Narrowing it down

So I know I am not comparing apples to apples with these 4 options but here is what I have my choices narrowed down to:

I want something that is not going to smell, will last a long time, is comfortable for stomach sleepers who normally like firm (I am 6’ 150 lbs and my husband is 6’2" 195 lbs). I would like something that is relatively healthy for me; won’t attract dust mites, etc. Thoughts, comments, opinions?

Thanks in advance.

Hi britas,

You are in the enviable position of having done some good research and have reached the point where you have eliminated all the worst options and are choosing between good and good. Some of these have bigger differences (such as wool or no wool in the quilting, thicker or thinner comfort layers, choices between blended, natural, or "organic Talalay or Dunlop in the comfort or support layers, all latex vs a latex hybrid, higher or lower costs for a similar design, differences in return or exchange policies etc) but assuming that you are confident that all of them would match your needs and preferences (or could be adjusted to do so) then my suggestions would be more about how to choose than what to choose and would be similar to post #2 here and post #3 here and post #2 here.

FWIW … it took me over 2 weeks to make all the “tradeoffs” that it took to make a final decision between some final choices that all seemed great for different reasons and in the end it was relatively unimportant factors in the overall scheme of things that tipped the balance. At that point the overall differences in “value” were so small and subjective that even small things seemed more important than they were.


Thank you, Phoenix. So I spent some more time researching tonight and am leaning towards the ones with Sleep EZ. I was thinking of going to an Original mattress factory store tomorrow to try out theirs though. How different are their latex beds from Sleep EZ in terms of quality, value, and feel?

The cost difference is not significant unless I am missing something in terms of value.

Anyone have some thoughts on that?


Hi britras,

There are several differences with the OMF mattresses.

The Supreme uses 6" of soft Talalay as the base layer and then 1.5" of convoluted latex in the comfort layer so overall they would tend to be a little softer and a little less “supportive” than a standard S/M/F with SleepEz. They also use a cover with inch of polyfoam in their quilting instead of wool like SleepEz uses (which is much more costly and more temperature regulating as well). They are also a little unusual in that they show their mattresses on a box spring instead of a rigid slatted platform which is generally used for all latex mattresses so this will affect how it feels as well because the box springs have more “give” and may make it feel softer for some people than the same mattress on a rigid slatted foundation. This is usually only done with a thinner latex mattress (like their thinner mattress with 6" of latex) which need a bit more give underneath because thinner mattresses (including theirs) will tend to be firmer. You could always ask them to put the mattress on one of their adjustable beds if you wanted to test it on a rigid non flexing base.

They are also two sided which adds to durability but they don’t provide any options for customizing the feel or layering or replacing layers down the road if your needs or preferences change. Of course they are also local which means that you can test them in person rather than ordering something you haven’t tested although online orders that have the ability to re-arrange or exchange layers are less risky and can be fine tuned more easily.

Of course how any mattress “feels” for you would be completely subjective and one person’s firm can be another person’s soft depending on your body type, sleeping positions, and preferences and sensitivity.

Overall they are good quality and value and much better value than mainstream brands but I wouldn’t put them in quite the same “value range” as SleepEz.or some other smaller manufacturers.

They would certainly be good to give you a sense of how Talalay latex feels though even if they are a different design and would have a different overall “feel” an performance than the SleepEz.


Can’t seem to pull the trigger on this!

Now narrowed down to these 2:

How do the 2 compare in terms of firmness options, natural vs synthetic, ease of assembly, overall impressions, etc? With Brooklyn Bedding, how does the total latex compare to Bamboo Bliss?

Thanks in advance!

Hi britras,

You have narrowed your choices down to two great options but as always I don’t tell people what to choose … only how to choose.

All of this information is readily available either on each site or with a phone call to each manufacturer. It would also be more of an “apples to apples” comparison to compare the SleepEz 10000 with the Total latex mattress (although the SleepEz 9000 is certainly a good choice in its own right as well) because they would both have the same 9" of latex.

If you go here and click on the different sections you will see the construction of the mattress and the choices they have available. A phone call to Brooklyn Bedding will also tell you if there are any choices available that aren’t listed.

If you go here and click on the different sections you will see the construction of this mattress and the choices they have available. A phone call to SleepEz will also tell you if there are any choices available that aren’t listed.

In essence they are two different designs that use a similar amount of your choice of 100% natural Dunlop or blended Talalay layers. One has two layers and one has 3 which means that they have different degrees of ability to customize along with any other differences in terms of layer re-arranging or exchanges or other options and benefits that each design and manufacturer makes possible.

You can see the layering and options of the Bamboo Bliss here (again just click the different sections). It is a latex hybrid with 3" of latex (your choice of firmness) over a 2.17 lb polyfoam base. You can read a bit more about the difference between a polyfoam/latex hybrid and an all latex mattress in post #2 here.


Thank you! One last question–I know I would get 5% at SleepEZ but what about BB? Is there a discount or just the free pillows?

Nevermind:Our Manufacturer Memberships :: The Mattress Underground


Hi britras,

Just to confirm that the listing is correct … the pillow bonus is for their Amazon site and the 5% is for their Brooklyn Bedding site.

You can let them know on a phone call or an email when you make your firmness selection.

EDIT: To receive the forum discount on their Brooklyn Bedding line (not the Amazon line which just needs you to let them know your username here) make sure you either call, email, or use their chat to get the discount information before your purchase


I just purchased a Dreamfoam mattress from Amazon, but I now see they have two choices, one being through Amazon directly and one through their storefront. I already submitted my order directly from Amazon. Can I still get my free pillow for being a member? If I do get the free pillow, how do I contact them? I now see I paid $15 more but will get the bed about 5 days sooner…a decent trade off I guess since I’m miserable in my current bed.


Hi galtgirl,

No. The free pillow only comes with the mattresses fulfilled by Dreamfoam not Amazon. They include it in the same shipment if they fulfill it but if Amazon fulfills it then Dreamfoam doesn’t ship the mattress so the pillow can’t be included.


Well that’s a bummer, but thanks for letting me know. I now realize the price is also a bit higher with Amazon fulfillment…it’s pretty confusing why they sell these mattresses two different ways :angry: At least I already have a Temperpedic pillow so it’s not a big deal. BTW, the foam pillow is fantastic.

Hi galtgirl,

It’s because Amazon wanted to fulfill them and although it costs them more … it also saves them time which can go into the development and sale of the customizable mattresses that they are launching on their own site.

Since the transition from one to the other is still new … it never hurts to ask.