Natural all-latex options for Austin area

I’ve exchanged a few emails with the owner – he comes across a bit… brusque. But he hasn’t really offered any help, just said that their measurements are standard, and it is my bed that must be fixed. Well.

I’m unsure if he’s letting me return it or not, at this point. I had already become aware that the bed was an oddment, but I’m pretty sure that my options to get the steel frame altered are significantly more costly and difficult than finding another solution for a foundation.

On that note, I’ve cobbled together an idea from the DIY posts on here (for reference):
Building My [Own Bed] Foundation (king foundation)
DIY Foundation and Novosbed Harmony (a queen-size version, following the above)
King-sized Deck DIY Bedframe with Foundation for $100

and a couple platform beds off-site:
Very MCM with nightstands
Cute little storage bed, two twin XLs

and lastly, someone who made a wool mattress.

That info, plus my desire to break it apart easily, and limited workspace and general patience with the process at this point, introduces the idea of carriage bolts… and wingnuts. And the local big box lumber, bleh.

(2) 1x6x6 for head and foot end rails, cut to width
(6) 1x3x8 furring for long rail top and bottom, cut to fit within end rails
(1) 2x3x8 stud for long rail supports, cut into smaller [4"?] segments – probably 15 or 21 total
(16) same 1x3s for the slats, and another to cut for spacers to keep them from wiggling
(12) 5/16" 3" carriage bolts and wing or hex nuts to match, for securing long rails to end rails
4 screws for each side support; I’m aiming for 9x2.5" multipurpose screws, as the package includes the star/bugle bit, and they’re self-starting and -countersinking. Also need screws for slat spacers, but they can be much shorter and less beefy.

The real issue is finding enough straight boards.

If I’m doing the math right (>.>), it’ll be a low-profile foundation at ~6.25". I’m not getting fancy with the slats, since I don’t have a router, and I don’t want to wait for glue to dry; an easy enough fix, if I change my mind later. As-is, it’s a little over 60 bucks, plus tax. I’ll throw a couple sheets on top, for the time being. Anything glaringly wrong someone can point out real quick?

edit: Just before heading out to buy lumber, I checked the Ikea page in a last gasp at the lazy, kind-of desired solution. Turns out, the Ikea Laxeby came back in stock. Score. Even better, there were a couple in the ‘As-Is’ department in excellent shape. Words cannot express. Seems fitting that the bed is continuing in the floor model vein…

So, for the time being, I’ve got the flexible slat system, and if we decide the bed is too short, I’ll likely build a box as above, using the Laxeby as the slats. Probably re-orient to maintain the shorter crossbars as in the bedframe, or make a simple platform, since the Laxeby has long support beams. I’m pleased.

Now, to see how this all comes together. Sir, at least, is sleeping blissfully.