New Latex Mattress...Information Overload...any recommendations welcome


I am interested in purchasing a CA King latex mattress. I have read through many recommended posts on the forum and have a bit of information overload. Leaning towards a Dunlop/Talalay with multiple layers where we could switch/substitute layers for individual ideal comfort. We currently have a traditional coil mattress that is not providing enough support and both of us feel morning back pain.

Main concerns are support and comfort. We both like a bit of firmness but like a bit of plushness as well. Another consideration is the heat since we live in Las Vegas where it gets hot in the summer. We travel to Southern CA (Inland Empire/Orange County areas) every few months so we will visit Flexus and others on your list on our next trip in. We will also visit our local LV retailers next week that you have listed as well to help narrow down our options. It would be great to find something locally but I am also comfortable ordering online once we have gone through the research process. Ideally, I could find someone that makes to order as I would prefer not to have the inch of wool in the top layer.

Any additional suggestions are very welcome. Thank you for such a great resource, the forum and information have been very helpful.

140 lbs
Side sleeper but would like to sleep on back as well

5’ 10"
205 lbs
Mostly a back sleeper but sometimes sleeps on side

Hi SleepWahine,

I’m guessing you’ve already read this but just in case … all the “best” suggestions are in post #1 here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines you are most likely to need to make the best possible choices.

I would also imagine that you’ve also read these but for the benefit of others who read this post, the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Las Vegas area are listed in post #2 here and in the Inland Empire area are listed in the Los Angeles list in post #2 here or in post #7 here which is centered around Hesperia, CA.

Good luck and of course if you have any specific questions that I can help with along the way I’d be happy to answer them as well.