New Mattress for Heavy Side-sleeper (solo)

Hi everyone,

New here, found this site because I realized after waking up with lower back pain (and numbness, yikes) that maybe it was time to replace my 10ish year old mattress. I’ve never purchased a mattress before (the one I have was a gift from my parents for moving out-- I didn’t get to pick it), so I started with the Mattress Shopping Tutorial and Mattress Specifications Guide/How to find the best mattress for you before posting, but got really overwhelmed-- I had no idea there was so much variety.

I’m heavy (300+lbs), but sleep alone, and a lot of the reviews I could find for heavy folks were for couples. I tend to sleep on my side, or at least start out there. I don’t have much experience on a variety of mattresses, but I do know that I hate ‘sinking in.’ So-- firm, probably? I know there are probably factors I’m not considering but really I’d just like to wake up without pain, and without messing up my back anymore than I apparently already have. I would prefer to buy online if possible-- but would really like to know that where I buy from is trustworthy.

Any guidance on where to start looking at specific mattresses or retailers would really help, I’m just kind of lost at the moment.

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You could do latex. Check on the SleepEZ and Flobeds website for advice on firmness and layerss. SleepEZ has talalay and dunlop. Flobeds has talalay only.

Im 225 pounds and looking into latex myself and wife is 110 pounds.


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I understand your situation and have dealt with many people in the same boat. Latex is always going to be the best choice for heavier people because of it’s durability but also the comfort level is superior. Heavy side sleepers are always difficult because side sleepers need it to be softer on top to relieve the pressure points created at the hip and shoulders but because you are heavier you also need a firm support base. My recommendation would be a Firm Dunlop 6" base followed by a 3" Talalay Medium or Firm top layer. Talalay has a softer feel than the equivalent Dunlop so it will give you a bit of cush on top to help with the pressure points.


@BillyIdol Thank you John, I really appreciate the direction! It def sounds like latex is going to be the best direction

@Arizona_Premium thank you! Thanks for the distinction between Dunlop and Talalay, I saw those come up more than once, but had no idea the difference. It really does help me start to make sense of the other good advice posts.

Edit: Sorry, I thought I could reply to posts individually-- my bad. Did not mean to not acknowledge good advice the first time i posted!

You might also want to check out Sleep on Latex. I have had very good luck with them. They are very reasonable and extremely helpful. They do only Dunlop latex, just something you should know. Sounds like you need a firm foundation with a little softness on top for your side sleeping.
Good luck