New Mattress purchase from My Green Mattress/Quality Sleep Shop

I just got back from My Green Mattress and left very pleased. The staff was extremely nice and very informative.

I went in looking in for a bed that would relieve pressure and support my posture. I laid on all the beds and came down to a final 2. The Organic Dreams 100% Natural Latex Mattress with Organic Cotton/Joma Wool Cover and another latex bed with springs in it.

The latex bed with springs in it felt more comfortable to me initially but after long periods of laying on the bed the Organic Dreams bed really blew me away. I felt supported and comfortable like I could sleep in it for hours. I had the staff check my posture while I was laying and my alignment was perfect.

I’m very pleased with my experience and am looking forward to my bed being delivered.

Has anyone had experiences with a 100% latex bed? How has your experience been 1,2,3 years out?


Hi uptick911,

I’m glad you were able to experience the knowledge and service at My Green Mattress and why so many people (including me) think so highly of them.

It sounds like you made a great choice and most importantly … congratulations on your new mattress.

Latex is the most durable of all the foam materials and has been the “gold standard” for durability for many decades. You can see a video in this article of a latex mattress that was used for almost 50 years and while it wouldn’t be realistic to expect that a softer latex mattress will last that long … latex will stay closer to its original properties for a longer period of time than any of the other type of foam. There is more about the factors that can affect durability in post #4 here and the posts it links to but durability is certainly something I wouldn’t be concerned about for many years with a good quality latex mattress such as yours.


Do you believe there is any warrant to a latex/spring combination would provide better support then an all latex mattress? are there any con’s from this purchase that I should have further evaluated?

Hi uptick911,

No … which one provided the best alignment would depend on the specific design and materials of the mattress as a whole so one isn’t “inherently” better than the other although latex has better “point elasticity” which means it can contour to the sleeping profile a little better than an innerspring. They also have a different response curve under pressure. There is more about the differences between an innerspring and a latex support core in post #2 here but both can make a great support system.

Assuming that you did some good testing for PPP there is none from a quality or value perspective no and you have the added bonus and durability of a two sided mattress (as long as you flip and rotate it on a regular basis).