My Green Mattress

Hi, new member here. Wanted to say Hi and ask a couple of questions.
First, thank you for providing all the helpful info.
Can you give a comparison betweeen the two Green Mattress latex mattresses? Is the Organic Dream worth the extra money?
Also, I don’t want to sound cynical or offend anyone but I am a little sceptical of businesses being promoted when they pay to get on your list. Would you still promote them if they were not sponsors? What kind of criteria is used for you to determine if the company is a good value to consumers?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Johnf59,

From a “value” or “materials” perspective yes, it is worth the extra money. The materials in the Organic Dream are more costly than the materials in the other two (they have 3 latex mattresses on their site).

The real question though is whether the difference in price is worth it to you and this is a matter of what I call your “value equation” which is all about what is more and less important to you. All of the mattresses that they sell would have similar “value” if value was only based on the cost of the materials they contain.

Part of this is how well each one fits your needs (Pressure relief and Posture/alignment) and preferences (you can see more about this in post #2 here). For some … more natural materials would be worth it while for other it wouldn’t.

The Evergreen uses a 5" blended latex core, 2" of natural Talalay on each side and then an inch of polyfoam on each side, and has a bamboo or Ingeo core.

The Natural Escape uses a 5" blended latex core, 2" of natural Talalay on each side and then cotton and wool in the ticking/quilting.

The Organic Dreams uses a 3" natural latex core with 3" of natural Talalay latex on each side and then cotton and wool in the ticking quilting.

The best way to choose would be to personally test them for how well they fit your needs and preferences, to decide whether the benefits of more natural materials and wool are worth it for you, and/or to talk with them about which may be the best choice for you.

No offense taken … and the question has been asked many times. It’s good to be skeptical :slight_smile:

There is a lot of information on the site about how and why I invite certain manufacturers or retailers to become members (not “sponsors”). In most cases I was posting about them in other venues long before this site was even developed or being considered. Among many other places (in the forum and on the site) … you can read more about why they are invited in this article, in the first article on the front page of the site, and most recently in the forum post #5 here. Basically it is a form of recognition of their quality, value, and service (which is mostly self evident for consumers who know which materials are better and worse quality and how to make meaningful comparisons between mattresses based on the information on the site) and that they are among the group which I consider to be among the “best in the country”. Their membership has nothing to do with their “value” or whether I “promote them” and as you can see from the many hundreds of posts on the forum which identify non members all around the country as good sources (or at least possible sources) of value … I identify better value choices wherever I see them … regardless of their membership.

Hope this helps


Thank you very much for your response. I do plan on going inperson to check out the different mattresses. I also thank you for your intregrity. Understanding that your experience and knowledge of the industry go into your suggestions and advice makes me feel better.
Another question for you, if I may. Do you reccomend latex or memory foam pillows to match the mattress?

Hi Johnf59,

Pillows are even more of a personal preference than a mattress so for example while I personally tend to prefer latex or shredded latex, my DH sleeps on a memory foam pillow. Sometimes people have different pillows available because what they prefer may change with time, mood, how they feel, or the weather or seasons. The goal with any pillow is that it “matches” and adapts to your sleeping position(s) and keeps your head and neck in alignment (which provides perhaps 20% or more of the overall spinal alignment needs of your “sleeping system”).

There is more information and links to some resources and information in the pillows thread here which may help you make the best choice for you.

I personally like the freedom of movement that comes from a more resilient pillow and I also like pillows that sleep cooler than many memory foam pillows do however there are many that prefer the more “solid” feel of a memory foam pillow and think that sleeping on a latex pillow is like “sleeping on a balloon” :slight_smile:

Others yet prefer the more “scrunchy” or different feel or the greater ventilation of various fibers such as down or wool and others yet prefer materials like shredded latex or memory foam or some of the other pillow fillings that are available which have their own advantages (such as buckwheat hulls, feathers, kapok, synthetic fibers and others). Each have their own “fans”.

The most important part is that it supports your head and neck in good alignment (thicker for side sleeping, in between for back sleeping perhaps with some additional thickness, contouring, or zoning under the neck, and thinnest of all … or in some cases no pillow at all … for stomach sleepers). A Scrunchy pillow allows the pillow to be re-shaped if necessary when you change positions for the different needs of different sleeping positions. Some pillows can even be adjusted and customized by adding or removing filling material in the whole pillow or sections of it.

I would make especially certain that any pillow you used matched your preferences and used “safer” materials because our head and face is particularly sensitive to different “feels”, sleeping temperatures, and to odors because you are so close to the material.