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Egads…So much information to research. I would like some input. Recently got rid of really, really old bed and innerspring mattress. New platform bed coming soon but need help determining if hybrid or all latex would be best for me. Since I’ve never slept on anything but innerspring I’m not sure if gradual move to latex with hybrid would be wiser than just going all in on latex. I fall asleep on stomach or side but end up mostly sleeping on back. I don’t like to sink into something squishy but don’t want rock hard. I’m in the ‘older’ category so arthritis etc is present. Glad I found this site. Any ideas to share…

Our latex hybrids are extremely popular because for that very reason, they have a more familiar feel than a full latex mattress. That being said, in our showroom the full latex design outsells the hybrids about 8-1. The overall comfort and lack of motion transfer is more appealing to those that can try the two types side by side. I realize that finding a full latex to try can be very challenging which is why most end up getting one of our hybrids and are perfectly happy with them. Before I could make a proper recommendation I would need to know about how much you weigh.

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Thank you for responding. I haven’t checked if there are any locations close to me that I can try both hybrid and full latex but will do so. I’m 5’4” 145 lbs. Currently sleeping on inflatable bed and hoping to come to a conclusion soon on new mattress. Current bed actually isn’t too bad compared to the mattress I got rid of.

Hi Curlyjo and welcome to the forums! Latex and coil hybrids typically last 10-15 years and all-latex mattresses typically last 15-20 years. All-latex mattresses offer a much finer degree of adjustability than latex and coil hybrids do. All-latex mattresses can be adjusted to be slightly softer, moderately softer, much softer, or slightly firmer, moderately firmer, much firmer. You can increase the pressure relief slightly, moderately, or vastly. You can increase the back support slightly, moderately, or vastly. Since latex and coil hybrids normally have only 2 components (3” of latex and the coils) you really have limited options to adjust the mattress, and any change that is made is normally a big change. Not everyone needs the level of adjustability that the all-latex mattress offers. As such, customers will choose latex and coil hybrids if they’re 250 pounds or less; like the feel of a latex and coil hybrid; want a mattress with more edge support than all-latex mattresses; like the lower price point; and / or want to retain some of the feel of a standard spring mattress while getting some of the benefits of latex.

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