need help selecting a mattress


First of all I would like to thank you for all the info you have provided on this site. I have just recently discovered it and have already learned a lot from you. You really know your stuff. I am looking for a new mattress and live in Montgomery, AL. Currently I sleep on a platform bed. I have a traditional inner spring mattress and I bought a memory foam topper for it last year. I definitely started sleeping better since getting the topper. However I am now thinking of replacing the bed all together. The topper is still in good condition, but I got it cause the mattress was starting to sag a little. The only downfall is sleeping on the topper is definitely hot. I was wondering if you could give me some insight on what you recommend. Should I get a new inner spring mattress set or should I go memory foam? I like how the foam supports my back, but hate how hot it is. Also I am looking to keep the price under $1000 for a queen. Also, I see that you recommend local manufacturers. Do you know of any in or around the area? Any advice would be helpful. I’ve never bought a mattress before.

Hi sway,

Toppers can be great for softening up a mattress that is too firm but when a mattress starts to sag … the topper will tend to follow the sag and is only a partial or temporary solution for a mattress that has become too soft. It can help for a while though because the topper can spread out your weight over the mattress surface and for a while can make the sag less noticeable.

How long this lasts will depend on the topper material and on whether you are getting the pressure relief and alignment you need. If you are sleeping “symptom free” (except for the heat) … then it seems that for now it is still OK and even if you may be out of alignment when you are sleeping it seems to be inside your “range” of tolerance.

There are many factory that can lead to sleeping hot but memory foam is certainly one of them because it is the “hottext” of the foams. This also depends on other factors though including the type and thickness of the memory foam andany other factors that may be contributing to the heat. There is more in post #2 here about sleeping temperature and in post #6 here about the various methods that foam manufacturers are using to produce cooler memory foam.

I did a web search and made a number of phone calls to local outlets and I have to say there are not a lot of better quality/value options available right in Montgomery. Some of them are also VERY misinformed and tried to pass on information that was very inaccurate and misleading. The only one that impressed me with their selection of mattresses and their openness and help on the phone was …

InsiderPages - Recommendations that matter most. Retail outlet. They have no website but they carry some better alternative brands including Jamison, Restonic, Southerland, and Amercan Bedding which tend to have better quality and value. They also have a whole latex section. They have also won the “best outlet” award in the area 11 years in a row and have recently consolidated into their main store because of the economic environment. They also provide the specs of their mattresses and are very informative and helpful on the phone. This seems to me to be one of your better local choices.

The closest local manufacturer that I know of is about 70 miles away … Pelham. I have talked with Tom the owner here on many occasions and he is definitely “mattress people”. He is knowledgeable and provides great service and I think highly of him. He has also recently introduced an all latex two sided mattress. He makes a range of other mattresses as well and has good quality and value. Well worth a phone call and/or a visit even though they are somewhat of a drive away.

There is also a retail outlet in Pelham (if you go there anyway) that carries Pure Latex Bliss which are high quality Talalay latex mattresses. While they are generally higher priced than similar mattresses made by many local manufacturers, they would certainly be worth including in your research as a reference point and to get a sense of what Talalay latex feels like. they are …

Hope this helps :slight_smile: