Need help finding an *extremely* durable mattress

Hello, everyone.

I am a 380 pound guy, and my wife is about 360 pounds. We have been through a lot of mattresses. The most recent mattress, a BigFig, was supposed to be made for folks like us. It lasted about 2.5 years before we both started getting back pain. It’s indented right where we sleep, despite us turning it (which bought us a few months). At this point, I am pretty discouraged. It was not a cheap bed. I have read online Latex is the way to go for durability. Can someone give a specific recommendation for a bed that will last as long as possible, with a couple of heavy bodies on it, before it starts sinking in and becoming uncomfortable?

They’re all comfortable for a few months or even a year. I’m looking for something that will hold up long term.

Any recommendations you can provide would be taken with great appreciation.

bek - Sorry about the problems you’ve been having finding a mattress durable enough for your needs. First regarding your Big Fig, are the indentations you mentioned visible and measurable with no weight on the mattress? Looking at their current warranty terms (which may have changed since you got yours) they specify that any measurable impressions of 1" or more would be covered under warranty. If the problem is actually a softening in the areas you sleep in but not a visible impression then it’s not considered a valid claim. You could contact them to pursue a potential warranty claim, and if it’s valid they would either replace or repair the mattress.

If you’re not dealing with a warranty claim then I’d suggest you consider a latex mattress which are extremely durable when properly configured to match your size and sleeping positions. There are several Trusted Members of TMU who specialize in such mattresses and can customize a build for your specific needs. A few I can suggest that have their own Expert Forums would be Arizona Premium Mattress, Sleep EZ, and Flexus Comfort as well as others listed.

Hope that helps!

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Hey Bill, thank you for the response. It was under warranty, but when I removed the cover, I found the stain of a pet accident. I can only assume when the cover was being washed, she decided that was a good time to destroy my warranty and my wife didn’t mention it. I haven’t measured it, but I am confident the impression is pretty deep… probably more than 1". You can’t sleep more than 3-4 hours on it without waking up in discomfort.

I am looking pretty hard at latex, but honestly have no idea which one to buy. There are so many options. I priced one at a reputable online company, and it was $2500. I really don’t want to spend that much, especially with the risk of it being indented in a year or two. I’ll go price the 3 you specifically mentioned. Thanks again.

After doing research this afternoon, I felt really lost. I ended up going with Sleep on Latex. It was $500-$1000 less expensive than the other beds I looked at. Am sort of optimistic, but feeling very cautious after my experiences thus far. I did note they are a Trusted Member. I just realized I didn’t get the forum member discount. Wasn’t sure how to make that happen. Oh, well. :frowning:

I have a significantly less expensive alternative for you in an all latex mattress from another TMU Trusted Member Sleep On Latex. At your weights you’d be best matched with a support core of extra-firm latex like SoL offers in their firm mattress configuration. Its 8" of latex consists of a 6" core of 44ILD in the firm option with a 2" comfort layer of medium 30ILD in a cotton and wool quilted cover.

I’m a bit lighter than you but still over 300lbs. and found their firm mattress to be extremely supportive and any concerns I had about it not being thick enough for my size were quickly eliminated. I had no issue at all with ever coming close to feeling bottomed out and found its support to be great for back or side sleeping. It did have a very firm feel to me and my main issue was when sleeping on my side (my primary position) it was too firm without enough cushioning to prevent pressure point pain in my shoulder and arm. Everyone rates firmness differently as it’s quite subjective so depending upon your sleeping positions their mattress could prove to be a great match for you.

It’s very reasonably priced at $795 for Queen or $1,395 for King. SoL has very helpful and responsive customer service as well as a full money back return policy on their mattress (one per year.) If this sounds like a reasonable possibility for your needs I’d suggest contacting them by email or phone to discuss it with them.


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Bill, what a coincidence! I just ordered it. Then realized it is only 8" or 9", then canceled the order. How long have you had that mattress? It really just seems too thin for a guy like me.


Looks like we were both posting at the same time, and apparently great minds think alike! Glad you found Sleep On Latex and I hope it works out to be a great match for your needs. They’re an exceptional company to work with if you encounter any issues. Again best of luck and please let us know how it works out!

Sleep well and stay safe!

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As stated in my previous post I also had similar concerns about it not being thick enough, but in the firm configuration that turned out to be a non-issue for me. I only ended up returning it since it was too hard for me when side sleeping, and I also had an issue with an odor from the wool. They handled the return and refund very quickly and professionally without any hassles. Based on my experience I don’t think the height would be an issue in the firm option, if you went with medium I’m afraid it wouldn’t provide the level of support you’d require and you might sink right through it. The issue with the wool scent they acknowledge and it seems to be more of an issue for some than others, maybe I’m more sensitive to it or it varies in level between specific mattresses.

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I am still researching! Any thoughts on Avocado? I noticed they are not one of your Trusted companies.

Huh. Looks like Awara isn’t a trusted company, either.

Winkbeds is amazing! They have an innerspring for heavy people. Best customer service ever! I have their MemoryLux Firm and I love it. Give them a call if your other one does not work out. I searched and returned, etc for a year of pain before I finally went with them. Eileen

I love the feel of memory foam, but it just does not hold up for me. I see they have a latex “hybrid”, but their prices are up there with the big boys. Bold little company. lol

No personal experience with Avocado but you can find some related discussion links here.

As far as Awara, I’d be very reluctant to ever recommend dealing with them. They’re owned by Resident Home who also owns Nectar, DreamCloud, Level Sleep brands and has a terrible reputation. If you do a bit of searching on social media you’ll find a seemingly endless list of consumer complaints about them for misleading sales tactics, failing to honor their own policies, and very poor customer service.

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Thanks, Bill. I appreciate all your help today!

Well, looking at prices and quality of beds, I took a risk (aren’t they always risks) and bought a Titan Hybrid. Made for big people, supposedly. Owned by Brooklyn Bedding. It was sub-$1000, and considering I have no faith any of these beds are going to last more than a couple of years, that price is competitive. No doubt it’ll be comfortable for the first year, as almost any decent bed is. lol We’ll see beyond that.

My pleasure, us big guys have to help each other out!

It is a hybrid made for bigger people; has a latex layer and foam and innersprings - great warranty and people love it. Is it $1,800 on sale? Will last 10 years!

The Titan is indeed from Brooklyn Bedding although they market it on a dedicated site. It’s one of the least expensive options designed for heavier sleepers and since it’s sold with a good trial period you don’t have anything to lose by trying it. Hopefully it will work out well for you and please let us know your impressions once you settle in with it.

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I will. You rock, Bill. I mean that. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

@bek - Curious to find out how the BB Titan is working out for you since I’ve never had the opportunity to try it myself. If you find it too hard on top without enough conformance you can consider adding their optional latex topper. While it’s not cheap the combination is still less than most of its competition at their sale pricing. Look forward to your impressions, thanks in advance.

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