Need for recommendation on getting the right mattress

Hello Experts,
I have been on a mattress hunt for few months now. At first, I started with trying out mattresses at local box stores liking mostly nothing then settling on Tempurpedic mattress on my husband’s insistence. He just wants to get it over with after multiple trial visits :slight_smile: After looking at so many posts with Tempurpedic horror stories, I told him I am not going with it anymore.
We currently have Plank mattress (purchased 3 years ago) which has been giving me back aches since past year and has noticeable soft spots at many places. Before it, we had a Simmons beautyrest which lasted for 10 years.
After going through materials on this site, I looked and found 2 stores that I tried the latex mattresses in: Naturepedic and European Sleep Works. We didn’t like the mattresses in European Sleep Works much due to the feel of springiness on their hybrid mattress. We did like Naturepedic EOS (soft latex over firm coils) mattress a lot. I am mostly back and side sleeper and mu husband sleeps in all positions.
I was wondering if there are any comparable mattress or even better to Naturepedic EOS amongst the Trusted sellers.

Hi ddngirl, and welcome to The Mattress Underground :slight_smile:
Glad to have you here.

Its’ unfortunate that you are not alone in having a poor experience with a ‘big box’ brand.…. Big box brands can have an excess of inexpensive, low density memory foam, which due to its’ nature, can break down prematurely leaving spots that are worn causing ‘dips’ which can cause pain and even alignment issues.

Any mattress you consider will feel different to any sleepers using it. This is based on the sleepers’ stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health issues) and their PPP (posture and alignment, pressure relief, and personal preferences). Even though you’ve oriented yourself this time to mattresses that have good quality materials, if you didn’t already do so, it’s a good idea to review themattress shopping tutorial, as well as the theMattress Specifications you need to know and the mattress durability guidelines to familiarize yourself with different materials and components and how long they can last.

European Sleep Works offers both Talalay latex (springier) and Dunlop latex (slightly firmer feel for same firmess) in their mattress line; As a smaller family run manufacturer, they offer high quality eco-friendly products, you may just prefer Dunlop to Talalay. You have done a fair amount of leg-work into finding a type of mattress you find comfortable for you, well done!

Many of the Trusted Members of the site offer similar latex hybrid mattresses at a variety of prices with much experience in finding the perfect match for consumers, includingArizona Premium Mattress, Biosleep Concept, GhostBed, Mattress To Go, and Spindle Mattress, amongst others. For each of the mattresses you are considering I’d still make a call to each of the “trusted sellers” to ask how close their mattresses can approximate the Naturepedic EOS you like and give them your stats and sleep preferences. They are the best to know their mattresses, designs, and materials, and having experience with their mattress and would be your best source of information and guidance as how to the 2 mattresses compare. The value and lower pricing that you get for the same quality materials is certainly an incentive to contact them.

If you have questions on any other potential mattress, we may be able to comment further.
Let us know how it goes and I wish you great success in your new mattress journey!

~ Basilio