then went back to LOS ANGELES MATTRESS and got my $100 deposit back. I then decided to start really shopping around and doing research on the internet. I learned Stearns & Foster had really bad reviews even though I liked my old Stearns & Foster.

-Next day went to MATTRESS KING in West LA on Pico. Their prices were the lowest yet. But I didn’t really like their beds and their showroom was gross which was off-putting to me. Also, the salesman wasn’t able to answer most of my questions about density of foam and how many layers. I left with no intention of going back.

-I started doing my research on the internet and read that people said to stay away from National Brands and try to find a local brand or direct from factory store. I ended up at CUSTOM CARE MATTRESS in West Hollywood. They have great mattresses and I really like this store and their employees. You can tell they really care about their product. It was just too out of my price range. The bed I really liked was $4700 and the one they had in my price range ($2800) didn’t feel super comfortable. But I still thought of buying a bed there.

-I went to MATTRESS STOP on La Cienega in Weho. This place had all big name brands and was very pricey. I left with no intention of going back.

-I stumbled upon BLISSFULL SLEEP on Wilshire in West LA. I liked some of their beds and their price was reasonable. ($979 out the door for a king Blissfull Sleep, latex pillowtop). It was a comfortable bed and after doing some research I learned this bed was made by Stress-o-pedic which also makes the Thera-pedic bed at LA Mattress I almost bought for $2500. I researched Stress-o-pedic and had confidence in their beds. I was seriously considering buying this one. I took my fiance back a few days later to try the bed. She thought they were “okay” but liked the price. We weren’t crazy about these beds but the price was good and they were our leading contender so far. We even went back to Custom Care and she loved their mattresses, but again, too expensive for us.

-We were trying to decide whether to shell out $4k and get a Custom Care or get the Blissfull Sleep for $979. The Blissfull Sleep was probably our leading contender at that point but I just didn’t feel 100% confident in it. I then found The Mattress Underground and liked what I read about NEST beds and they were just a couple miles from us. I went there today and we really loved their beds and their prices were reasonable. They were not pushy and very transparent about everything. We bought a King, Alexander Hybrid for under $1500 after taxes. One thing I liked about them was they offered a money back guarantee up to 100 days. If you didn’t like the bed you could take it to a donation center, get a receipt, and then they refund you 100%. This was a big selling point for me. We feel good about our purchase. The bed is being delivered in 5 days, I will post an update after 30 day and after 100 days.

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Thank you for the synopsis of your mattress buying experience, and I’m glad that you found us before making your final purchase decision, hopefully using some of the advice presented in the mattress shopping tutorial. You post points out some of the pitfalls to avoid when shopping for a mattress, such as not knowing specifications, relying upon reviews, or putting down deposits on products before you had complete information and had considered all of your other options.

And congratulations on our new mattress! :cheer: You certainly chose a product using good quality materials, and as you’re aware, Nest Bedding is a member here of the site, which means that I think highly of them.

I’m looking forward to your future updates.


i’m glad i found your website. i am headed to nest bedding today to check out their mattresses.

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I am glad you have found us . I wish you good luck with your testing and look forward to hear about your experience and what you decided. Nest is one of our Trusted members here and I am confident that you are in good hands.


Thank God that I’m no longer in sales. I did sales for a 2 years. Never again. Now I’m in Law Enforcement. Its people like you who think we care about you wasting others time. Did you really visit all of those stores just to annoy and waste all of their time? Later to come on here bashing most of these salesmen for being salesmen? What a tool you are dude. All I see here is you judging these hard working employees just to make you feel better about yourself. This is hilarious. You should pay all of the salesmen for having to put up with you wasting their time. I’m pretty sure they are on an ups system. They had to waste their up on you? How annoying and sad. It seem as if you were shopping for a salesman to kiss you tail and exult you vs selling you a bed. What do you do for work? Do you even have a job? You are truly the Karen of mattress shopping. I bought my mattress from Mattress King and had a great experience. Seems like you were just looking for a reason to try out a mattress for free so you took advantage of Nest Mattress. I bet you were a pain in the tail to them. Be more considerate of others time job and bills that they have to pay. Stop wasting their times and ups. Get a life.