Natural Elegance

Very hard to get any information on this brand, which apparently is owned by King Coil.

After a lot of effort, I was at least able to find that Comfort Solutions owns this brand, and also King Coil.

Of all the beds we were on today, the best was called Natural Elegance Northshore Latex plush, Bali Latex Firm was good as well. Actually, from firm to soft, we loved them all. I can’t really see what is on these beds from a materials standpoint, and the knowledgable guy was out.

I “Think” their new brand is Natural Essence, but can’t find much about them either.

I’ll reserve comments on other brands we were on today, so as not to clutter this thread as I did another.

Hi iBuyer,

Getting good information on King Koil (which is a Comfort Solutions brand) will depend on the retailer and the licensee factory where they are made.

In the case of the Natural Elegance, Blue Bell is the manufacturer and post #42 here details some of my experiences with them (which hasn’t been particularly good).


[quote=“Phoenix” post=9739]Hi iBuyer,

Getting good information on King Koil (which is a Comfort Solutions brand) will depend on the retailer and the licensee factory where they are made.

In the case of the Natural Elegance, Blue Bell is the manufacturer and post #42 here details some of my experiences with them (which hasn’t been particularly good).


I gathered they were pretty tight with the info. Thanks for the research.

I also gather that these models I looked at were older and now discontinued? I wonder how old? Have to look at the tag and ask around the store tomorrow.

All I do know is that these were our favorites. Even my GF, who prefers softer, loved the firm. But we both loved the Northshore Latex Plush. Frankly, this was the best out of several dozen we’ve tested. As you say, we have no idea what’s in it. The salesman left us to our own testing, so no pressure from him, I hadn’t even asked him about this line. I also suspect they are just getting rid of old stock now that I think of it. Hopefully for less than their $1,999 set price :wink:

I am so sad to hear this.

From a random retailer, this is as close as I got to getting a component list of the Natural Response brand.

Hi iBuyer,

The old Natural Elegance were mostly latex comfort layers and latex or polyfoam cores but had some polyfoam on top (but less than most). These were replaced by the new models which have some with polyfoam in the upper layers (like the ones you linked to) and I believe that some are either all or mostly latex so they still make the Natural Elegance but the models and design are different. You may want to call a place like this to see if they can tell you if any of them are all latex and hope that they carry some mattresses with the same name. The law tag will also tell you the percentage of the materials by weight although latex is denser so it would be less than this if it is measured by thickness and the law tag doesn’t tell you where the layers are in the mattress. As you mentioned the law tag will also give you the date of manufacturing.

While you can sometimes find the layering information of a mattress (how many inches of each material) and some online retailers are fairly good at this … it is very difficult to impossible to find the quality information about the polyfoam in their mattresses.

Quality specs are generally easier to get with specialty foams like memory foam (foam density) or latex (type and blend of latex and density is not important) but the quality of any polyfoam layers (foam density) are the specs which are most difficult to find with larger manufacturers and yet are the only ones you really need. This is no accident IMO because therer is little interest in the mainstream industry to encourage meaningful comparisons.

It’s one of the reasons why it’s such a pleasure to deal with smaller manufacturers or retailers who have this information available and understand its importance. Researching mateial quality is the most important yet can be the most frustrating part of mattress research and is the reason why who you work with can be the most important part of successful mattress shopping.


I’ve contacted Sleep EZ asking about this bed and the other we loved. I like the way they are set up, and feel confident we could work with them. I might add that Sleep EZ is definitely at the high end of our price ranges, all higher actually. But probably better in the long run. But all choices quickly head towards $2,000.

We have a wooden frame, with large headboard and footboard, both supported by large square posts. The center supports are three metal bars, all of which have metal support posts to the floor. We now have a Kingsdown memory foam bed on it. Should we be concerned about weight in regards to the Latex beds?

Hi iBuyer,

As you probably know I think highly of sleepEz and they make great quality and value mattresses (like the other members here). Latex itself is a more expensive material but IMO it is certainly worth it both from a performance and durability point of view. The other advantage of a layered system (besides being able to customize the layering) is that any of the layers can be exchanged separately if one wears out before the others or if your needs and preferences change over time.

It sounds to me like your bedframe is plenty strong enough with support down to the floor but you will need a foundation under the mattress that has more evenly spaced support with 3" or less between the gaps of any slats (if you put the mattress directly on the bedframe bars it would sink through the gaps between them. I’m surprised that didn’t happen with your current mattress (unless you already have a foundation on top of the metal bars under your current mattress).


I thought I posted this.

I use a matching foundation now, and will with the new bed as well.

Hi iBuyer,

With a latex mattress you will need a foundation that has either a wire grid surface or slats that are a maximum of 3" apart to provide good support for the mattress and prevent the latex from sinking into the gaps over time.

If your foundation is the right type, still in good shape, and fits the bill, then you could use it or if not then you could buy a new foundation to go with your mattress.

It seems to me that your bedframe with it’s center support to the floor will be fine.


Hi iBuyer,

Per their website, Park Place ( manufactures Comfort Solutions and King Koil. Their website provides a list of employee email addresses and phone numbers. Perhaps their Materials Manager listed under “Our Company” tab could help you find the contents of the older model you were interested in.

Even their company is confusing :wink: Park Place was previously Orders, which I must admit I’ve never heard of. King Coil has been around since 1898, some thirty plus years before Orders.

Then we have Licensees. It gets confusing with these outfits. Probably saves by licensing and subbing work out rather than investing heavily in new processes and factories, which are a thing of the past here.

But if you look at the Comfort Solutions website, they have no reference to their latex brands at all. Comfort Solutions is a licensing company, and they have signed up Park Place. A lot of the problems in the bedding industry seems to have taken place after sales to Capital companies. So it’s not a surprise that customer service and product quality has suffered.

Park Place has the Nature’s Dream line of Latex models, and maybe that’s why the lack of available new models for the Natural Elegance/Essence whatever lines.

Hi 25red33me8 and iBuyer,

Just to clarify the confusion …

Park Place became a licensee for Comfort Solutions in 2010 for 8 states (you can see the list of CS licensees here although it doesn’t name them) and makes their own mattresses in addition to Comfort Solutions mattresses for the state they have licensed.

In the case of the Natural Elegance, the only licensee that makes it is Blue Bell (listed as Comfort Solutions Northeast). Most licensees would refer you to Blue Bell if you had questions about the Natural Elegance line.

Hope this helps.


I agree with Phoenix that you need a foundation under the mattress.