New Mem foam mattress coming out from DreamFoam next week!

I just got off the phone with Chuck from Dream Foam (nice guy).

They have a new mattress coming out that he said is more analogous in quality to BB Cool Luxe. The difference is that the Cool Luxe is modeled to fee like the Tempur Cloud Luxe and Chuck said the new one is a and designed to feel like the Tempur Cloud Supreme, perhaps a touch softer (with the benefits of the breeze-like technology).

Here are the specs of this new 11 inch mattress:

6.5 inches of HD foam as base
3 Inches of 4 lb. memory foam
1.5 inches of 5 lb phase-changing memory foam (Chuck said it use the latest technology for cooling like the BB Cool Luxe)
Cotton knit cover
$1799 with free return policy just like BB because of quality of materials (not including 5% MU discount)

Phoenix, I am a 5 ft 1 inch, 128 lb side sleeper. My shoulders and hips hurt on our 11 year old latex mattress (but no ailments, per se). I also need to sleep “cool”, so we had to remove our comfy memory foam topper. Between the shoulders, hip and “heat”, I wake up too many times per night

My spouse is 5 ft 10 inch 180 lbs back sleeper

We are really buying for me because I am doing the complaining.

Phoenix, how does the composition of this mattress sound to you? The mattress is not online yet. It coming out next week.

I would so appreciate hearing your thoughts - Thank you - LAB3

Hi lab3,

I can only speak to the quality and value of a mattress and perhaps provide a caution for any weak links or possible risks I see. In the case of Brooklyn Bedding … like all of the members here … their mattresses are among the best quality and value in the country and in the right circumstances any of them would make good choices.

The suitability of a mattress though is something else completely and as you can see in an earlier reply today in post #2 here … either personal testing on similar mattresses or the ideas and insights of a manufacturer that can use the “averages” of their customers that may be similar to you to help you decide which of their mattresses may work well for different types of people are the best way to make specific mattress choices.

In this case (and in others that they will also introduce over time) … you have a “model” that you can test locally which will give you a good approximation of how the mattress will feel and perform for your specific circumstances and this along with more detailed conversations with them is the “best” way to choose which one is most suitable for you and which one is the best match for your “personal value equation”.


PS: I deleted your other thread which was a duplicate of this one.

So Phoenix, if you did not know it was BB, do the mattress specs I listed above look good to you?

Thank you.

Hi lab3,

Yes … the reason that the members here were invited to become members and are recommended is because they use higher quality materials and have good value in every budget range. They aren’t good because they are members … they are members because they are good :slight_smile:

In other words quality in the context I usually use is about the durability of the material. Value … or at least one of the factors in value is the cost and performance of the components and materials relative to the price of the mattress (what I call “commodity value”). The suitability of a design is another matter completely though and this is something that is completely different. Even the best quality and value mattress may be perfectly suitable for one person in terms of PPP but completely unsuitable for the next.

You can’t “feel” quality (both low and high quality materials can feel great when they are new but lower quality materials will soften or break down faster which means you lose comfort or support more quickly) and it doesn’t determine whether the design of a mattress is suitable for your specific needs and preferences … only how long it will last. The suitability of a mattress is always determined by your own personal experience and how well a mattress relieves pressure, keeps you in alignment in all your sleeping positions, and matches your personal preferences.


Any word on the new memory foam mattress from Brooklyn Bedding? I was all set to go with Select Foam Cirrus Supreme (I love the cloud supreme tempurpedic) but now am interested in the Cool Supreme.

Also, it sounds like brooklyn bedding has better customer service??

I got a case of cold feet, just wishing I could try the mattress before I buy. The mattress falls under the BB return policy because of it"s quality and costs.

I am also thinking I would like an adjustable base, so I have some more research to do. Think we would really benefit from the ability to arise our heads during sleep.

Phoenix, there are several adjustable bases that claim that it could sit right on a platform bed base. Think that is true? Just wondering about weight.

Thank you - LAB3

Hi dpasor,

I’ll probably see it when a forum member here mentions there is a new mattress on their site so I would just keep checking until it “appears” (or they can tell you when it will be listed).


This depends on exactly what you mean. There is one (the Serta Motion Perfect) that says that you can set it on the side rail ledges and center beam of a bedframe just like a foundation but all of the people I talked with about this suggested that in spite of what Serta says they didn’t think it would be a good idea because of the weight and the narrow ledge it would be sitting on. It could easily twist the bedframe with motion and the ledges themselves or how they were attached or the bedframe itself may not be strong enough. has some that can be dropped in like a foundation on a bedframe with a side rail ledge and center beam that are lighter and work well like this. They also have a retrofit kit that lets you attach a ledge and center beam to bedframes that don’t have one.

On the other hand … many of them where the mechanism doesn’t go below the frame steel supports under the bed can go directly on a solid surface platform bed and as long as the platform bed is strong enough and rated to hold the weight of the adjustable bed, the mattress, and the people sleeping on it, then it would be fine. I would make sure I checked with the bed manufacturer or retailer to verify its weight capacity because adjustable beds (and some mattresses) are very heavy and I wouldn’t want to do this on a platform bed that didn’t have a solid construction.

Axelbloom also has models that are not on their website where the motor is on the side and where the mechanism doesn’t extend below the frame that can also be used on a solid surface platform or on the floor or with legs.

Most will also fit inside a bedframe with the legs going to the floor like this.


As always, thanks for the information, Phoenix.

I did see it on the website - but was wondering if anyone on the forum has tried it and reviewed it. BTW, BB’s return policy does not cover the cost of shipping. It must cost $200 to ship back a mattress that has been let out of the airtight wrapping!

Brooklyn Bed or Select Foam… that is the question!

dpastor- did you see it on the BB or DF site?

I did not know they charge to exchange bedding. Thanks for both pieces of information. - LAB3

I just saw it on the BB site. It’s called the Cool Supreme. Here what they say:

Truly Risk-Free 120 Day Trial

We are so confident that if you like the Tempur-Cloud® Supreme Breeze, you will like love our Cool Supreme™ and can try it 100% RISK-FREE. If you don’t like it, get all your money back (we pay shipping, there is absolutely no cost to you). We have done blind comparisons and no one could tell the difference!

How did I miss that? Great, I feel better about trying it. The mattress on Select Foam is the cloud supreme, not the cloud supreme breeze. Do you think they feel much different? I mean, the breeze should be cooler - but is the breeze the same firmness as the regular cloud supreme?

My sense is that the breeze part may make it feel a tad firmer. I just tried both at a local store and love the cloud supreme breeze.

Would have to sell a kidney to afford it.

I’m going to call tomorrow and ask about an adjustable base and white glove service. Then the quickest way to sell a kidney.