New Brooklyn Bedding Models, including Foam Mattresses?

I was just browsing through the Brooklyn Bedding website to see if anything changed for March, and found a new mattress type listed! Figured I should share it with everyone here, although I really don’t know what to think of them.

Brooklyn Bedding - Foam Mattresses

I see they have 7", 9", and 11" models listed, and they are made up of convoluted foam. No foam densities listed that I can see. Definitely at the low end of the pricing scale.

There’s also a new plush top cool series,

Hi Osahar,

Thanks for the update and for letting us know about the new foam models. I don’t know the specifics of the foam but the prices are certainly great and they would be of real interest for those who are in lower budget ranges :slight_smile:

The Plush top also looks interesting as well and is also in a great budget range but again I don’t know the specifics of the design (they only list 6" out of the 12" of the mattress)

I’m always impressed at how they are continuously expanding their choices and lineup.


Hello Osahar,

Here is a listing of the new products we offer on Brooklyn Bedding

A new inexpensive crazy quilt foam mattress which is also all Certi-Pure Certified material. Available in three different price pionts along with comfort levels.

We also added a new mattress to our Total Series Latex Models our " 9" Tri-comfort Latex Mattress “. Tri-zone latex mattress, engineered to provide specialized support for the neck, lumbar, and leg regions. This model is made up of 2 4” blended dunlop latex layers. This mattress is available in soft, medium, or firm

Also our new 12" Plush Top Memory Foam Series with the 2.17lb HD foam core along with 3" of 4lb gel infused memory foam this mattress has a medium/plush feel. With the quilted cover rather than the smooth top style this mattress will feel more conventional compared to the standard smooth top style of memory foam mattresses.

I hope the information was helpful. Have a wonderful day!

Mario Sevilla
Brooklyn Bedding

Thanks Mario.

What density foam do you use for the crazy quilt mattresses?

Hello jankdc,

We offer our crazy quilt models with 1.5lb polyurethane foam.

I hope this information is helpful.

Have a wonderful day!

Mario Sevilla
Brooklyn Bedding